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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

Easy apartment kolam

Three easy apartment kolams are shown in the video.Watch the video & try this one.

Karaikkal ammaiar

Of  the 63  saiva  Nayanmars who spread Bhakthi culture in South India ,three were women.Punithavathi (Karaikal ammaiar),Mangaiyarkarasi(Queen of Pandia  King from  Madurai ) &Thilagavathi ammaiar - elder sister of  Thiunavukkarasar orஅப்பர். Punithavathi lived during 6th century  AC.She was born in a rich business family in coastal town of Karaikkal .From her childhood on wards she was a great devotee of God Shiva.She was married to a trader named Paramadattan of  a near by  coastal town  Nagapattinam.She was a well cultured housewife ,looked after her husband.She also used to offer free food to devotees of Shiva.One day his husband sent two mango fruits to Punithavathi, which he got from his friend.She kept one mango for her husband & gave another one to a  Shiva devotee.During lunch time,she served the mango fruit to her husband.He asked for another one.Now Punithavathi went inside Pooja room & prayed to Shiva to save her from the delicate situation.A mango fruit appear…

Easy padi kolam

This is an easy type padi kolam.Watch the video & try this one.

Traditional kolam with dots - video

Traditional kolam with dots - 11 * 6 - six sides 5,4,3,2 & 1- interlaced.

Free hand round kolam

This is free hand round kolam. Please watch the video & try this one.Bottom video is first part & top one final part.

Kaduveli Sidhar - Aakasapureesarar temple

Sri.Mangalambigai - Aakasapureeswarar temple

 Above three photos - Sri.Kaduveli sidhar - கடுவெளி  சித்தர்
Kaduveli is located in Thiruvaiyaru taluk in Tamilnadu.This also the birth place of sri.Kaduveli  Sidhar.He has performed hard penance towards God Shiva,in a place called Iraumbai near Puduchery Auroville.It is  a tiny village.This was earlier ruled by a king from near by place called  Edaiyaanchavadi.Our Sidhar was sitting under  a pee pal tree(அரச  மரம்) for a longer period & doing penance without taking any food.He stopped interacting with people concentrating on his penance.Ant hill covered him. Occasionally he would spread out his hands,pick up pee pal tree leaves fallen around him & ate it, not even opening his eyes .Owing to his longer,well focused tapas, lot of heat generated over that area,soon all the water sources went dry.There was no rain.People & the …

Friday padi kolam

This is Friday padi kolam.Please watch the video & try this one.

Dot kolam interlaced type with 15 * 8.

This is dot kolam, interlaced type.Watch the video & try this one.

Free hand rangoli kolam with bird ( cock )

This is free hand Rangoli kolam showing  a flower  surrounded by 4 the video & try this one.

The benefit of associating with holy persons.

Saint Naradhar  , one day asked  Sri.Krishna what is the benefit of associating with holy people. Sri.Krishna  did not answer him directly.He  asked the saint to go & look at a  worm in the cow dung just in the corner of the street.The saint went to the corner of the street & asked  the worm about  the benefit of associating with holy  persons.The worm listened to him,but died soon before the saint.When he informed Sri.Krishna about  the death of the worm,God asked Naradha to  see a cub of a pig near by.Naradha obeyed God's  instruction .Now the newly born cub also died .Naradha  felt sorry for  this incident.He  met Sri.Krishna & informed him about the death of the cub.Again  Sri.Krishna asked  Naradha to have a look at a newly  born calf of  a cow  nearby area.Hesitatingly Naradha went & saw the newly born calf.The calf also died.Now  the saint was so much worried & felt guilty that these things happened  just by his viewing  of them.Now Sri.Krishna told  Nar…

Free hand kolam

This is a free hand type kolam beginning with plus sign.Watch the video & try this one.

Peacock kolam ( free hand )

This is free hand type peacock kolam.Please watch the video & try this one.

Easy apartment kolam with dots.

This is easy sikku kolam with dots shown  step by step.Try this &  give us the feed back.

Easy apartment kolam without dots

Hi friends,Today's kolam is a very simple box kolam with some designs extended.You can easily draw this in your apartment entrance.Hope you don't need step by step pics or video for this :)

Friday padi kolam design

Here is a padi kolam design which my wife draws it usually on Fridays.This kolam can be expanded or reduced based on the size of entrance.Hope u like this deisgn.Try and leave your feedback here.We would be more happy :)

Easy apartment kolam using dots

In the above picture,u can find some simple and easy apartment kolam/Rangoli designs for beginners.I have given the details under each picture.Hope it is understandable :)

Bird kolam with dots 9 * 5 interlaced

Easy apartment kolam with dots

This is apartment kolam with dots 7 * 1 .Try this one watching the video.

The Greatness of Kasi.

Vedha Vyasa & his disciples(100 ) heard about the poor feeding system(அன்ன  தானம்) at Kasi Kshetra from the people.People praised  God Viswanadha & Goddess Annapoorani  that due to their divine blessing people living there are wealthy & doing this poor feeding regularly .Every one said the same thing to  Vyasa & his disciples after visiting Kasi. So  the saint & his disciples wanted to check whether it is true.So they reached Kasi in  night hours.Next day morning The saint &  his disciples went to different places in Kasi separately to verify the fact .Vyasa  entered  a street &asked food in a house.No one responded.House  after house,he  tried but in vain.From morning to evening no one offered him any food.He returned to the choultry  where  he found his disciples in a hungry state.They told him that no one offered them food.The saint told them that  they would get next day & not to worry about it.Next day  when people heard about Vyasa' s name the…

Friday padi kolam

This is Friday padi kolam.Watch the video , try this one & give us the feed back.

Free hand flower kolam with butterfly

This is free hand flower kolam with butterflies  surrounding it.Please watch the video,try this one & give us your feed back.

Easy Chariot,Lamp Kolam/Rangoli with dots for beginners

Hello friends,
Today's kolam is a very small chariot & lamp design for beginners.Actually this post was in my drafts for long time.So i thought of sharing with you all.My DIL who is a beginner in drawing kolam usually draws this on Thiruvathirai festival day.I have already shared two big chariot kolams.Check this & this links if interested.Hope this small chariot kolam & lamp design with dots will help you all :)

God Vinayagar kolam with dots & video

This is Vinayagar kolam with dots.(11 dots  one line with 9 * 2 lines, 5 * 2 lines, & one dot on both sides).Try this one,watching the video & also give us the feed back so that we can improve our presentation.

Bird & Flower type kolam video

This is bird & flower type kolam.12 * 2. First draw 12 dots & then 10,8,6,4 & 2 on either side.Try  this one watching the video & give us your feed back.

7 * 7 straight line flower kolam video

This is  7 dot 7 straight line type flower kolam with this & try .

Vedha Mantras

Many of us,when priests  recite mantras,could not understand the meaning of it.So it is better to learn certain mantras that are often recited.If possible learn Sanskrit to a basic level.Here two mantras are given.Sri.Ramakrishna mutt(Belur - calcutta & its related other state mutts),Tirupparaiturai Sri.Ramakrishna Tapovanam  are publishing Sanskrit translated Tamil books.திருப்புகழ் ,தேவாரம் ,திருவாசகம், திருப்பாவை,திவ்ய   பிரபந்தம் ,திருமந்திரம் இவையெல்லாம் தமிழ் மந்திரங்கள்.இன்றும் திருப்பதியில் ஆண்டாளின்  திருப்பாவைதான் காலையில் முதலில் ஓதப்படுகிறது. Sri.Ganapathy's picture from the  book" Thiruppugazh anbargal  New Delhi & Vedha Mantras from the book "Vedha Mandhirangal" authored by swamy Aasudhoshanandar .