Dakshinamurthy stotram | Dakshinamurthy mantra

Dakshinamurty slokam
Dakshinamurty stotram by Saint Adi Shankara. Adi shankara has written many slokas about God Shiva. Among them stotras praising Lord Dakshinamoorthy is  an unique one. Sringeri Peetam has published all the  works of Sri.Shankarar who is considered as an incarnation of God Shiva himself. Many of us while performing pradakshina, would find God Dakshinamoorthy facing southern  direction. Sitting  around his feet are four saints listening to him seriously. Dakshinamoorthy is smiling & showing Chinmudra., laying his left  foot over his right lap, while right foot is pressing a demon. He is also holding  a deer & an axe in his hands. Sri Adi Shankara beautifully explains about Sri.Dakshinamoorthy.