Vaduvur Sri.Kodhandaramar temple history.

Vaduvur Sri.Kothandapani temple is situated in between Mannargudi & Thanjavur,14 kms west of Vaduvur & 24 kms east of Thanjavur.It is very near  the roadside & easily approachable with frequent bus services.How Sri.Rama came here is an interesting thing.After killing Ravana, Rama was returning to Ayodhya with Sita,Laxman & Hanuman.On the way in the present Tamilnadu area many saints were following him.They talked to Sri .Rama  & requested him to stay there.They were holy persons loving Sitarama couple,whom  Rama felt to disobey.But he has to save his Bharatha who has taken a vow that if his brother did not return in the stipulated time ,he would end his life at Nandhigram where he was doing a penance.When the saints were away ,Rama created a beautiful statue(five metal combination) & placed it  near the entrance of the asramam where he was staying.Next day morning the saints returned to Asramam to persuade  Rama to be always with them.They noticed  the beautiful vigraha  of Rama in the entrance.Attracted by  its beauty,they saw it as Rama himself.When Rama came there,he discovered that they were very much attracted towards the idol of him.Now Rama asked the the saints whether they want  him or the idol. Pat came the reply that they want only the idol of Rama.Before they could realize what they were saying ,Rama & his team  silently slipped out of  the asramam.After worshipping him for some time.They took him to Thirukkannapuram & worshiped there.                                                            After some time foreigners invaded & destroyed many temples.Now the devotees took the     Rama idol to Thalaignayiru & secretly kept it under the earth below a tree.Later Rama appeared in Sarafoji Maharaja's dream(ruling Thanjavur then) & told him to retrieve  him.The Maharaja wasted no time & took his soldiers & ministers there & found the idol.Now the people residing there did not want the Raja to take the idols.Now the raja pacified them by leaving with them Bharatha & laxmana idols.They brought Seetha & Rama idols & camped  at Vaduvur  during night time.When dawn came local people wanted  the idols  to be kept at  Vaduvur . They were so stubborn in their resolve that many of them climbed the temple(Rukmani - Bama -Gopalan) up & told the king that they would fell from the temple top.Seeing their devotion & determination,Raja obliged them & Kodhandarama became the moolavigraha.Later  Laxmana  & Ramadoothan's idols were added.Kanva maharishi & Kulasekara Azhvar worshiped  here .Ahobila madam,Sri .Rangam Aandavan  swamigal & Kanchi Mahaperiava had close association with this Ramar.A big  lake was constructed here.With  lot of fertile lands donated by Chola kings & local people celebrate the temple festivals & take care of it maitenance.Poovanur  sri.Rasu Mudaliare erected the big tower of this temple reaching 61 feet.Famous novel writer Vaduvur Duraisamy Iyengar & Gomadam Ramachandra iyer were the  devotees of this Rama.Vadavaru river ends  in the Kodhanda ramar lake  here & kannanaru originates from here.Beautiful Ramayana happenings are shown in the roof as colorful drawings.Photos & source of information from temple history of Vaduvur Kothandaramar temple with thanks.If you look at the 2nd photo from the top,you can find  a nagar vigraha with Santhana gopalan in front of Laxman .Those who are child less pray by holding this idol & one will be definitely blessed with a child as Dasaratha got Sri.Rama himself



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