Improving your immunity through breathing exercises

Talasana: This gives a good stretch to the entire body & spine.All the muscles in the body from the toes to the finger tips are activated & toned.Rhythmic breathing expands the lungs very well.

Trikonasana: This dissolves the extra flesh around the waist.if we regularly practice this asana keeps the spine elastic.It improves the functioning of the lungs , purifies the blood.All the side muscles of the body are alternately stretched & relaxed.

Matyasana : The chest expands to its maximum capacity, lungs receives plenty of fresh air.Prevents asthma,sore throat and tonsillities. The neck , brain,chest, spine & stomach all benefit.this also contributes to the health of the sex organs including the ovaries.

Janushirasasana or Head to knee pose :Abdominal organs are alternately contracted & stretched as the Asana is repeated on different sides.Leg muscles are stretched & rejuvenated & the pain in the knee joints eliminated.This Asana strengthens urinary bladder.Liver & kidneys function well . It flattens your stomach, helps in evacuating the bowels.Digestion improves.For women it tones up the muscles of the uterus,fallopian tube & also improves the functioning of ovaries.This Asana is also good for diabetes patients as liver& kidney are activated

Asanas should be performed in empty stomach only - after emptying the bowels.Can be performed 4 hours after food. You can bathe after 30 minutes after doing the exercise or If you have bathed wait for 30 mts. Married people should not exercise after intercourse  , the next day.