Home made medicines - Thiribala churanam.

Thiribala churanam is a combination of Amla,Kadukkai &thandrikkai,( பெரிய நெல்லிக்காய் ,கடுக்காய் ,தான்றிக்காய் ).cut the amla into small pieces , remove the seeds,grind it as a fine paste in a mixi.Place it in a stainless plate & dry it in sunlight,the juicy portion of the amla should be mixed with the amla paste.It may take 2 days.Now it would be in flake form as  shown in the photo.Dry it  in the sun light.After ensuring  there is no moisture,grind it in a mixi, sieve it well  & keep it in a air tight container.Kadukkai & thanrikkai should be lightly hammered.Remove the seeds in it .Seeds  of both herbs to be thrown away.Only skin portion to be ground in a mixi.Sieve this & keep in a air tight  container.Take equal quantity of amla,Kadukkai &thanrikkai powder & mix it thoroughly.Now thiribala churanam is ready.Take this  in the night after food, or before bed time 5gms with warm water or honey.This  helps easy  clearing of bowl in the morning.You need not worry about constipation.This also prevents knee joint pain if taken regularly.


  1. Very nice we know the name but we don't know how it will b, ur picture help us a lot. Its great job both of u. Thank you so much for your efforts for future generations. Really u both r amazing,

  2. Thank you Sankar Saranya.Today I am posting a medicine using thirikadugam for cold & cough.

  3. It is interesting to receive such a comment from a foreign national who may not be aware of these things. Hope you might have visited our temples here.Each temple has a herbal plant or tree which are preserved from thousands of years & also considered sacred.These are testimonials even after repeated invasion from other countries.Thank you very much for your response amid your tight schedule.


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