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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

Free hand & dot type kolam videos.

These are free hand & dot type kolam videos.Try these two.Flower  kolam is interlaced type with dots 3 , 2 , 1.

Flower kolam interlaced type with dots.

This is an interlaced type flower kolam with dots 5 , 4 , 3 with video.Try this one.

Free hand kolam with video

This is a free hand kolam with video.Try this one.


This is free hand kolam  (Rangoli) with video.Watch the video & try this one.

Photos of Mysore Brindavan garden

These are pelicans in the Mysore zoo.

A visit to Mysore zoo.

Recently we visited Mysore zoo.I have shared with you some of the photos taken there.

Free hand bird kolam

This is a free hand bird kolam with video.Try this one.

Free hand flower kolam

This is free hand padi kolam.Watch the video & try this one.

Bird kolam with dots

This is bird kolam with dots 9 to 5 interlaced type.Watch the video & try this one.

Saint Naradha & a hunter

Once saint Naradha was going through a forest.Suddenly a robber came that way & caught hold of Naradha.He tied him in a tree hoping that he might rob some valuables from Naradha. Poor  man! What will be Naradha having with him.Now Naradha came to know from  him that he was a hunter & occasionally used to rob  persons crossing that forest.Now Naradha told the hunter that he was committing sins  for which he has to suffer later in his life.The hunter replied that he did not know any other profession, he  had parents ,wife,sons & daughters to look after.Now Naradha   told him that  it was his duty to protect them & asked him to go to to home , ask his parents , wife &  children whether  they would share his sins committed by him. Naradha assured him that he would be there in the forest & would not try to escape.Now the hunter agreed to this &  went to his home.When he first asked his mother whether she would share the sins committed by him.She  replied that it…

Free hand padi kolam

This is free hand padi kolam with the video & try this one.

Conch ( sangu ) kolam with dots

This is dot kolam of conch ( sangu ) design. 7 * 4 dots. Three ,two & one with 6 sides.Watch the video & try this one.

The life history of Adi Sankara (concluding part)

When he learnt that his mother was ill  & bed ridden Adi Sankara reached Kalady.The end time came .He prayed to Hari to bless her with moksha.  He has come there leaving his disciples , his relatives &  Nambudiri bhramins  opposed him as a sanyasi should not perform then the last ritual .As he could not take her to the burning ghat, he took her to the corner place in the backyard of his house. He placed plantain stems  covering her body & lit the  fire by his yoga power as they refused to give him fire. Sankara  proceeded to Kamarup the present Guwahati in Assam. There he defeated the famous shakta commentator Abinava Gupta.He later went to Joshi, built a mutt at Joshi & temple at Badri.He later reached  Kedarnath ,higher up in Himalayas.He became one with the Linga in 820 A.D in his 32nd year.We should always remember him  for his hard work in reviving Hinduism by establishing Advaita philosophy.At his period lot of other  religious faiths were threatening the very ex…

Free hand padi kolam

This is free hand type padi kolam.Watch the video & try this one.

The life history of Adi Sankara part 3

Photos from top:Torana Ganapathi Shrine 2.Sri.Chjandramouleeswara Lingam 3.Torana Ganapathi in gold Kavacham 4.Sri. Balasubramanya swami.Photo courtesy  - Sri.Sringeri mutt.Adi Sankara established four mutts in north,south  east & west of India.Joshi mutt,Sringeri mutt,Jaganath mutt (Puri) & Dwaraka mutt.He placed Sri.Trotakacharya,Sri.Sureswara  Acharya,Padma Pada & Hastamalaka as the  first heads of these mutts respectively.Of these,Sri. vidyaranya from Sringeri mutt is the  most famous sanyasin who  founded  Vijayanagara empire.The historical sacred throne of sringeri is called Vyakhyana Simhasana or seat of learning .Sri.Adi Sankara organized ten orders of sanyasins under the name Dasanami.The sanyasins end their names like Saraswathi,Bharati,Puri,Theertha,Giri,Vana & Aranya.Sankara was going along the street to take bath in Ganges.At that time a chandala was passing along the street with his dogs.sankara'S disciples shouted & asked the man  to clear off t…

Free hand kolam with duck & fish.

This is free hand kolam  with duck & the video & try this one.

The life history of Adi sankara part 2.

Photos from top: Sri. Sringeri shankara math - kalady, the birth place of Jagad guru Adi Shankarar. 2.Shirine of Sri. saradamba. 3.Kumbhabhisheka held at kalady in 1910. Photos from Sringeri math  web site with thanks                                                                                                               Sankara met Sri. Govinda pada Acharya at Badrikashram  in  Badrinath  & prostrated at the teacher's feet. When  Govinda Pada asked who he was , Sankara replied " O revered Guru" I  am not of the pancha bootha element but the immortal Atman (self) that is hidden in all names & forms . He  told him  that  he was son of Sivaguru, brahmin of kerala. I was brought by my mother when my  father died at my child hood.i have studied  Vedas & Shastras under a teacher. I took Apath Sanyas  when a crocodile   caught my foot in a river.Kindly initiate  me into Holy order of Sanyasa. Govinda pada was very much  pleased to  hear the truthful narration …

Easy Apartment kolam with dots

This is an easy apartment kolam with dots 9 to 1 .Please watch the video & try this one.

The life history of Sri.Adi Sankara

When we ask a Christian, what is their Veda;they would  immediately reply as "Bible" & similarly  a Muslim;"Quran" would be the reply".If somebody asks us (Hindus) many  of us would hesitate to reply what to tell  as there are several holy books.You can tell as "prasthana thrayam"(பிரஸ்தான திரயம்) .This consists of "Bhramma Sutra,Upanishads & Bhahavat Gita".It is learnt that Sri.Aadhi Shankara wrote a commentary on Bhramma Sutra by Veda vyasa. Upanishads  are explaining about our  Vedas to recognize God in our selves.There are number of Upanishads. If one studies "Bhahavat Gita" which was earlier told to Arjuna by God Krishna during Maha Bharata war, all the Upanishads are covered in it.                                      Sri.Sankara was was born in a very poor family(Nambudiri bhramin) in the year 788 A.D.His parents were Sivaguru & Aryamba.He lost his father at the age of 7.His mother Aryamba was an extraordinary w…

Padi kolam with dots

This is padi kolam with dots.6 dots 6 the video & try  this one.

Easy Apartment kolam - Free hand type

This is an easy apartment kolam.Free hand design.Try this one.

Thiruvasi Matrurai Varadhar temple(Near Tiruchirapalli) history.

This is one of God Shiva  temple on the northern river bank of Cauvery.( 62 ) Historical name is Thiruppalasiramam.Present name is Thiruvasi.God Shiva is called "Mattrurai Varadhar".Goddess is called Balambiga.It is said that she was  born to a trader by name Kamalan & done hard penance under the Vannia tree.Later Shiva gave Dharshan to Her & married  Her.Adikara nandhi appears  with his consort below the Rajakopuram tower.Vinayaga is called selva vinayaga.During 7th century this area was ruled by the king Kolli Mazhavan.His daughter was suffering from an incurable disease.Frustrated,the king leaves her in  this Shiva temple so that she is cured by the grace of God.Saint Sambandhar  was visiting this temple.On hearing this, the king was also there to receive him.He told  sambandhar  about her daughter's condition.Sambandhar then prayed to God Shiva & sung ten verses in Devaram.On hearing this ,God Shiva was delighted,immediately blessed the girl & she was…

Easy Sikku kolam

This is an easy sikku kolam with video.Try this one.