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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

Freehand Rangoli/Kolam Design - 4

This is a simple & easy to draw freehand rangoli design.Its one of the everyday kolams in my house.
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Friday Padi Kolam Design/Friday Rangoli

Usually my wife draws variety of padi kolam designs on Fridays.This kolam is one among them.Soon i will share my wife’s Maha lakshmi pooja kolam.I hope this friday rangoli would be useful to you all.Thanks for visiting this page.
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Of the 27 stars(astrology)one star matches each  full moon day in each month.The same star will co inside in each month.Like  Thiruvathirai star in Margazhi month,poosam star  co inside in the month of Thai Tamil month.All sidhars(saints)attain blissful eternal life with death less body.That is what Vallalar advocated for,asking the common man to know this truth &attain salvation in this birth itself.None has told this secret openly as Vallalar .He also wrote in prose form for the benefit of common man even though he has written in poems known as "THIRUVARUTPA"  by him.Later i would present you a chart showing the list of full moon days &stars.Many important God festivals are celebrated in these days as i earlier said in Sundara  moorthy nayanar's histoy(celabrating margazhi thiruvathirai festival at Thiruvarur).On this particular day only  Lord Nataraja & Thiagaraja comes out of temple & visits four broad streets in a decorated chariot for all people to …

Freehand Rangoli/Kolam Design - 3

My wife draw this kolam for special occasions.Basically its a simple flower design kolam but you can expand this to any extent  based on the size of your entrance & draw it beautifully.Technorati Tags: ,,,,,,,


Ramalingam used to go to Kandha sami temple(கந்தசாமி  கோயில் )around 9years.This is before he had  the darshan of lord  Muruga of  Thiruthani in the mirror.This temple is situated near chennai central railway station.He has written 31 beautiful songs praising  Lord Muruga.These songs are of very high standard.One has to study in original version of Tamil.Large number of commercial shops are surrounding this temple.Broad way,Kuralagam &Parry's corner are near by it.A lot of busyness men daily worship at this temple before starting their work.They are all attracted towards Vallalar, happily celebrating his important achievements in life.He told people that all were equal before God.All religions are equal & showing the pathway to realize God.Even though poor feeding existed before his arrival  to this world,he very much stressed the importance of poor  feeding.He insisted that no one should suffer from  hunger.His teachings were revolutionary similar to that of our freedom f…


Dear friends,i hope many of you would be viewing "Divine Friend".Here  i am presenting photos  of Sri.Ramalinga Adigalar,சத்திய ஞான சபை ( An octagonal  shaped temple with no idols-persons of all religions can assemble )His photo with Lord Nataraja  temple of  Chidambaram seen in the background,hand written manuscript of his poetic work praising God &printed version of the same &his  signature in Tamil).

Daily Kolam Design–2/ Free Hand Rangoli Patterns

Here is yet another interesting daily kolam design.This pattern may look confusing to you.But its really a simple one to draw if u practice.My neighbours used to ask my wife to teach this kolam whenever she draws it at our entrance.Technorati Tags: ,,,,,

Simple Daily Kolam Design-1/ Rangoli Patterns

Today i have shared my wife’s one of the daily kolam designs.Hope u all will try this.Next week i will share some simple & easy apartment kolam designs for beginners.

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Sri Sabapathy ,elder brother of Ramalingam was an expert in delivering religious discourses about 63  Saiva Saints(followers of Lord Shiva & whom  had personally seen Shiva & experienced His bliss).Their biography was written in poetic form called" Peria Puranam"bySri.Sekkizhar,   a learned gentleman & a minister of Chola kingdom.One rich business man by name Mr.Somu chettiar had arranged the discourse by Mr.Sabapathy.The discourse was arranged in the night hours so that much people  could listen to it after finishing their work.Mr.Sabapathy took with him Ramalingam to read some history pages in between his discourse.Then he was around nine years only.                              There was very good response & audience  to hear the discourse daily.One day Mr.Sabapathy suddenly became sick &could not go to the discourse.He was  so much worried as lot of people would be waiting there to hear  his discourse.So he asked Ramalingam  to convey this.Ramal…

Doll Rangoli/Bommai Kolam Design

Doll Kolam Design without dots .Here my wife has drawn 4 dolls to make a big rangoli.You can even draw only one doll for your everyday kolam Technorati Tags: ,,,,,,


Ramalingam stayed wih his brother's family in North chennai called" MINT"(தங்கச்சாலை).He used to go to  Thiruvotriyur temple daily from his home by walk which is 7 kms away.He was 12years old then.He was so much attracted towards Lord  Thigaraja &Goddes Vadivudai Amman ,he wrote numerous devotional songs praising their kindness towards all living beings.One day after worshiping at Thiruvotriyur temple,he returned very lately to his home around mid night.His brorher's wife waited for him to provide  food .As he has not returned till mid night,she was worried but thought he might have  stayed with some of his friend's house & might  come in the morning&went to sleep locking the door.Ramalingam found that the door was locked.He was very much hungry ,walking 14kms.He tried to sleep  in  the sit out near the  entrance (திண்ணை).But his hunger did n't allow him.Then he saw his brother'wife bringing him food,telling him not to wor…

Deer Rangoli Kolam Without Dots-Maan Kolam

Here is my wife’s beautiful Deer kolam with flowers.This Maan Kolam is a free hand drawing without dots.My Grand daughter Raksha( 8 yrs) is very much fond of this kolam and she used to draw by referring this kolam design. My wife usually draw this kolam on Maatu Pongal day.

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Pongal Kolangal With Celebration Pictures/Sankranti Rangoli Designs

Pongal festival is celebrated in Tamil Month “ Thai”  which usually falls on Januaury 14th.The day before Pongal festival is called Bhogi Pongal or Bhogi  Pandigai in Tamilnadu(India).This is a festival of farmers.Cultivation of paddy starts from the month of Aadi(july 3rd week) &harvesting is done during the month of Margazhi(december end).Short term veg.crops like country beans(avarai),thuvarai(pulse),root veg.called karunai kizhangu are available in plenty during this season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Harvested paddy bags & these vegetables reaches the farmer's house.All the relatives,  neighbors & farm workers are united in celebrating this festival."bhogi" means happiness.All the farmers celebrate  this festival in a grand manner.On  b…


I am sure ,those who have viewed my first posting(THIRUVOTRIYUR(NORTH MADRAS),would remember Lord Shiva's(Thiagaraja)role in Sundhara moorthy nayanar's life.Similarly Lord Muruga of Thiruttani,Thiruvotriyur Thiagaraja & his consort Thiripurasundhari(Vadivudai Amman) have played important role in the life of  Sri.Ramalinga adigalar who is fondly called as "vallalar" in Tamilnadu." ' Vallal' means who donates (food,clothes money )to poor people in Tamil.He was not a wealthy person.He had deep sympathy towards all living beings including animals &plants.His life period is before Independence of India(1823 AD-1874).He offered free food to everyone who visited him  in a free kitchen called "Sathia dharuma saalai".You should note the word 'sathia' which means truth.He advised people to synchronize three things .One should speak with an open mind which should result in good deed ,that is thinking,utterance&action .He insisted on no…


Freehand Kolam-Free Hand Rangoli Design-2

Here is a free hand kolam/rangoli design which u can draw for special occasions.My wife drew this yesterday for Bhogi .
Tomorrow i will share our pongal kolam

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The day before Pongal festival(Tamil month " THAI") is called Bhogi Pongal or Bhogi  Pandigai in Tamilnadu(India).This is a festival of farmers.Cultivation of paddy starts from the month of Aadi(july 3rd week) &harvesting is done during the month of Margazhi(december end).Short term veg.crops like country beans(avarai),thuvarai(pulse),root veg.called karunai kizhangu are available in plenty during this season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Harvested paddy bags & these vegetables reaches the farmer's house.All the relatives,  neighbors & farm workers are united in celebrating this festival."bhogi" means happiness.All the farmers celebrate  this festival in a grand manner.On  bhogi day whole house(both inside &outside)is completely c…

Peacock Kolam Design With Dots-Peacock Rangoli

Here is a beautiful Peacock kolam/rangoli design with dots which is simple and easy to draw.Check out the picture of dots pattern below.Hope you will find it easy !
19 dots upto 1

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Free Hand Kolam Designs - Dotless Kolam/Rangoli

Check out some of the free hand rangoli designs from our house entrance.You can draw these kolams for any special occasions,festivals or on Fridays.Soon i will share some small kolam designs for beginners
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4 Pongal Kolam Designs With & Without Dots - Sankranti Rangoli Designs

As Pongal/Makara Sankranti is around the corner, I thought of sharing my wife’s Pongal kolam designs.I hope these Pongal kolam designs will be helpful & easy to understand.As u all know,Pongal is one of the most important festivals for Tamil people.It is celebrated in the month of January (Thai in Tamil).Its a four days festival which usually takes place from January 13 to 16 i.e., the last day of the Tamil month Margazhi to the third day of Tamil month.Thai Pongal is celebrated all over India in various names like Makara sankranti,Uttarayana.Pongal 2015 falls on 15th of January ie Thursday.As a part of Pongal celebration,we draw different & colorful kolams on all the four days.So Check out my wife’s bhogi kolam & Pongal kolam pictures.Some of these kolam designs are with dots & some are free hand drawings for beginners.Hope u find it useful.
Wish u all a very happy Pongal/Makara Sankranti

Free hand Pongal Kolam

Pongal Kolam with Dots
17 x 7 dots 17 dots – 5 lines


Importance of Kolam - Significance of Rangoli- What Is Kolam

What is Kolam/ Rangoli - Kolam/Rangoli is called WAVE in English, the art of drawing a Kolam can be called as Waving.
Kolam is a drawing generally drawn at the entrance of a house, temple or any other building.Drawing kolam increases the creativity inside you.It has some medical importance too.This is a good old practice of South India. Dried rice flour is to used for drawing kolams which is served as food for ants.There are numerous traditional kolams patterns and lot more can be created depending on the creativity of the person who draws it, it is not drawn like a picture. Patterns are created based on certain systems. Drawing Kolam is practiced by women.Generally women get up early in the morning and clean the area just outside the entrances of their houses,sprinkle the area with water and draw the kolam by dropping the loose dried flour in a controlled way through their forefinger and the thumb.
Mostly the kolam patterns are created based on dots arranged in different types of gri…

Hello World

Hello friends,
Thanks a lot for visiting our space.Let me introduce ourselves to u all.I am Ramalingam, a retired executive officer from Salem Steel Plant ( SAIL).My wife Thiripura Sundhari is my home maker.I live at Salem(Tamilnadu)with my wife.My son Sendhil is married & settled in Bangalore.My daughter Rajeshwari is married & settled at Chennai.We have a lovely grand daughter of my son & handsome grandson of my daughter. We mostly spend time with them whenever possible.
My daughter Rajeshwari & my Daughter-in-law Chitra are running food blogs namely Rak’s Kitchen & Chitra’s Food Book. I am happy they are doing a good job in publishing our family’s traditional recipes in their blogs.My wife is well versed in drawing kolam & it has become her favourite hobby.Actually we got married in 1977.My wife took the responsibility of running the family from my mother.She has taken care of my parents very well till their last breathe.As we were residing near the school …

Thiruvottiyur Vadivudai Amman Temple (North Chennai)

In this thickly populated industrial city you can find a peaceful place to relax your mind.Popularly called "VADIVUDAI AMMAN  TEMPLE" (Sri.Thiagarajaswamy devasthanam),saints Thirunavukkarasar(appar),Sundharamoorthy  nayanmar,kalia nayanar,Pattinathar ,Adhi Shankarar &Vallalar Sri.Ramalinga Adigalar have worshipped in this temple.I would like to share an interesting happening in the life of Sundharamoortthy nayanar,hereafter let me  call him Sundharar.He is an ardent devotee of Thiruvarur Sri.Thiagaraja(Lord Siva).He has sung lot of poems  in  Tamil in praise of Him.He has lived there with his wife called Paravai Nachiar.Both of them are extremely devoted to Lord Siva there.They used to celebrate all the temple festivals there especially "thiruvathirai festival" which comes in the Tamil month of Margazhi , in a grand manner including free  offering of  food to all devotees  coming there.Sundharar  was not a landlord(not  owning any  agricultural land  & any…

Margazhi - The time that is matching both heaven & earth

Margazhi month(dec 14 th to Jan14) is ideal for worshiping God during early morning 4.00am to which is also called "Bramma Muhurtham". God's kingdom has several angels(devargal in Tamil).One year time of our earth(human beings) is equal to one day time for angels in heaven.Both humans & Angels worship God.But the timings are different for each of us.If you look at the monthly table  & timings given below you can  find the significance of this month.Our 12 months are 24 hours for Angels,that is 2 hours each month for them,
MonthTimeChithirai12 PMVaikasi2 PMAani4 PMAadi6 PMAavani8 PMPurattasi10 PMAippasi12 PMKarthigai2 AMMargazhi4 AMThai6 AMMasi10 AMPanguni12 AM
As also in Bhavat Geetha lord Krishna Says "Mathangalil nan Margazhi". I just wanted to share margazhi month sirappu/ margazhi month specialities with you :)