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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

Sangu kolam with dots

Dot Kolam / Fish design.

This is  kolam with dots 11 to 1 (Fish Design).Try this one.

Apartment kolam with dots.

Deer Kolam : 4 dots 4 lines  &   8 dots 7 lines .Kolam in the right side:8 dots 8 lines straight lines.Watch the video & try this .

Friday Kolam / Rangoli

These are two different views after adding color.Follow the video & try this one .Hope learners would try this kolam.

Free hand kolam / flower design

This is free hand kolam with flower design.Try this one &  send the pictures to "".

Free hand Kolam / Rangoli

A beautiful rangoli with colour powder - pink and sky blue combination always works well. check the full video to learn this kolam easily.

Republic Day Kolam with dots | Full video kolam

Easy and colourful republic day kolam. Check out the video below to learn this kolam easily.

Apartment Kolam - 7 dots 7 rows

Rangoli Kolam / Deer & Peacock design

Friday Padi Kolam

Friday padi kolam with full video for easy learning.

Rangoli kolam \ Peacock designs

Rangoli Kolam with flower design 2016

Rangoli Kolam (Peacock rangoli)

This is a free hand rangoli kolam with peacock a center. Watch the video to learn how to draw this rangoli.

Festival Kolam / Mahara Sankaranthi / Pongal Rangoli

Festival Kolam / Bhogi Pandigai / Rangoli

An easy free hand rangoli with colour powder. Pandigai kolam. Watch the video to learn this kolam easily :)

Pongal kolam collection - 2016

Hello friends, Here you can find the collections of Pongal Kolam designs/Rangoli from our blog.There are some kolam with dots.Some kolam are without dots( free hand drawing).You can try them for this Thai pongal festival. Make it colorful by giving your desired colors with rangoli powders.Wish you all a very happy pongal !

Festival Kolam /Pongal

This is free hand rangoli for pongal festival. You can use colour powder to decorate this simple rangoli. Check the video to see how this rangoli is drawn.

Festival Kolam / Rangoli for Bhogi pongal with video

An easy and elegant rangoli with flowers and bird. Add colour powder to make it more attractive :)  Check the video for easy understanding.

Padi kolam for pongal festival with video

An easy and simple padi kolam with video for pongal festival. You can use kaavi colour for making border in this to make it attractive! Watch video for easy understanding!

Friday Padi Kolam with video

Friday padi kolam with video. Check out the video for easy understanding.

Pongal Kolam 2016

A beautiful free hand rangoli pongal kolam. Use colour powder to make it more attractive. Watch the full video to see how to draw this rangoli!

Pongal Kolam with dots | Pongal kolam videos

This is a easy kolam for pongal with dots. Check out the video to understand better :)

Padi Kolam.

This is Padi Kolam.

Padi Kolam.

This is Padi Kolam.

Rangoli Kolam.

This is Rangoli Kolam.

Friday Kolam.

This is Friday Kolam.