How to make pidi karunai puli kuzhambu by lk

                       Tamarind soaked in water ( 600 ml) of 3 glasses for juice extraction

                                                                           For tempering

Required things :

         1.  3 nos . of  karunai kizhangu ( roots)

         2 .  one big amla size tamarind 

 and half table spoon sambar powder

To temper:
         1. 2 table spoon of gingely oil
         2. fenu greek seeds
         3. mustard seeds
         4.urad dal    
          5. Tur dal
          6.cumin seeds
          7.garlic around 15 nos 
          8.curry leaves
          9.cut small onion pieces


Preparing method:

Wash the roots in water. Cut them into small pieces as shown in video.Fill up water in the cooker, add the cut root pieces in it. cook them well in the stove ( pre cooking)

After few mts take out the cooked roots from the cooker. Allow them to cool.Now peel of the outer skin as shown in video. Slice them into small pieces

Temper using gingely oil in that order shown in tempering table ( shown in the video)

Now add 3 glasses of tamarind extract in the cooker. Add one and half table spoon of sambar powder.Allow it to boil for few mts. Add required qty of crystal salt.

Lastly add the cooked roots into the cooker. Boil them well  for few mts. You can observe boiling sound & bubbles coming out. Now remove the cooker from the stove , transfer into a vessel.

Gingely oil is advised for tempering as it is good for health & it adds good flavor
Also apply it for kuzhambu rice before eating.
pre- cooking of roots would remove the itching properties it posses.

pre - cooked root pieces should be added lastly while cooking. If you add earlier it would absorb more salt & tamarind
This kuzhambu can be used for 3 days by keeping in the fridge. pre heat it before using.

This root helps prevent constipation & removes piles complaint if taken for a while.

Preparation time : 20 mts, serves 4