The benefit of associating with holy persons.

Saint Naradhar  , one day asked  Sri.Krishna what is the benefit of associating with holy people. Sri.Krishna  did not answer him directly.He  asked the saint to go & look at a  worm in the cow dung just in the corner of the street.The saint went to the corner of the street & asked  the worm about  the benefit of associating with holy  persons.The worm listened to him,but died soon before the saint.When he informed Sri.Krishna about  the death of the worm,God asked Naradha to  see a cub of a pig near by.Naradha obeyed God's  instruction .Now the newly born cub also died .Naradha  felt sorry for  this incident.He  met Sri.Krishna & informed him about the death of the cub.Again  Sri.Krishna asked  Naradha to have a look at a newly  born calf of  a cow  nearby area.Hesitatingly Naradha went & saw the newly born calf.The calf also died.Now  the saint was so much worried & felt guilty that these things happened  just by his viewing  of them.Now Sri.Krishna told  Naradha to go & see the son of  a king who lived in that area.He learnt from the people that this child was born after  a long time to the queen who has been childless so far. Naradha returned to meet Sri .Krishna & expressed  his plight in seeing the prince.No one questioned him when those living beings expired, where as if any sad thing happened just because of his viewing ,the king might punish him. Now Sri .Krishna told Naradha not to worry & proceed to meet the child.The saint went to the palace & blessed the  child. To his astonishment, the child smiled at him & bowed towards him.He told Naradha because of seeing him only he was born as a pig,then a calf & now as a prince & he would have been a worm if the saint had not met  it.Now  Naradha returned back to sri.Krishna.God asked Naradha whether he got the answer to his earlier question.Saint Naradha bowed before the Lord.
 Pictures taken from Dharma Chakram magazine with thanks.


  1. So nice, today I told this story to my kids. They loved it

  2. Good thing.My grand daughter knows full Ramayanam & Mahabharadham.I used to tell her this as her bed time stories from her 2nd year on wards.Now she is 8 years & no more purana stories,tenali raman,etc.,to tell her.Present day children are more intelligent.They will ask lot of questions & sometime you can not answer their doubts.All the morals & discipline are in Ramayanam & Bharatham.

  3. Tats great sir,can u pls say how u will say her. I learned this story & I convey them she was asking so much questions. But I have 2 daughters elder 6yrs & younger girl 4yrs b/c of work load I can't convey them a lot. I like to grow them with all discipline & but they like to know cartoon character. The way of ur guidance helping a lot its like my parents. Thank you sir


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