Atchaya linga swami &Anjuvattathamman temple - Keezhvelur part 2 .

Photos from top. Sri.Anju vattathamman,2.Vanamulai nayagi & Kediliappar3.Dakshina moorthy4Maratti kings who ruled Thanjavur during 17th century.5Nagar prathistai.6.The minister during that period who renovted the temple.Photos taken from the temple history of Sri.Atchaya linga swamy temple , Keezhvelur authored by Sri.Sathianarayanan- M.phil with thanks.When Sri.Muthuswamy Dikshithar visited this temple in the night,he found the temple locked.He sung a  beautiful carnatic song(Atchayalinga vibo) in sankarabaranam raga,immediately the doors opened automatically &God Shiva gave him Darshan.Through out the year festivals of God Shiva,Goddess & Vinayagar & Muruga are celebrated.Kubera worshiped God Shiva here on Atchaya trithia day & got the Sanga nidhi & paduma nidhi from God Shiva.A separate sannidhi is there for him.Pancha bootha sthala Shiva & Goddess sannidhis are there for each one.Agatheeswarar Siva linga is in the prahara facing south direction established by saint Agasthya,the only temple where Shiva linga is facing south.There are special holy  theerthams in  & around the temple.


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