How to make Thirikadukam powder at home -2 | வீட்டிலேயே திரிகடுகம் பொடி செய்வது எப்படி

Herbs required:

               1. black pepper

               2. Long pepper -pippali

               3.Dried ginger

These herbs are easily available in Indian Herbal medicine shops. They should be separately roasted slightly to remove moisture content. Take equal quantity of these. Pound it well in pounding stone, each one of them separately. Grind them individually in a grinding mixie. .Sieve them .Then using a measure take them equally & mix it thoroughly.Now the herbal is ready for use.Store it in an air tight container

Dosage : 5 grams in the morning in empty stomach for adults & half of this for children above 5 years.Mix it in honey in hot water & take. Those who wants to avoid can take it in hot water.

Benefits :

Lungs & airways: cures common cold-running nose ,cough,Asthma

 Digestive system:

Prevents   constipation

cures loss of appetite

Increases digestive juices

It has influence on liver-stimulates secretion of bile & pancreas action

can be useful during body ache with feeling heaviness in body

Reduces cholesterol level  & high blood pressure; You can also refer in our blog  under the title Home made medicines ( herbal )