Atchaya linga Swami & Anjuvattathamman temple - Keezhvelur.

One spider was building it's net above  a Siva lingam & has been worshipping  God Shiva  daily.The spider built it's net such that it protected the Lingam from direct sunlight as the Linga was in an open space near by  Cauvery river bank.An elephant used to worship the same Siva lingam, by storing the cauvery water in its trunk & spraying cauvery water over the lingam as if performing abishegam.This is  happening regularly.The spider noticed that every time it built a net to protect God,it has been destroyed.It observed that an elephant  is destroying it's net by the spraying water.The spider became angry & one day entered the trunk of the elephant & bit it.The elephant died due to the choking of its nose  as well as the spider.People  noticed  the busy movement of Chola king's palace doctors & learnt that the  queen was in labor pain.The doctors told the king with in few minutes they can expect the child .Then an expert astrologer in the palace told the  king & the queen  that if the child was born  after ten hours from then, the child would be a great  devotee of God Shiva doing  miracle like thing & also a honest ruler.Now  the queen asked  her lady maids to keep her upside down by tying her feet & keep her in a hanging position,even though the king was worried too much.The child was born after ten hours.His eyes became red .The noble queen expired after giving birth to the child.The child was called kochengat chozhan (கோச்செங்கட்  சோழன்).செங்கண்  சோழன் - சிவந்த  கண்ணுடைய  சோழன் .கோ  -          
அரசன்.  He  later built more than 70 Shiva temples on the north & south bank of river cauvery in Tiruchi & Thanjavur districts.Now you can tell  who is the king, yes ; it is the spider who did Siva poojai in it's previous birth.Now we 'll go around  a big temple built by the  king Kochengat chozhan,thanking him,his mother & father & the whole Cholzha king dynasty for their wonderful devotion to God Shiva.The king built big compound around each temple that it could not be crossed by an elephant.                                                                                                      God Muruga is suffering from  Veerahathi dosham due to killing of asura brothers(Soora padman) & approached  his father Shiva.God  Shiva advised him to establish eight  Shiva Lingams   in eight direction &  perform Shiva poojai in each one of them.The place from where Balasubramanyan  established eight lingams is called,  Keezhvelur(கீழ்வேளூர்) .As Muruga is from Devaloga,the place in the earth where he  did penance is called Keezhvelur.        வேள்  என்றால் முருக வேள் .புள்ளிருக்கு  வேளூர் -  தற்போதைய  "வைத்தீஸ்வரன் கோவில்" in between Seerkazhi & Mayiladuthurai. புள்( பறவை)  - ஜடாயு , இருக்கு - ரிக்  வேதம் - வேள் - முருக வேள் .Keezhvelur is located in between  Thiruvarur & Nagapattinam at 12kms from each side, very near to the bus route.It is also connected by train route.The famous Sikkal Singaravelan temple is just 6 kms from here towards Nagapattinam.When Balamurugan began doing penance at  Keezhvelur(after  performing siva poojai  in eight places around Keezhvelur),some unknown  forces were disturbing his penance.Then God Shiva  directed Goddess Parvathi to  protect Muruga to complete the penance.Goddess took the form of "Kaali"(காளி - நான்கு  திசையிலும் - மேலே ஆகாயத்திலும் - மொத்தம் ஐந்து வட்டத்திலும்  சேர்ந்து -ஐந்து  வட்டத்து  அம்மன்  - தற்போது அஞ்சு வட்டத்தம்மன் என்று அழைக்கப்படுகிறாள். Since Muruga is doing penance he is not in  married position  here.He is standing looking northern direction.Normally persons doing  penance face only northern direction.Swamy is called  "kediliyappar"- கேடிலியப்பர் -  அட்சயலிங்கம் - அட்சய  என்றால்  ,அழிவில்லாத ,குறையாத  என்று பொருள் .அம்பிகை - வனமுலைநாயகி .  kedili means ever living, never  diminishing.Goddess is called "vanamulainaayagi".She is giving dharshan in smiling peaceful pose.This place is called southern "Bathrivanam" as one is in the north called "Bathrinath" in Himalayas.பத்ரி  என்றால் இலந்தை மரம். இலந்தை மரமே இதன் ஸ்தல விருட்சம்.This  temple has been sung in Holy Devaaram by,Sambandhar,Naavukkarasar & Sundharar.God Nataraja is giving darshan to Saint Agasthiar in this place by lifting his right foot & placing his left foot in the earth.Normally He dances lifting his left foot.If possible visit this temple & have the beautiful pose of Nataraja,accompanied  by God vishnu in drums,Sraswathi playing  veena,Vinayaga & Muruga performing vocal,Bhramma doing thala instrument,Laxmi clapping & Indiran playing the flute.Watching fans are Saints Agasthiar,Pathanjali,Vyagarapadhar & of course include ourselves.That day is celebrated as  " நடராஜ -   சிவகாமி திருமணக்கோலம்"  in the Tamil month of Aani in the star of Magam.  


  1. 2morrow prathosham, karthigai u have given nice information. Our grandparents used to say so much stories about god shiva, she will say for everything there will be one reason. Thanks for reminding sir

  2. Sankar saranya,You can view some of the photos of Atchaya linga swamy temple which is the family temple for my wife ,later for my daughter also.I was also born in one of the Shiva temples established by Balasubramanya that he established in 8 directions.

  3. That's great sir, thank u for sharing & pictures r very nice. Wen I come to India I will go to this temple.


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