History of Rameswaram temple - part 2.

Agni theertham (ocean near the temple)
Third prakara built by Ramanadhapuram Sedhupathi.
Adhistanam of Sage Pathanjali at God Nataraja shrine.Photo above this - Idols of Goddess Parvadhavarthani & Sri. Ramanadha. Photo courtesy - Dinamalar magazine.New moon day darpanam done here during the Tamil  month of Purattasi( புரட்டாசி - மஹாலய  அமாவாசை  ) is a special one  &  our forefathers get the permission from Yama Dharma to visit the earth  from Pithur loga & gladly accepts the darpanam & blesses us.There are 22 holy wells  inside the temple prakara.Devotees can bath in it .Temple staff fetches  water in a bucket from the wells & pour it over the devotees head 
.One has to start from Agni theertham.Some one raised  a doubt that how the Siva Linga made out of salt sand lasts as it is natural to get dissolved  during Abishegam time.Sri.Bhaskara Rayar , a well known Goddess Sakthi devotee made Sivalinga out of  salt & performed Abishegam to it & Sivalinga remained  in tact.He told  people that Sivalinga made by a common man can remain unaffected ,it is quite natural that sivalinga made by Sita devi remains so. This Sivalinga is at the back of Sri.Ramanadhar sannidhi.Sedhu Madhava Perumal is tied by  iron chain in his feet.It is learnt that one Pandia king was childless & a great devotee of God Vishnu & prayed to Him to bless him with a child. God vishnu instructs Goddess Mahalaxmi to be born in the earth as child & reach the king's palace.The king & queen accepts Her & she was brought up in the palace.One day a young lad approaches the princess & teases her.After knowing this, the king orders to arrest the lad & chain him.God Sedhu Madhavan takes this punishment due to the extreme devotion of  the king.In the  night he reveals to the king that it is he himself only, in a dream.Next day the king releases Sedhu Madhavan & marries the princess to Him.                                                                                                             God Agni   purifies him by bathing in the ocean here for touching  Sita during her "Agni pravesam".There after the ocean near the temple is called "Agni theertham.The Siva linga brought by Anjaneya is in the right side of temple entrance.Even though Sri.Rama & Sita Devi are incarnation  of God Vishnu & Goddess Mahalaxmi, they perform all the duties & rituals followed by a common man.Through out Ramayana one can see  this.How much value he attaches to his teachers(Gurus), Raja rishi Vashista, Saints Viswamitra & Agasthya.Sedhu  Bridge(சேது   பந்தனம் ) constructed by the vanara  sena( army of monkeys)    during Ramayana period is still there between Dhanushkodi & Sri  Lanka below the sea.This was confirmed by photos taken by Nasa Satellites.One can see it by connecting to internet.When you think of Rameswaram,Ramayana happenings comes first into your mind.Thirupullani is  the place,where Rama rests in  mate of grass seeking the permission of Sea God.Another important place is where Rama installs nine stones for Navagrahas (Devi pattinam).Here also poojas conducted to ward off ill effects. The great saint & devotee of God Muruga Pamban Swamigal was born in Pamban near Rameswaram.Saint Thayumanavar has composed 8 beautiful songs in Tamil which praises Goddess Parvadhavardhani.     ( மலை வளர்  பெண் காதலி  உமையே ). Our Swami Vivekananda lands at Dhanuskodi in India  after attending the famous "Chicago religious congress".Ramanadhapuram Sedhupathi requests Swami Vivekananda to place his feet over his head before landing.He was a king.What a noble gesture.


  1. I took camera with me.As we have to take bathe in Holy wells,left in the lodge room.Later i found that Cameras are not allowed inside.Otherwise I would have presented more photos.


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