How to make Narthangai ( citron ) pachadi - LK

     Required items :  Citron  5 nos

                                     Tamarind ( big lemon size)

                                    15 nos of green chilly

                                     2 table spoon of jaggery powder

              Refer also items given in the tempering  table


                                         Cut pieces of narthangai ( citron)

                    Tempering: 1. Mustard seeds
                                          2.urad dal half tea spoon

                                          3. Fenu greek seeds 1/ 4  tea spoon

                                          4. curry leaves 

                                          5.Asafoe tida : 2 small pieces  


Put the citron in the boiling water. Boil them for 5 mts. After cooling , cut it into spring shape as  shown.If you cut in this way most of the seeds would come out. Cut into small pieces as shown in the photo. Remove any seeds remaining.Now place the cooker in the stove.put the flame in sim position.Add 2 table spoons of  Gingely oil for tempering.It is better to use this oil .Wait for few mts so that oil becomes hot enough for tempering.Now temper mustard seeds, urad dal,fenugreek seeds,asafoetida pieces, curry leaves. After tempering add the cut pieces of citron. mix it well. Add 2 tea spoons of turmeric powder. Add the tamarind extraction( filtered) .Then add the required qty of crystal salt.Wait for 5 mts  . Allow all the items to mix well , Stir them for a while.Add 4 glasses of water including tamarind juice.(  totally 3/4 th   litre).Add half tea tea spoon of fenugreek powder. Also add generous pinch of asafoetida powder for giving good flavor. Now place lid in the cooker, keep the flame in sim, wait for one whistle . Then open the lid , add 2 table spoon of jaggery powder , Stir all the contents well, cook it for 5 mts in open . Now you can take cooker from the flame. Pour the pachadi into a ceramics jar. Use it after 3 days. If you keep it fridge, take out once in 2 days and heat it. You can use this for 2 weeeks.( shelf life time ), If  you don't use fridge, keep it in sunlight daily & use

 Note: Heating the citron in boiled water would remove bitterness , stinging taste in them. Those who have recovered from high fever would find the taste in the tongue differently, Taking citron pachadi would restore normal tongue feeling.This would remove excess pitha( vatha, pitha , kapam ). Appetite would be good. This is our Sidha & Ayurvedic process.

 Citron  is easily available in farmers markets. Cheaper also. This is our elders old tradition.We would post more recipes soon.