Home made fresh turmeric powder

                                             Turmeric paste ( wet )   after grinding
              Spread out paste in an unused tile or a stainless plate . Keep it in Sunlight for 2 days.
                                             Scraped  dry turmeric paste bottom side  & top side

Dear viewers, you would have purchased turmeric plants &  used it for Makara Sankaranthi - Pongal celebrations, Normally we use  a pair of turmeric plants.We need not waste these turmeric roots.Remove the skin of turmeric root as shown in the video.Cut into small pieces suitable to grind in your Mixie. Add some water grind it to a paste level.Then pour it in a plate., spread it.Dry it in sunlight for 2 days in the terrace.Then you can scrape it & again grind it in your mixie to fine powder.Now pure turmeric powder is ready.You can use it for cooking purpose as well as a medicine. 

  Medicinal use: This  powder would cure cough, throat infection . Add 2 pinches of turmeric powder in a cup of milk, boil it & drink before going to bed in the night.For children one pinch is enough.

 As most Indian women are aware that applying this paste slightly in the face & washing it would give  a smooth skin surface.

This turmeric paste is very effective in curing swelling in our body due to hit injuries.Add   a quarter tea spoon of powder in 2 tea spoon of water in a small frying pan,heat it well,apply this hot paste over the affected surface( body bearable condition). 2 times a day.
  With in half an hour you can cut & grind the turmeric root. If the Sunlight is poor ,dry for few more days.If your powder is not dry & stored in a container ,then chances of insects coming in it more.So dry well & store it.
                                               Dry turmeric powder - pure one.