The miracle that saved the temple city of Kumbakonam.

Sri.Vijayendra theertha swamigal is a great saint in Sri.Mathvachariar tradition .He lived during the period A .D 1517 to 1614.He was  a master in Veda Sastras.He has learnt all the 64 arts.It is learnt that he used to create  daily  a  new  Vigraha of God Vishnu for worshiping by the power of his penance.He  lived  during the same period of Sri.Vyasaraja Theerthar & also Sri.Appaiya Deekshithar.Rulers of  Vijayanagara samrajya & Maratta kings who ruled Tanjore had great respect towards  him.He has widely traveled through out India both  north & south.He has also conquered many learned scholars in debate where ever he proceeded.He kept  Kumbakonam as his head quarters.There was suddenly invasion of Delhi Sultan during his period in  15th century.Hampi was destroyed.News spread that sultan's army was nearing the temple town of Kumbakonam.People & devotees were more worried about the temples .They immediately contacted Sri.Vijayendra Theertha swamigal & requested him to save
Kumbakonam.He is  not the king or maintaining  army.There was a small army of Maratta King guarding Kombakonam.News was sent to the king in Tanjore for reinforcement.But they could  not reach in time.Now  people felt that swamigal only could save them & Kumbakonam.Swamigal assured them that they need not worry.It was evening time.He prayed & distributed 5000 co co  nuts in the mutt to the people.He instructed them to break them in the entrance  & around the temple when the invaders attack the temple.People woke up through out the night.In the morning, army of  Delhi sultan  reached Kumbakonam & began attacking the temples.Devotees  started breaking co co nuts.Invaders fell down from their horses  one by one & every time they heard the sound of breaking of co co nuts,they felt unbearable head ache in their heads & felt that an unknown power is preventing them from attacking.Immediately they left Kumbakonam fearing for their lives.The sakthi of Mantras invoked in the co co nuts by Swamigal done the miracle.Now the  reinforcement army from  Tanjore  reached kumbakonam & began to guard  it.We should remember this & thank Sri.Vijayendra swamigal for the great job  done in protecting the temple city of Kumbakonam .He entered into Maha samadhi in the river  bank of  Cauvery at Kumbakonam in the year 1614 .Swamigal 's Aaradhana is to be celebrated  by the coming  Friday 12th June at his mutt.Also ,Maha samprochanam of sri .Rahavendra Swamigal brindavan in the presence of present  Manthralayam Sri .Rahavendra Swamigal mutt, Sri. Sri.Subudendhira Theertha  Swamigal in between  9.00 to 10.00 AM.Devotees solve their problems worshiping here on Thursdays.Sastra University has  built a big dining  hall  for offering of free food during Thursdays .With  contribution  from public ,Sastra university & City Union Bank annadhanam is conducted.Photo of Sri.Vijayendra Theertha swamigal  from Kumudam Jyodidam with thanks.


  1. Kumbakonam place blessed with so much nice temple. Especially they have navagrahnam temple I used to go there. Thank you sir such a nice information. Pls convey my congrats to sudhari amma she is very creative, rak kitchen often she used to say about her mother's traditional cooking. Thanks for sharing her creative works & ur way explanation about temple its grest sir. Thank you a lot ur family inspired me a lot. Especially you told tat granddaughter knows every story, now I am following tat for my kids telling stories but I don't know from where to start whatever I say she will b asking me questions how, who y he suddenly csme. So pls give idea for this. Once again thank you for ur wonderful time ur spending with us. Thanks yor ur reply.

  2. Thank you.First tell them tenali raman stories.In the net you can see stories from different countries.Folk stories.You can tell Hanuman helping Sri.Rama & Seetha.Just tell them small episodes.If they like it,you can continue.My grand dr used to ask me why god is not appearing before me.I used to tell her that we have to do lot of penance.Sidhars would come in some other man's form.Later only we can recognize them.When i was working my immediate boss took me to a newly constructed 18 Sidhar temple at Edappadi near Salem. I went round the temple & worshiped Sidhars .We sat for a while near the entrance of the temple.I saw a boy around 15 years old by my side. He just wore a dothi in his waist with uncombed hair,black complexion.Some thing in my mind told that he is not an ordinary person.I took a ten rupees note & gave it to him.With a smile,he accepted it.Later we attended a small party given by our company just to encourage employees & help maintain a cordial relationship between higher ups & workers.In the evening we returned back to our home.Night i had a dream. A bearded person with split tongue ( like snake) asked me to come to Chennimalai Murugan temple which is near by Erode.I was wondering why he had split tongue.Soon I had the answer.In Dharma Chakram book, i read an article about "pinnakku sidhar"It is explained in that the sidhar is called like that because his tongue is in the back side near the throat,in Tamil meaning "back side or pin - nakku.Now people call it as "punnakku sidhar" wrongly.When i asked my superior whether he noticed this black boy in the temple,he replied that he has not seen.I used to get such happenings .But i tell them only to my family as many may not believe this things.My Guru sri ..Manicka Mudaliar trustee of Thiruvotriyur Sanmarga Sangam would tell about Sidhars.That sidhar i have seen as a boy is in Jeeva samadhi at Chennimalai Murugan temple.If my grand dr see some old person with beard,she would immediately ask me whether he is a sidhar.You can also tell them animal stories like pancha thanthra.You can buy them cindrella or fairy tales.A lot of fairy tales are shown in the tv.But telling them would definitely grow the affection between you & your children.


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