Aadipperukku 2016

  In Tamil Nadu we celebrate this  festival on the 18th day of Tamil month Aadi every year.In karnataka also they worship mother Cauvery as both states are the beneficiaries of this Holy River, in addition to Puduchery state  ( Pondichery & karaikkal  ).We have published full details  of this  festival & honoring,thanking Mother Cauvery  without which we can not survive.Most of the state is protected from starvation because of Her flowing here.That is why earlier Chola kings built one of the best irrigation system,constructing huge  Shiva & Vaishnava temples along the river flow till it reaches the eastern  sea at Poompughar (kaviripoompattinam ).Today 2nd August Tuesday, we celebrate this festival .Aadi Amavasai ( new moon day ) also falls on today in which we honor our ancestors ,taking holy bath in the rivers & seas like Rameswaram, Vedharanyam kodiakkarai where Ramayana is connected. we performed " Aadipperukku Pooja" with  a brass vessel  filled with Cauvery water invoking Mother Cauvery's blessings.Owing to migration, we are unable to celebrate this with our grand children & Children.Especially girl children wearing paavadai, bangles,anklets( கால் கொலுசு ).It would always remind me the famous  Tamil devotional song "chinnanchiru Kili pole"(சின்னஞ்சிறு கிளிபோலே ,சிற்றாடை இடை உடுத்தி ),their innocent smiles  bringing divine atmosphere.This song was sung by Dr.Seerkazhi Govindarajan.