Kashayam for cough, cold - Home remedy for common cold, cough, fever

Home remedy for common cold, cough
This is about preparing a kashayam / decoction for curing cold &  cough with light fever(சளி ,இருமலுடன்  ஜுரம் இவற்றை குணப் படுத்தும் கஷாயம்) at our home.


  1. Take 5 gms of thirikadugam powder. 2 betel leaves, 2 omavalli( karpooravalli ) leaves, either palm candy or palm jaggery, some tulsi leaves.
  2. Take 200 ml of water.Put all these in it & boil it well till it becomes 100 ml.
  3. This is for adults.For children above 5 years, take half of all these like  one betel leave, one omavalli leave ,half the quantity of palm jaggery or palm candy,some tulsi leaves.
  4. This is for one time.Take it morning once & also evening once.If there is already fever, avoid palm jaggery or candy.Instead you prepare the decoction without it.
  5. After slightly cooling it add  two tea spoons of honey into it & take it.
This will certainly cure without any side effect.Normal appetite would be there. We have taken this medicine & found very effective in curing cold.If you have cold symptoms, take this one  immediately, you can see the remedy your self. My grand daughter used to  love this  flavour of karpooravalli & drinks it easily & got cured .You can grow Tulsi, & karpooravalli in open terrace where  sun light falls.If you plant  a stem of karpooravalli plant with some leaves, it  starts growing quickly, no seeds for it.Use this  herbal medicine when required & also give your feed back to us.


  1. Thirikudkam powder I don't know where to get in Singapore, but I have this plants in my home. I love to grow plants a lot but little space I have this karpooravalli, tulasi plants. Sure I try this. My kids often gets cold soon. Its very useful for me .

  2. Thank you Sankar Saranya.Thirikadugam will be mostly available in Siddha Medicine stores.In Tamilnadu, it is available in Adayar IMCOPS & also in Kottakkal Arya vaidyasala(Ayur vedha).It will be available in Pondicheriy also.Getting the herbs & preparing at home may be difficult with small children to take care.


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