Republic Day kolam with dots( 2017 ) | Full video kolam

This is  our Republic Day kolam with dots. ( 9 dots with 3 rows, 7 , 5 , 3 dots ).Kindly watch the video shown full & try this one. Our salute to freedom fighters who has sacrificed their lives in getting the freedom & making our country Republic.Think of some countries which don't have press freedom.Let us honor our Indian Military forces,farmers & think of Dr APJ kalams life & advice to us.Finally people in the power has the responsibility of uplifting our poor citizens.Let them take a cue from the late Singapore prime minister Mr Lee Quan you who took Singapore to one of the richest country in the world from the scratch.Mahatma Gandhi,Sri Kamaraj have shown the necessity of simplicity & truthfulness in their day today life.Political higher people, as well us ruling  should easily mingle with common man .Youth forces have shown their willingness in great strength to  correct erring people.Let their not be brain drain in our country.Talent should be first  utilized in our country's progress.There should be more organisations in our motherland like  our ISRO Scientists & Technocrats who have shown to the world that we are second to none.