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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2


Here is an easy bird kolam design for Apartment residents.Its a small & quick Rangoli.Hope beginners would try it.
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Simple apartment Kolam with 5to3 interlaced dots.You  should keep 3 dots in six corners.Try this.


This is an easy Friday Padikolam Design for beginners.Try  this one.


When we shared ourfriday pooja & Hridaya kamalam kolams, a reader asked me to share our friday pooja procedures in detail.So in this post,i have shared my wife’s method of doing Lakshmi pooja on Friday.I won’t say this is the authentic method.But my mom & my wife has been following this procedure for more than 40 years in our house each Friday.Now my daughter-in-law is also performing the same.In this post,i have written how to make Lakshmi poojai with Thiruvilakku poojai kolam,Hridayakamalam kolam and thiruvilakku pooja stotram/slokas along with 108 potri in tamil. i.e Archanai slokam in Tamil.I have tried my best to explain the pooja procedures.Hope u will find it helpful.I have attached all the sloka pictures from our book “ Jayamangala sthothram”. I have also typed the Shodasha upachara pooja sthothram in Tamil & English. If u want to use this pictures in your website,please ask our permission.Thanks for understanding.Please leave a comment here if its helpful for you…

Abirami Andhadhi the full history.

Before three hundred forty years,Saraboji Maharaja was ruling Chola kingdom with Thanjavur as its capital.During that period  one brahmin pattar(priest) lived in Thirukkadaiyur,one of the "ashta  veerattana sthalagal"where Lord Siva killed the  God of Death "yama" to protect his devotee Markandeya.After getting the nectar from the ocean of milk(திருப்பாற்  கடல் கடைந்து  தேவர்கள் அமிர்தம்  பெற்ற  வரலாறு )lord Vishnu placed the pot of  nectar in this place before distributing it to the Devas.Also the temple sung by Appar ,sambandar & Sundharar.It is learnt that the  pattar was a devotee of Goddess Abirami of this sthala.He used to worship Goddess Abirami from his childhood days.He was totally immersed in worshiping Her(Meditation)that he would be sitting near Abirami's Sannidhi always when he was grown up.He would kneel before all the ladies coming to the temple treating them as  Abirami.What  a noble thinking.But many misunderstood this & called him a ma…

Apartment Kolam/Rangoli with 7 to 4 Interlaced dots

Here is yet another simple 7 to 4 dots apartment kolam with interlaced dots.Try this one.Draw the dots as shown in the sketch & then proceed.

Mahabaradha- Drona,Dhrupada,Arjuna,Lord Krishna & Sudhama.

Drona was the son of Rishi Bharadwaj.He and prince Drupada of Panchala country  learnt from Rishi Bharadwaj in Gurukula(Vedic school conducted in olden days in an Ashram where children from various places stayed together & taken care of by the ashram Rishi & his wife including there food).Drona & Drupada became friends.Drupada  promised Drona that he would help him when he becomes the king.Later Drona got  married & a boy was born to him.But they became so poor that he found it difficult to feed his child.At least if he had a cow ,he can feed his child with cow's milk .Earlier during their studying period in Gurukula,Drupada has promised to give him half his kingdom.Remembering this he went to Panchala country where now Drupada has  become the king.After the soldiers told king Drupada that a poor Brahmin is waiting to see him,who says that he is your friend, Drupada asked the soldiers to let him in.                                                                   …




These are five different type of simple apartment kolams,try your  choice.

Thirupugal song explanation(Thimira udadhi)

Coming to this earth as a human being is not in our hands.(Arunagiri nadhar always longs for salvation,a big relief for human beings after several births.)If we count  our births,he  says, it  is even bigger than counting sand particles of the seven big seas.He jocularly refers that as  an"Avadharam" which means descending to this earth from heaven.Normally God only takes avadharams as you all are aware of Rama,Krishna &totally ten avadharams of Lord Vishnu to protect this  world &people.After taking many births as living beings & human,then only we realize this. Many saints who knows the truth,wants to guide us  in this regard as they have avoided  rebirths.If at all, i have to be born in this earth again, kindly do this to me.How cleverly he asks Lord Muruga for the sake of whole mankind.You see this in Pazhani Thiruppugazh.We don't know what & how to ask the Lord because worldly things are very  small things which  you can not posses for for a long tim…


These are five different types of simple apartment kolams.Choose & try which ever you like.


This is a free hand apartment kolam.You The above kolam can be drawn in four different types as shown in the picture.

Thirupugal-Valli(jeevatma) & Lord Muruga(paramatma)

வாசித்துக் காணொ ணாதது பூசித்துக் கூடொ ணாதது
     வாய்விட்டுப் பேசொ ணாதது ...... நெஞ்சினாலே

மாசர்க்குத் தோணொ ணாதது நேசர்க்குப் பேரொ ணாதது
     மாயைக்குச் சூழொ ணாதது ...... விந்துநாத

ஓசைக்குத் தூர மானது மாகத்துக் கீற தானது
     லோகத்துக் காதி யானது ...... கண்டுநாயேன்

யோகத்தைச் சேரு மாறுமெய்ஞ் ஞானத்தைப் போதி யாயினி
     யூனத்தைப் போடி டாதும ...... யங்கலாமோ

ஆசைப்பட் டேனல் காவல்செய் வேடிச்சிக் காக மாமய
     லாகிப்பொற் பாத மேபணி ...... கந்தவேளே

ஆலித்துச் சேல்கள் பாய்வய லூரத்திற் காள மோடட
     ராரத்தைப் பூண்ம யூரது ...... ரங்கவீரா

நாசிக்குட் ப்ராண வாயுவை ரேசித்தெட் டாத யோகிகள்
     நாடிற்றுக் காணொ ணாதென ...... நின்றநாதா

நாகத்துச் சாகை போயுயர் மேகத்தைச் சேர்சி ராமலை
     நாதர்க்குச் சாமி யேசுரர் ...... தம்பிரானே.

In the above Thiruppugazh,Arunagiriar describes how difficult to  realize God for an ordinary man who is covered by illusion when he is born in this world.I have written about this in my  earlier posting.Vallalar describes this in his master piece"ARUT PERUN JOTHI AHAVAL" how maya is preve…


After end of Sri.Rama's coronation at Ayodya(after defeating   Ravana & bringing back Seetha)Sugreeva,Angadhan,Jambavan started to return  to their palaces.Hanuman stayed in Ayodya as he never wanted to be separated  from Sri.Rama.Now it was the turn of King Vibeeshana to leave from Ayodya.He was in tears as it was Sri Rama & Hanuman when he was driven out by his brother Ravana who  accepted him as he was from the enemy camp amid  objection  from  Vanara king Sugreeva.Even  before crossing the Sedhu Samudram & dethroning Ravana, Rama crowned Vibeeshna as the King of Lanka.He might  have thought  these things in his mind.Rama gave him their family Deity Lord Ranganadha to Vibeeshana & asked him to take it with him advising not to place it  on the earth until he reaches his palace at Lanka.Vibeeshana was returning to Lanka flying towards South direction to reach his destination.When he was over Srirangam,he wanted to go to bath room.&descended near the island for…


This is a free hand sketch.You can draw in your pooja room or at the entrance.

Apartment Kolam/Rangoli With 7 to 4 Interlaced Dots

This is a small 7 to 4 Interlaced ( sandhu pulli) Kolam/Rangoli.Its apt for drawing in apartment entrances.You can draw it in a simple way as given in the second drawing or u can improvise like third drawing by extending it.
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Thiruppugazh song(Swamimalai) - 2.

Let us look into Swamimalai Thiruppugazh song.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  சரணகம லால யத்தை அரைநிமிஷ நேர மட்டில்
     தவமுறைதி யானம் வைக்க ...... அறியாத

சடகசட மூட மட்டி பவவினையி லேச னித்த
     தமியன்மிடி யால்ம யக்க ...... முறுவேனோ

கருணைபுரி யாதி ருப்ப தெனகுறையி வேளை செப்பு
     கயிலைமலை நாதர் பெற்ற ...... குமரோனே

கடகபுய மீதி ரத்ந மணியணிபொன் மாலே செச்சை
     கமழுமண மார்க டப்ப ...... மணிவோனே

தருணமிதை யாமி குத்த கனமதுறு நீள்ச வுக்ய
     சகலசெல்வ யோக மிக்க ...... பெருவாழ்வு

தகைமைசிவ ஞான முத்தி பரகதியு நீகொ டுத்து
     தவிபுரிய வேணு நெய்த்த ...... வடிவேலா

அருணதள பாத பத்ம மதுநிதமு மேது திக்க
     அரியதமிழ் தான ளித்த ...... மயில்வீரா

அதிசயம நேக முற்ற பழநிமலை மீது தித்த
     அழகதிரு வேர கத்தின் ...... முருகோனே.                                                                          …

Hirudaya Kamalam Kolam With Video & Stepwise Pictures

Last week,when i shared our Friday's Lakshmi Pooja Kolam,i had mentioned about this Hrudaya kamalam.I had also promised u all for a detailed video post.So here it is.Before going to the video,i will share the significance of this kolam.I referred few websites & came to know some interesting information.Lets see what they are .

Significance of Hrudaya Kamalam
Hirudaya Kamalam is said to be the auspicious kolam/Rangoli which is drawn in front of Pooja Mantap/Room mostly for Friday’s Maha Lakshmi Pooja.Hridaya kamalam is a lotus obtained by joining 16 petals.It is drawn to ensure success & wealth. This is prevalant in Tamilnadu.It contains the letter Sri at the centre, five dots at equal distances is put above this letter 'sri', 5dots below, 5 dots horizontally on the right and another on the left. Similarly at each diagonal 5 dots are put.Then they are joined by a single line so as to appear as petals of a lotus flower.Flowers are arranged around this lotus form and …

Thiruppugal song(Swamimalai) - 1.

In this beautiful song sung in 4th camping place(நான்காம் படை வீடு - திருவேரகம் என்கிற சுவாமி மலை) Arunagiriar requests the most essential things that are required for a man to lead a comfortable life.Not only worldly comforts but also the wisdom to realize God &get salvation.See how he is requesting Lord Muruga.Before that let us look into an interesting happening. One day God of creation-Brahma goes to meet Lord Siva at  Mount Kailash(Himalayas),He sees Child Muruga & thinks that he is only a small boy with little wisdom.Without acknowledging him he gets the permission from Nandhi Devar(Bullock Faced faced person who is acting as a security officer for Lord Siva-He is not an ordinary person.He has learnt  Holy hymns from Lord Siva Himself &he can fight an army as a single person & is called a symbol of Dharma -  all good deeds)to meet Lord Siva.Brahma returns after meeting Siva, sees Child Muruga,Muruga just asks Brahma,the creator of world,what is the meaning of the…

Apartment Kolam With Dots- 5,4,3 Interlaced( With step by step pics)

Here is a small apartment kolam/Rangoli design with dots.The details of the dots with the steps are given in the picture below.Hope its easy to understand.Feel free to leave your suggestion.Thanks Technorati Tags: ,,,,

Simple Apartment Kolam/Rangoli Designs

Yesterday i posted a complex Sikku kolam for Maha shivaratri.So today,i thought of sharing a simple Apartment kolam.Its a very easy kolam for beginners.Of course its not with dots but still u can draw it easily as its just a box design.My wife had drawn it as zig zag lines.U can draw a simple straight line instead.Try this kolam for tomorrow morning :)

Thiruppugal song (Siruvapuri or Siruvarambedu) - 2.

As i told you earlier,Arunagiriyar was so much impressed when he has visited this Siruvapuri Lord Muruga if you go through his Thiruppugazh songs,you will be delighted.  

சிறுவ ராகி யிருவ ரந்த கரிப தாதி கொடுபொ ருஞ்சொல்
     சிலையி ராம னுடனெ திர்ந்து ...... சமராடிச்

செயம தான நகர மர்ந்த அளகை போல வளமி குந்த
     சிறுவை மேவி வரமி குந்த ...... பெருமாளே.
                                                                                                                                                                      Small two boys  fought  against  Rama armed with his arrow & bow supported by a huge army with  big elephants , conquered them at this place.You are residing in this  place similar to that of  Kubera ( person who posses all the wealth )&you liberally bless your devotees with riches.                                   அண்டர்பதி குடியேற மண்டசுரர் உருமாற
     அண்டர்மன மகிழ்மீற ...... வருளாலே

அந்தரியொ டுடனாடு சங்கரனு மகிழ்கூர
     ஐங்கரனு முமையாளு ...... மகிழ்வாக

மண்டலமு முநிவோரு மெ…

Maha Shivaratri Chariot Rangoli With Dots- Chikku kolam

Here is yet another interesting chariot kolam design with dots for Maha shivaratri.We call it as sikku kolam.We are in Bangalore.So my wife drew this in my son’s apartment entrance for today’s festival.I have given the details for dots below.Hope it is understandable.Dots details – From top 1,3,5,7,9,11In the middle for pillar – 3 dots 4 rowsIn the bottom – 11,9,7,5Technorati Tags: ,,,,

Thirupugal Song(Siruvapuri or Siruvarambedu) - 1.

In Ramayana ,after defeating king Ravana, Sri.Rama brings back Seetha & returns back to Nandhi gramam where his brother Bharadhan was waiting to hand over the kingdom  to Sri.Rama.Rama hugs him &all of them return to Ayodya  where coronation of Sri.Rama was done by Saint.Vasishta.After that King Rama (Raja Raman)lives with Seetha happily & rules Ayodya for a long time.Two sons were born to these divine couple.They were named as Lava & Kusa .They were brought up by Saint.Vashista &Seetha in an Ashram of Vashista in a remote place.Due to unavoidable circumstances Seetha was sent to Vashista by King Rama to the Ashram of Saint Vashista.As they were in a remote area Rama  was not aware of his children's birth.They grew up in the Ashram &taught all Vedha Sastras including Dhanur Vidya(art of using bow & arrow  which is equal to modern missile technology).Saints doing penance for the welfare of the people were given special boons by Lord Siva,Vishnu & Bra…

Shivaratri Rangoli-Maha Shivaratri Kolam

12 Dots( 4 lines)  upto 4 direct dots
Here is the simple kolam with dots for Maha shivaratri festival.For this kolam,u should keep 12 dots for 4 rows & then u should keep direct dots leaving one in both sides upto 4 dots.Try this kolam for tomorrow’s festival & let me know how it came

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Thiruppugal Swamigal(Valli Malai)

வள்ளிமலையில் திருப்புகழ் சுவாமி ( சச்சிதனந்தா)  தனது குருநாதரான  சேஷாத்ரி சுவாமிகள் ஆணைப்படி ஆசிரமம் அமைத்து முருக வுபாசனை  செய்து வந்தார்.அவர் 40 வயது  வரை  படிக்காம லிருந்தவர்.திருவாவினன்குடி (  3 ஆவது படைவீடு )அருகில் மலைமேல் வுள்ள பழநி மலை முருகனை ,கடும் வயிற்று வலியினால் பாதிக்கப்பட்டு அவருக்கு தெரிந்தவர்கள்,பழநி முருகன் அபிஷேகப் பாலைப் பருகினால் குணமாகும் என்று கூறக் கேட்டு தரிசிக்க வந்தார்.அவர் இரு திருமணங்கள் செய்து கொண்டவர்.அதில் ஒரு மனைவி மற்றும் சில பிள்ளைகள் இறந்து  விட்டனர். இவரும் மீளாத  வயிற்று வலியினால் மிகவும் மெலிந்து தான்  வுயிர்  பிழைப்பதே கடினம் என்ற நிலையில் இன்னொரு மனைவியுடன் பழநி வந்து தங்கி முருகனுக்கு அபிஷேகம் செய்த பாலை மட்டும் பருகி வந்தார்.சிறிது காலத்தில்  முருகனது  அருளால் அவரது நோய் முற்றிலும் நீங்கியது. அது முதல் முருகப்பிரானுக்கு சேவை செய்ய  வேண்டும் என்ற பேரவா அவருள் எழுந்தது. அப்பொழுது ஒரு பெண்மணி பாடலுடன் முருகன் சந்நிதியில் அபிநயத்துடன் ஆடுவதைக் கண்டார்.படிக்கதவரான அவருக்கு    அது என்ன  பாடல்  என்று தெரியவில்லை.அருகில் இருந்தவர்களிடம் விசாரித்ததில…