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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

Festival Kolam

This is Navarathri Festival Kolam day 2.

Sringeri Sri.Chandrasekara Bharati Swamigal's teachings.

One devotee was speaking with Sri.Chandrasekara Bharati Swamigal ( Sringeri Mutt) .He commented that people in the world had become very bad .Swamigal replied"  the world is remaining  as it is ". If all all are good in the world ,we call it as "heaven".if bad,then we call it as "hell".As both good & bad  are combined together, we call it as "world ".Swamigal continued the speech.In Satya yuga Devas & demons lived separately.Demons were thinking that the body as the soul,& they tortured others because of their egoism(Ahankara).Devas were interested in pursuing spiritual path,having the aim of reaching or realising God ,applied their mind in devotion to God.Since they were in separate world ,there were no fighting in between them.During Ramayana period both of them lived in the same world.Ravana &  his associates lived in Lanka , where as Sri.Rama & his people  lived in Ayotya.Demons interfered in the life of Devas  & cau…

Festival kolam.

I worship Goddess Sakthi who manifests in the form of Wisdom ( Knowledge) in all living beings.
                                 This is Navarathri festival kolam - Day 1.
Slokam courtesy Dharma Chakram magazine(Founder  - Sri.Swami.Chitbavanandha - Tirupparaithurai - Tiruchi.)

Free hand kolam part 1 & 2.

                                               This is free hand kolam part 1 & 2.

Free hand Rangoli kolam.

This is free hand rangoli kolam

Free hand kolam Rangoli

                                              This is freehand kolam rangoli design.

Sikku kolam 6 to 2 straight.

                           This is sikku kolam 6 to 2 straight(centre kolam).Try this one. 

Sikku kolam with dots 11 to 1.

                          This is sikku kolam with dots 11 to 1 straight line.Try this one.

Friday Kolam - Padi kolam 2.

                                                   This is Friday Padi kolam.Try this one.

Free hand Rangoli Kolam.

                                          This is free hand Rangoli kolam.Try this one.

Free hand Rangoli kolam.

                                                  This is free hand Rangoli Kolam.

Sangu Chakra Kolam with dots.

                           This is Sangu Chakra Kolam with 7 dots 7 lines.Try this one

Kanva Maharishi's teachings.

Sages  lead most disciplined life.Most of them were married.They selected a natural location mostly by a river side surrounded by mountains to set their asrams( small huts made up of bamboos ).In addition to their routine life , they also taught Vedha Sastras to the students.Ruling kings & parents used to offer the essentials to run the asram.Their wives took care of the children  studying in the asram as if their own children.They have practised  what they preached.Speaking satyam (truth) is their strength & they feared none.Some rishis used to send their children to other rishi's asram .They thought that if they study with their parents,they may expect some lenience.Such were their honesty.Kanva maharishi was the foster father of Shakundalai  who married the king Dushyanta.The son of this couple  ,Bharathan was  a great warrior & honest king,He was the first ruler of our country.Our country was named after him -"Bharath".Kanva Maharishi tells the king Dusy…

Sangu Chakra kolam

This is Sangu Chakra Kolam.As today is first Saturday of Purattasi month,let us worship Sri.Laxmi Narayanan,Sri. Bhuvarahan, Alarmel Manga  thayar & Sri Govinda to bless us with  the required wealth & health & also Sri.Hayagreevar to provide our children good education.Let us pray Sri.Laxmi Narasimha,Ahobilam Yoga Narasimha to ward off doshas & evil forces from hurting us.There is no tomorrow in the history of Narasimha in protecting his devotees as we remember Bhakta Prahlada.Sri.Garudazhvar & Ramadoothan will  be  always  with us.

Friday Kolam - Padi Kolam.

This is Friday Kolam - Padi Kolam

Auvaiyar the great Tamil poet & God Ganesha

As we celebrate Ganesh Chadhurthi tomorrow ,let us think about the great woman poet Auvaiyar  who lived  during Tamizh sanga period ( C.E 1st century) along with the great poet Thiruvalluvar.After this period, Another  Auvaiyar ( woman poet) lived  during 13th century Chozha  kingdom along with poets Kambar & Ottakkoothar.Many are aware about "Kamba Ramayanam" written by  Kambar,the great literary work in Tamizh telling about the life history of "  Sitarama ",Hanuman & Ravana.Ottakkoothar used to sing for Gold coins . Auvaiyar mingled with  ordinary people of Tamilnadu.She  did not like rich people  who  were misers & did not  help poor people.She was  leading    a   saintly life.She  always travelled from one place to another .She was widely respected  for her talent in Tamizh language by the kings.Many a time she has acted  like an adviser between  kings  who were trying  to wage war with one another   & successfully stopped the war.It is  said t…

God Ganesha Kolam - Rangoli

This is God Ganesha kolam with dots 12 to  2.Try this one.Wish you all Happy Ganesh chadhurthi.

Rangoli festival kolam

                                                    This is Rangoli festival kolam  with video.

Ganesh Chadhurthi festival kolam

                                              This is festival Kolam(Padi Kolam)

Sikku kolam 8 dots 8 lines

           This is Sikku kolam with 8 dots 8 lines. Kindly watch the video & try this one.   

Padi kolam design 2015 - 1

Padi Kolam design 2015

                                                                     This is Padi Kolam.

Rangoli design 2015.

                                                      This is Rangoli kolam.Try this one.

Janmashtami celebrations 2015.

God Krishna's photo is the front cover page published in "Kumdam jyodhidam"- third one  from the bottom.Krishna is holding a whip in his right hand & left hand near the cow.You would appreciate his smiling face.This is Swami  idol in Mannargudi Rajagopala temple around 30 kms from  Kumbakonam & Thanjavur,In the 2nd photo from the bottom Little Krishna is offered in the banana leaf( from  left to right - Butter,milk.curd,rice flakes( கண்ணனுக்கு  மிகவும் பிடித்தது -
அவரது குருகுலவாச  நண்பனிடமிருந்து - சுதாமர் (குசேசலர் ) அழுக்கு  துணிப் பையிலிருந்து எடுத்துக் கொண்டது .முதலில் தூர்தர்ஷனில் ஒளி  பரப்பிய மஹாபாரதம் நிகழ்ச்சி நினைவுக்கு வருகிறது .கிருஷ்ணன் , தான்  அரசன் என்ற நிலையைக் காட்டாமல் குசேலன்னுக்கு ஓடி ,ஓடி உபசரிப்பது ,அரண்மனைக் காவலர்கள் ,மற்றும் ருக்மணி தேவி அனைவரும் வியந்து  பார்த்துக் கொண்டிருப்பது - இவை  அனைத்துமே இந்த அவலை
பார்த்தால் ஞாபகம் வந்து  விடும்.உடன் நம்  கண்களும் நனைந்து விடும் ),sweet porridge.owing to migration we are missing our grand child…

Janmashtami Kolam 2015.

                                         This is Janmashtami ( Sri Krishna Jayanthi ) Kolam

Gokulashtami kolam 2015 Sri Krishna Jayanthi.

                                     This is Gokulashtami Kolam ( Sri Krishna  Jayanthi )

Sikku kolam

                      These are two type of sikku kolams.Try this. 5 to  1 & 4 dots  4 lines.

Sikku kolam with 5 dots 5 lines.

                                               This is sikku  kolam with 5 dots 5 lines.