The Greatness of Kasi.

Vedha Vyasa & his disciples(100 ) heard about the poor feeding system(அன்ன  தானம்) at Kasi Kshetra from the people.People praised  God Viswanadha & Goddess Annapoorani  that due to their divine blessing people living there are wealthy & doing this poor feeding regularly .Every one said the same thing to  Vyasa & his disciples after visiting Kasi. So  the saint & his disciples wanted to check whether it is true.So they reached Kasi in  night hours.Next day morning The saint &  his disciples went to different places in Kasi separately to verify the fact .Vyasa  entered  a street &asked food in a house.No one responded.House  after house,he  tried but in vain.From morning to evening no one offered him any food.He returned to the choultry  where  he found his disciples in a hungry state.They told him that no one offered them food.The saint told them that  they would get next day & not to worry about it.Next day  when people heard about Vyasa' s name they simply shut the door.Same was the case to his disciples.Seven days passed like this.All of them were hungry.Even moving became very difficult for them.Next day morning the saint went to a house  nearby & nobody responded.Angered by this,saint raised his hand to curse the people of Kasi. Suddenly    a lady appeared   before the house ,looking towards the saint , she said ,"stop".The saint's hand stopped moving.The lady asked the saint why , he is very much angry & trying to curse people.He told her  that he & his
disciples have not taken food  for the past seven days & no one cared for them.The lady asked
him to come to her home with his disciples. Vyasa & his disciples entered  the home & were  asked to be seated.Big banana leaf was placed before them for serving the food.The lady stood behind  a curtain.But no food was served.Then suddenly they found the food served   for each one of them.Each one had  a different type of food which they have liked very much.After they finished,the lady disappeared & in her place, they saw Mother Annapoorani & by the side of her  now appeared God viswanadha.The saint  asked goddess,why they had such a horrible experiece & that too at Kasi where their  divine ruling is there.Now The Mother replied that they have not  come to Kasi  with devotion to worship God  in stead  doubted the holiness & people's mind in Kasi.Now the saint  realised their fault  & bowed before the God & his consort
to forgive them.Top one:Thundi Vinayagar.Temple tower, Holy River Ganga,Goddess Annapoorani,Below moolavar Viswanadhar.Photos taken from Dinamalar. Com with thanks.


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