Auvaiyar the great Tamil poet & God Ganesha

As we celebrate Ganesh Chadhurthi tomorrow ,let us think about the great woman poet Auvaiyar  who lived  during Tamizh sanga period ( C.E 1st century) along with the great poet Thiruvalluvar.After this period, Another  Auvaiyar ( woman poet) lived  during 13th century Chozha  kingdom along with poets Kambar & Ottakkoothar.Many are aware about "Kamba Ramayanam" written by  Kambar,the great literary work in Tamizh telling about the life history of "  Sitarama ",Hanuman & Ravana.Ottakkoothar used to sing for Gold coins . Auvaiyar mingled with  ordinary people of Tamilnadu.She  did not like rich people  who  were misers & did not  help poor people.She was  leading    a   saintly life.She  always travelled from one place to another .She was widely respected  for her talent in Tamizh language by the kings.Many a time she has acted  like an adviser between  kings  who were trying  to wage war with one another   & successfully stopped the war.It is  said that when her parents were trying to marry her ,she prayed to God Ganesha to give her an elderly woman's look, so that she could not be forced to married life.As she was very particular about this  God Ganesha appeared before her &  sanctioned  this boon to her.She is an ardent devotee of God Ganesha   who always blessed her. She  composed  a beautiful  poem called ,"Vinayagar  Agaval" in Tamizh ( Seedhak kalaba - சீதக் களப செந்தாமரைப்  பூவும் ).She has described in this elaborately, how to awake "Kundalini Power " which is lying idle in our body.She has also written six more literary works which are very famous among Tamizh  speaking people."Aathichudi,Konrai vendhan,Moothurai & Nalvazhi.They were simple to learn with telling us how to lead  a good life  without  hurting others, encouraging charities, emphasising the  speaking of truth & in many ways to  mould good character.Even though  she has mastered Tamizh,she has  said that her learning is only a handful & the remaining to be  learnt is an ocean(கற்றது கை மண்ணளவு - கல்லாதது உலகளவு).Her quoting is written in the entrance of an American university.In 2009 poet & translator Mr.Thomas Pruiksma who studied  in  "American College" at Madurai in Tamilnadu has selected poems of our great poet Auvaiyar & got published by Red Hen Press in English.The  king Adhiamaan who  ruled the present Dharmapuri, Salem area was  a great admirer of Auvaiyar & valued her friendship very much.When someone gave him an amla fruit (rare type of fruit  only available in remote hilly area) which gives longer life period to  those who  consumes it,he happily persuaded Auvaiyar to eat it so that she would live long & serve Tamizh society.What a noble gesture.                                                                                                                                                                   It is said that she observed in her meditation ,Sundaramoorthy Nayanar,the great devotee of God Shiva was riding in  a white divine horse sent  from  Mount Kailash  to Cheraman prumal another Shiva devotee . Cheraman Perumal was invited by God Shiva to his abode in Kailash.As Sundharar was his close friend,he takes him also.But Sundarar is  hanging by catching the tail of the white horse  till it reaches Kailash,( He was not invited).There he was stopped by Sri.Nandigeshwarar .So Sundarar composes  beautiful songs called "Aadhi andha ula aasu"(ஆதி  அந்த உலா ஆசு பாடிய ,சேரர் கொங்கு வைகாவூர் -   நாத  விந்து  கலாதி  நமோ நம  என்று  தொடங்கும் அருணை முனிவரின் திருப்புகழ் ) & after hearing Sundarar's song,God Shiva allows him, As  Auvaiyar was  also interested to reach Kailash, she was performing the daily prayer in haste,God Ganesha appeared before her & advised her to perform as usual.Once the prayer was over, God Ganesha lifts Auvaiyar in his trunk & places her in Kailash before Sundaramoorthy & Cheraman reaches Kailash.
                 Photo courtesy from Delhi Sri Rahavan - Thiruppugazh Anbargal  book.


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