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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

Temple History of Sri.Rameswaram .

Sri.Parvadhavardhani samedha Sri.Ramanadha Swami temple is one of the 12 Jyothir Linga temples in India & is the only one in South.It is located 200 kms east of Madurai.After killing Ravana & bringing back Sita,they land here at Rameswaram to to ward of "brahmahathi dosham" caused by  killing of Ravana. Rama instructs Anjaneya to bring a Siva Linga from Kasi kshetra for doing Siva Pooja at Rameswaram.As it got delayed,Rama asks Sita devi to make a Siva Linga in sand to perform the pooja at the scheduled time.As the Pooja was started, Anjaneya was angry.To cool him, Rama makes it mandatory that whoever comes to Rameswaram should have to worship first Kasi Viswanadha brought by Anjaneya & then only Sri.Ramanadha made by Sita.Vibishana also affected by brahmahathi  dosham as  he helped  Sri.Rama to kill his brother Ravana.He worships  here & performs Sivapooja.God Siva is very much happy to see his devotion towards him & appears  before him.He enters the Si…

Free hand kolam J & L

This is free hand kolam with video.Try this one.

Free hand flower kolam.

This is free hand flower kolam .Watch the video & try this one.

Free hand flower kolam

This is free hand kolam with video.Try this one.

Padi Kolam.

This is Padi kolam with video.Try this one.

Flower & bird kolam with dots.

This is flower & bird kolam  with dots 9 to 1 ( straight lines ). Please watch the video  & try this one.

Padi kolam 5 .

This is Padi  kolam with video.Try this one,

Free hand kolam m

This is free hand Kolam with video.

Apartment kolam with dots ( Bird kolam with dots )

This is apartment kolam with 10 dots,10 lines.Try this one.

Apartment kolam m.

This  is apartment kolam with 9 dots & 9 lines.Try this one.

Padi kolam 4.

This is padi kolam  with video. Try this one.

Free hand type apartment kolam.

This  is free hand type apartment kolam with video.Try this one.

God Ganesha kolam with dots.

This is God Ganesha kolam with  dots.See the details in the photo.Try this one.

Dot Kolam with 12 dots & 12 lines( Parts 1 & 2 ).

This is  kolam with 12 dots & 12 lines displaying  dog .Watch the video & try this one.

Rangoli Kolam 1.

This is Rangoli kolam with video. Try this one.



Kashayam for cough, cold - Home remedy for common cold, cough, fever

Refer this post for thirikadugam Home remedy for common cold, cough
This is about preparing a kashayam / decoction for curing cold &  cough with light fever(சளி ,இருமலுடன்  ஜுரம் இவற்றை குணப் படுத்தும் கஷாயம்) at our home.

Take 5 gms of thirikadugam powder. 2 betel leaves, 2 omavalli( karpooravalli ) leaves, either palm candy or palm jaggery, some tulsi leaves.Take 200 ml of water.Put all these in it & boil it well till it becomes 100 ml.This is for adults.For children above 5 years, take half of all these like  one betel leave, one omavalli leave ,half the quantity of palm jaggery or palm candy,some tulsi leaves.This is for one time.Take it morning once & also evening once.If there is already fever, avoid palm jaggery or candy.Instead you prepare the decoction without it.After slightly cooling it add  two tea spoons of honey into it & take it. This will certainly cure without any side effect.Normal appetite would be there. We have taken this medicine & fo…

Free hand kolam 2.

This is a free hand kolam with video.Watch the video & try this one.

Home made medicines - Thiribala churanam.

Thiribala churanam is a combination of Amla,Kadukkai &thandrikkai,( பெரிய நெல்லிக்காய் ,கடுக்காய் ,தான்றிக்காய் ).cut the amla into small pieces , remove the seeds,grind it as a fine paste in a mixi.Place it in a stainless plate & dry it in sunlight,the juicy portion of the amla should be mixed with the amla paste.It may take 2 days.Now it would be in flake form as  shown in the photo.Dry it  in the sun light.After ensuring  there is no moisture,grind it in a mixi, sieve it well  & keep it in a air tight container.Kadukkai & thanrikkai should be lightly hammered.Remove the seeds in it .Seeds  of both herbs to be thrown away.Only skin portion to be ground in a mixi.Sieve this & keep in a air tight  container.Take equal quantity of amla,Kadukkai &thanrikkai powder & mix it thoroughly.Now thiribala churanam is ready.Take this  in the night after food, or before bed time 5gms with warm water or honey.This  helps easy  clearing of bowl in the morning.You need no…

Dot Kolam

This  is dot kolam with 13 dots & 8 sides.Watch the video & try this one.

How to make thirikadugam powder | Trikatu churna | Step by step pictures, procedure

Thirikadugam / trikatu churna ( திரிகடுகம் ) is a wonderful Siddha & Ayurvedic medicine which can be  prepared in our home. Last year, we saw a telecast programme on "Siddha & Ayurvedic medicines" titled as "parambaria maruthuvam"(பாரம்பரிய மருத்துவம் ) in Zee T.V Tamil channel by a well qualified & experienced Doctor Sri.Sakthi Subramanyam. He is continuing it in Sun T.V Tamil channel in the morning 8.30 am - 9 a.m slot.|Now this telecast is not there. His  daughter, also professionally qualified like him, assists him in the demonstration.We thank these two doctors ,who are giving a wonderful demonstration (practical) as well as the remedies for many diseases. They show every herb used in the preparation of the medicines & how to prepare these medicines. A lot of people asks remedies for many diseases- like diabetic, removal of kidney stones, liver related  problems like jaundice.In addition to this,they have also discussed the reason for delay in…

Friday padi kolam .

This is Friday Padi kolam with Video.Try this one.

The history of Avudaiyar temple ( concluding part ).

Auvudaiyar temple is very different from other temples.There is no idols for God Shiva  as well as for Goddess .In shiva sanctum sanctorum, square type Auvudaiyar is  there.No bana linga.Three lamps  are lit behind Moolasthana .A white , red & green lamps.white representing Sun, green as Moon & Red as Agni(fire).Goddess  Parvathi is called "Yogambal".She ,after attending his father Dakshan's yagna jumps into the  yagna fire .She is  also  formless, comes here & doing penance to reunite with God Shiva.Her Sannidhi  is  always kept closed.Devotees can see her  feet (திருவடி) through   a mirror kept inside.During  festival time, only the  idol of Manickavasakar is  mounted on  a bull(ரிஷப வாஹனம்) & taken in  a procession. As both this saint & Shiva are one, here for Aani thirumanjanam, & Margazhi thiruvathirai festivals only Manickavasakar is decorated & taken around.The sculptural works are excellent & the "kodungai"  sculptural wo…