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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

Republic Day kolam with dots( 2017 ) | Full video kolam

This is  our Republic Day kolam with dots. ( 9 dots with 3 rows, 7 , 5 , 3 dots ).Kindly watch the video shown full & try this one. Our salute to freedom fighters who has sacrificed their lives in getting the freedom & making our country Republic.Think of some countries which don't have press freedom.Let us honor our Indian Military forces,farmers & think of Dr APJ kalams life & advice to us.Finally people in the power has the responsibility of uplifting our poor citizens.Let them take a cue from the late Singapore prime minister Mr Lee Quan you who took Singapore to one of the richest country in the world from the scratch.Mahatma Gandhi,Sri Kamaraj have shown the necessity of simplicity & truthfulness in their day today life.Political higher people, as well us ruling  should easily mingle with common man .Youth forces have shown their willingness in great strength to  correct erring people.Let their not be brain drain in our country.Talent should be first  utilized in our country's progress.There should be more organisations in our motherland like  our ISRO Scientists & Technocrats who have shown to the world that we are second to none. 


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When we shared ourfriday pooja & Hridaya kamalam kolams, a reader asked me to share our friday pooja procedures in detail.So in this post,i have shared my wife’s method of doing Lakshmi pooja on Friday.I won’t say this is the authentic method.But my mom & my wife has been following this procedure for more than 40 years in our house each Friday.Now my daughter-in-law is also performing the same.In this post,i have written how to make Lakshmi poojai with Thiruvilakku poojai kolam,Hridayakamalam kolam and thiruvilakku pooja stotram/slokas along with 108 potri in tamil. i.e Archanai slokam in Tamil.I have tried my best to explain the pooja procedures.Hope u will find it helpful.I have attached all the sloka pictures from our book “ Jayamangala sthothram”. I have also typed the Shodasha upachara pooja sthothram in Tamil & English. If u want to use this pictures in your website,please ask our permission.Thanks for understanding.Please leave a comment here if its helpful for you…

Apartment kolam with dots

Celebrating Chitra gupta's birthday-Chitra Pournami

Every human being's good & bad deeds are accounted in the heaven.This is done by the God of  Death Yama.He found the work load increasing due to the growing population.One day ,ashta dighbalar( in charge of eight directions)went to Mount  Kailas to see Lord Siva.God Siva observed that all of them happy except Yama.Then God Siva asked Yama why he was in a sad mood.He complained to Him that he was unable to handle  the accounting work of human beings & wanted to be assisted by someone who should be reliable & keep the records secretly with out disclosing to any one.God Siva agreed to this & told him  soon he will be provided  a suitable assistant.He immediately asked God Brahma the creator to do the needful to Yama.Brahma after certain thinking felt that only Surya Deva could provide such a clever person to assist Yama.He created rainbow before Sun & It became  a beautiful lady &They got married.Soon  a son was born to them with an everlasting accounting lea…