Dakshina murthy Slokam / Dakshina murthy mantra

विद्रा विताशेष  तमोगणेन   मुद्रा विशेषेण मुहुर्मुनी नां I  निरस्य मायां दयया विधत्ते देवो महांस्तत्व मसीति बोधम् II

This Mahavakya "Tat Thva Masi" has been explained by Great saints to their student disciples .This"is explained in "Upanishads".You become God  Himself is simple translation.It requires lot   of learning with  strong belief in God & total surrender into his divine  lotus feet.As Saint Ramakrishna has said,You need not search Guru,God Himself would send  a Guru to clear your doubts.Let us pray God sincerely to understand this & follow Sri Adi Shankara's Stotram. Photos with thanks to"Kumudam Jothidam" .