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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

Sikku kolam 5 dots 5 lines.

These are two types of sikku kolam with 5 dots & 5 lines.

Friday Padi Kolam for Festivals.

This is Friday Padi Kolam for festivals.

Varalaxmi Vratham Kolam - Varalakshmi viratham Rangoli Design

                                    This is Varalaxmi Vratham Kolam - Rangoli Design.

Sikku kolam with 8 dots.

         This is sikku kolam with 8 dots.Kindly follow the video & draw accordingly.  

Butterfly kolam.

                                               This is butterfly kolam with 5 dots 5 lines.

Sikku kolam with 2 squares in the centre.

                     This is sikku kolam with 5 dots & 5 lines with 2 squares in the centre.

Sikku kolam

                                              This is  sikku kolam with 5 dots & 5 lines.

Padi kolam.

                                                     This is padi kolam.Try this one.

Sikku kolam

                                     Sikku kolam with 5  dots 5 lines & one dot on 4 sides.

Free hand kolam.

                                                        Free hand flower kolam 

Sikku kolam

                                     Sikku kolam 8 dots 4 lines , 4 dots 2 line on both sides.

Sikku kolam

Apartment kolam.

This is apartment kolam .

Apartment kolam.

                                                This is apartment kolam with video.

Thiruppugazh lyric viragara nokkiyum.

This  Thiruppugazh song is  a special one.Vallimalai Swamigal who was instrumental in spreading Thiruppugazh all over Tamilnadu, personally hears this song from the friend of "Goddess valli"called " Pongi".He  came to  Vallimalai from Thiruvannamalai as per the instruction of His Guru Sheshadri Swamigal.He used to sing Murugan songs lonely in the hill top surrounded by thick woods.Sometimes wild animals like tiger would come there,snatch his thambura & listen to his songs.

விரகற நோக்கியு முருகியும் வாழ்த்தியும்
விழிபுனல் தேக்கிட        அன்புமேன்மேல்

மிகவுமி ராப்பகல் பிறிதுப ராக்கற
விழைவுகு ராப்புனை                  யுங்குமார

முருகஷ டாக்ஷர சரவண கார்த்திகை
முலைநுகர் பார்த்திப                  என்றுபாடி

மொழிகுழ றாத்தொழு தழுதழு தாட்பட
முழுதும லாப்பொருள் தந்திடாயோ

பரகதி காட்டிய விரகசி லோச்சய

பரமப ராக்ரம                                சம்பராரி

படவிழி யாற்பொரு பசுபதி போற்றிய
பகவதி பார்ப்பதி                தந்தவாழ்வே

இரைகடல் தீப்பட நிசிசரர் கூப்பிட
எழுகிரி யார்ப்பெழ  …

Friday padi kolam.

                                                 This is Friday padi kolam with video.   

Padi kolam

                                                     This is padi kolam with video.

Sikku kolam 5 to 5.

                                               This is sikku kolam 5 to 5 with video .

Easy Apartment Kolam 7 to 1.                                        This is an easy apartment kolam 7 to 1 with video.

Apartment Kolam - Free hand

                                      This is a free hand apartment kolam.Try this one.

Sikku kolam 5 to 5 with 1 dot on 4 sides.

Sikku kolam 5 to 5 with 1 dot on 4 sides.Try this one.

Sikku kolam ( 5 to 5 & 7 to 1 )

Top video 5 to 5 & bottom video 7 to 1.

History of Rameswaram temple - part 2.

Agni theertham (ocean near the temple)
Third prakara built by Ramanadhapuram Sedhupathi. Adhistanam of Sage Pathanjali at God Nataraja shrine.Photo above this - Idols of Goddess Parvadhavarthani & Sri. Ramanadha. Photo courtesy - Dinamalar magazine.New moon day darpanam done here during the Tamil  month of Purattasi( புரட்டாசி - மஹாலய  அமாவாசை  ) is a special one  &  our forefathers get the permission from Yama Dharma to visit the earth  from Pithur loga & gladly accepts the darpanam & blesses us.There are 22 holy wells  inside the temple prakara.Devotees can bath in it .Temple staff fetches  water in a bucket from the wells & pour it over the devotees head  .One has to start from Agni theertham.Some one raised  a doubt that how the Siva Linga made out of salt sand lasts as it is natural to get dissolved  during Abishegam time.Sri.Bhaskara Rayar , a well known Goddess Sakthi devotee made Sivalinga out of  salt & performed Abishegam to it & Sivalinga remain…

Sikku kolam 9 to 1.

Sikku kolam 9 to 1.

Sikku kolam different types

Sikku kolam 6 to 2 straight type.
Sikku kolam 5 to 5.
                                                    Sikku kolam 6 to 2 straight                                                          Sikku kolam 5 to 5.

Easy Apartment Kolams.

These are two apartment kolams with video. Try these two

Apartment kolam - flower design.

This is apartment kolam - flower design with video.Try this one

Aadi perukku procedure

"Aadiperukku" (ஆடிப்பெருக்கு - பதினெட்டாம் பெருக்கு ) is celebrated in the month of July - August,in the 18th day of Tamil month ஆடி.This year it falls on 3rd July.Normally Tamil month Aadi is considered very sacred in the South.Goddess Mariamman is worshipped in all places.During the Fridays of this month,special poojas are conducted in the temples glorifying Goddess sakthi.Temple festivals are conducted in both Shiva & Vaishnava temples.During 18 th day, idols ( உற்சவ மூர்த்தி )are decorated in a grand manner with flower garlands & taken in a procession to a near by river.sprinkling of holy water from the river is carried out with devotion.(தீர்த்தவாரி).During 1960 in my early child hood days, i have participated in these festival.We used to decorate a small wooden vehicle with 4 wheels covered like a temple tower (சப்பரம்),place a small idol in it , tying with a rope,drew it to the river bank.In the school also teachers & students make a vehicle in a bigger…

Apartment kolam A 1.

This is apartment kolam with video.Try this one.