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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

Learn kolam free hand kolam

Friday kolam learn kolam new | புதிய வெள்ளிக்கிழமைப் படி கோலம்

Importance of Ratha Saptami - Learn kolam

Sunmoves slowly from north to south(dakshinayana)  &from south to north ( utharayana )  taking six months for each process.Our  saints discovered this astronomical fact thousands of years ago when there was no scientific development  in the world & shown to our people. They disclosed these facts.  . Some rituals were advised by them during this auspicious day,  beginning of climate change from winter to  summer . They asked to recite slokas before bathing, related to Sun God They advised people to hold     7எருக்கு இலை , அட்சதை ,அருகம் புல் , சிறிது கோமியம் அல்லது  பசுஞ்சாணம்     women should use turmeric powder instead of holy rice( atchatha), pouring the water over the head while starting bathing. 

शप्तशप्ति प्रिये ! देवि ! शप्त लोकैक पूजिते ! ।        शप्त जन्मार्ज्जितं पापं हर शप्तमि ! शत्वरम् ॥         यत् यत्  कर्मकृतं पापं मया शप्तशु जन्मशु । तन्मे  राेगञ्च शाेकञ्च माकरी हन्तु शप्तमी ! ॥ नौमि शप्तमि ! देवि ! त्वां शप्त लोकैक मातरम् । शप्ताऽर्क्क  पत्र श्नानेन मम पापं व्…