Crisp soft koozh vadam in raw rice - LK | பச்சரிசி கூழ் வடகம்

                                        Drying the vadam in sunlight - Day 1( above photo)

Drying the vadam in sunlight 2nd day after removing from the cloth shown in the photo 

                                   Fully dried vadam sample ( above)

Required things:

Raw rice 2 glasses ( 400 gms)

green chilly : 7 nos

crystal salt : 1 tea spoon

Asafoetida : 2 tiny pieces or half tea  spoon powder  


Soak 2 glasses of raw rice in water for 4 hours

Filter the water, grind the rice in the mixie  adding very minimum qty of water

Ground wet flour should be like the one shown in the video, it should be fine & should not be coarse.

Take 7 nos. of green chilly, put them in the mixie, add one tea spoon of crystal salt, grind it well,

adding little qty of water

Adding green chilly would give good flavor as well as karam to the vadam

Add the ground chilly in the cooker.Now pour 8 glasses of water in the cooker(  for  2 glasses of rice 

8 glasses of water), then add asafoetida. Close the lid & boil the water well

After boiling open the lid & add the wet flour in the cooker

Now you have to stir the flour continuously  without break

If you stir well there won't be lump formation in the flour , it would be uniform , won't stick in the 

bottom( Burner should be in Sim position while stirring)

Now close the lid , cook the flour for 20 mts, open the lid now , add cumin seeds, mix it well by 

stirring, now close the lid & cook for 10 mts

To check whether the flour is fully cooked, soak your fingers in water & touch the flour, It should not 

stick in your fingers. Now the flour is well cooked. Remove the cooker from the stove

Take it to the terrace. Cool it for few mts. You can make the vadam as shown in the video

Dry it in Sunlight till evening.If it is dried well, you can remove it from the cloth sprinkling water

in the back side of the cloth. Collect the dried vadam & you have to dry it well next day also in 

Sunlight till evng.

You can fry the fully dried vadam in a kadai. You will get crisp, soft fried vadam .The color 

would be white, it should not be brown


While stirring the wet flour in the cooker, if you find water not adequate, you can add water in boiling condition. So keep a vessel of boiling water in another burner,.Some times if you use old rice it may consume extra water.

If you want more karam in the vadam, you can add some more chilly depending up on your liking.

Cumin seeds should be added only in the end  just before 10 mts  of this process- total cooking time 30 mts. If you add earlier vadam color would change. After adding cumin seeds you have to stir the floar well & mix

If the vadam is is still in wet condition in the first day drying, you should dry it next day & then only remove it by applying water.