Saint Naradha & a hunter

Once saint Naradha was going through a forest.Suddenly a robber came that way & caught hold of Naradha.He tied him in a tree hoping that he might rob some valuables from Naradha. Poor  man! What will be Naradha having with him.Now Naradha came to know from  him that he was a hunter & occasionally used to rob  persons crossing that forest.Now Naradha told the hunter that he was committing sins  for which he has to suffer later in his life.The hunter replied that he did not know any other profession, he  had parents ,wife,sons & daughters to look after.Now Naradha   told him that  it was his duty to protect them & asked him to go to to home , ask his parents , wife &  children whether  they would share his sins committed by him. Naradha assured him that he would be there in the forest & would not try to escape.Now the hunter agreed to this &  went to his home.When he first asked his mother whether she would share the sins committed by him.She  replied that it was his  duty to look after them & said that she would not share his sins. His wife ,children every one replied the same.Now the hunter returned to Naradha & told him that his family group would not share his sins. Naradha told him that he has to do some thing to clear off all the sins committed by him.Now the hunter was wondering how to do that.He realised that he has met a good person who could save him  from further committing sins. Naradha told him that he can drive away the sins  by simply telling God's name & he should also quit robbing.The hunter replied that he did n't know any  God's name.Now Naradha told him to tell,"Rama,Rama" as far as possible.The hunter tried to tell "Rama's name".But he could not tell properly,as he was also an illiterate.Now Naradha suggested him to pronounce as "Mara,Mara " repeatedly.In course of time hunter continued  to recite the above & it became 'Rama,Rama' .The hunter was so much attracted by this name & he sat there under a tree & going on reciting Rama nama.He forgot everything.He has been going on reciting "Rama Nama" non stop.An ant hill grew over him.No one  could see him.                                                                                                                                                             Seeing his determination Rama appeared before him & blessed him.The hunter later wrote "Ramayana".Yes, the hunter is none other,He is saint Valmiki .How our Mahatma Gandhi drove away British.He got that strength by chanting Rama Nama.Sri.Rama  stotra is from Jayamangala stotram  AUTHORED BY Sengalipuram Bramhasri.Anandharama Dhikshitar  with thanks & also to vaduvur kothandaramar temple administration. Stotra first part is published in the bottom & 2nd part in the top.  


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