Goddess worshiping

Worshiping Goddess is Similar to that of a child & mother relationship for devotees.Mother's affection  towards her child is always same from  childhood to grown up.Whether her children reciprocates their affection to her or not,she is not at all bothered.She always comes to the rescue of her children.Like wise it is easier to worship Goddess Sakthi.There is no rules & regulations for a child to move with its mother.So  ,a devotee need not worry about how to worship Her.In whatever  way a child calls her mother she always responds.Goddess Shakthi manifests Herself in the whole universe .She creates us(Aadhi Sakthi).She protects us(Maha Shakthi).Again takes us to God as "Para Skathi".In doing this three actions ,she is called ,Bhrammani","Vaishnavi" &"Rudrani".When she takes  a form ,she is called "Durga".When  connected with time called "Kali"(Kala Swarupini).When takes the form of "Wisdom"(Vidya) called  "Saraswathi".When takes the form of of "Wealth" called "Lakshmi".She comes down from"Himalayas" during "Navarathri Period"(Aayudha pooja)into the plains of our country .The climatic  condition remains the same through out  India at that time.Blesses us in this three forms which is essential for running our normal life. Sri.Ramakrishna Paramahamsar Guru of Swami Vivekananda has worshiped "Goddess" in the form of "Kali Devi" & could see her ,interact with her & he also shows  Her to Swami Vivekananda.

Photos taken from Kumudam  Jothidam , Dharma Chakram magazines & mantras from Swami Chitbavananda Book(Tirupparaithurai tapovan)


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