Importance of Mahalaya Paksha.

Mahalaya paksha is the special period in the Tamil  Calender month of "Purattasi".It starts from the next day of Full moon day in this month (Prathama thithi) & ends  on the new moon day(Amavasya).Paksha means this fortnight(15 days).In our Hindu rituals,those who have lost their father ,parents have to remember them during new moon days & offer  "Dharpanam" worshipping them.This is in addition to the particular day or thithi in a month where they have left us to reach  heaven( God ).Those who are not  aware of this particular day,should offer Dharpanam in this Mahalalaya Paksha. A special  gift to us  to remember & pay our gratitude to our ancestors /forefathers.Many observe vratha strictly during this fortnight .Without our forefathers we would not exist here.We would not have all the things that we have  today without their contribution.We worship our family deity in the temples in our native places which was established by our forefathers many generations  before for the welfare & development of children & our family.So it is necessary  to remember & honor them .This would help  our whole family.

After ending their lives our forefathers reach & live in  a separate world called  "Pithru Logam."They are called "Pithrus".Staying there they always  bless us.During this Mahalaya  Paksha period they are permitted by God to come to earth through Sun rays.Our Saints & Rishis have visualised this & informed this through our sasthras.  After staying here with us during this fortnight & blessing us they take leave on the Mahalaya Amavasya(new moon day) after  which starts Navarathri (dasara)festival.Pithrus are mentioned as "Thenpulathar " by Thiruvalluvar  in his Thirukkural Book.After leaving this earth they travel towards Southern direction .That is why they are called "தென்புலத்தார்" in Tamil which means those who are living in south direction.This  ritual is practiced from 2000 years ago on wards till date. kindly refer to "Domestic life" chapter(இல்வாழ்க்கை ) ,"தென்புலத்தார்  தெய்வம் விருந்து ஒக்கல் தான் என்றாங்கு ஐம்புலத்தாறு ஓம்பல்தலை"தென்புலத்தார், தெய்வம் ,விருந்தினர் , சுற்றத்தார்  என்ற ஐவகையிடத்தும் அற நெறி  தவறாமல் போற்றுதல்  சிறந்த கடமையாகும் ".  The chief duty of the house holder is to preserve the five fold rule( of conduct).

You would have observed that Rama & Laxman performing ritual in a river while they were  living in the forest after hearing the news of   their father Dasaratha's death.In Bhagavat Geeta also God Krishna teaches Arjuna about the 5 yagnas one should perform.This is coming under" Pithru Yagnam"
பித்ரு யக்ஞம் .looking after the parent's need & serving them also come under this.In the horoscope,astrologers point out this by the  planets position,whether any dosha is there.Poverty,childless couple,sudden death,delayed marriage one facing  in their life  is all because of  pithru  dosham.During this period ,if we take holy bath in  Rameswaram Sethu Theertham,Ganges or  any rivers   joining places like  Alahabad  Thiriveni Sangamam,Gaya,Bhavani mukkoodal  near Kumarapalayam(  Bhavani Sangameswarar koil, Kodumudi ,Vedaranyam seashore -   Tamilnadu  ) & offer prayers ,perform rituals it would fetch the blessings of our forefathers .It is always better to remember our forefathers & heavenly Sumangali women of our home daily during prayer time for few minutes.When Thiruvalluvar asks not to forget persons who have helped us,even if it is a smaller one.there is no need to stress more about remembering our forefathers during this auspicious period.Mahalaya  paksha period starts on  28 .9.2015 & ends on coming Oct 12th  Monday  new moon day.Gifting  new dress ,poor feeding to deserving people would fetch blessings of God & our forefathers during this period.

Photos from top.1- Thriveni sangamam (Alahabad  U.P),Rameswaram Agni theertham - T.N,Bhavani Sangameswarar temple - confluence of Rivers Bhavani,Cauvery & another river. Gaya Vishnu Pada temple - U.P  ,Kashi Viswanathar temple & Holy River Ganga. Photo courtesy Dinamalar magazine,Sri.Bhargava Sarma & wikipedia.


  1. Very informative details of mahalaya amavasya. On this auspicious day performing Tharpanam for ancestors, will relieve them from pitra dosha. I suggest perform Mahalaya Amavasai Tharpanam at Rameswaram is very auspicious for getting your ancestor's blessings and make them happy.

  2. The dark fortnight of Aswayuja is known as the Mahalaya Paksha or the fortnight specially sacred for offering oblations to the departed ancestors. The last day of this period, the new moon day, is considered as the most important day in the year for performing obsequies and rites.Read More


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