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Simple apartment Kolam with 5to3 interlaced dots.You  should keep 3 dots in six corners.Try this.

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This is an easy Friday Padikolam Design for beginners.Try  this one.


Thiruvillaku pooja
When we shared our friday pooja & Hridaya kamalam kolams, a reader asked me to share our friday pooja procedures in detail.So in this post,i have shared my wife’s method of doing Lakshmi pooja on Friday.I won’t say this is the authentic method.But my mom & my wife has been following this procedure for more than 40 years in our house each Friday.Now my daughter-in-law is also performing the same.In this post,i have written how to make Lakshmi poojai with Thiruvilakku poojai kolam,Hridayakamalam kolam and thiruvilakku pooja stotram/slokas along with 108 potri in tamil. i.e Archanai slokam in Tamil.I have tried my best to explain the pooja procedures.Hope u will find it helpful.I have attached all the sloka pictures from our book “ Jayamangala sthothram”. I have also typed the Shodasha upachara pooja sthothram in Tamil & English. If u want to use this pictures in your website,please ask our permission.Thanks for understanding.Please leave a comment here if its helpful for you.We will be more happy to know itHappy.Also leave your suggestions and share your method of doing this pooja.It will be helpful for everyone.Ok, let us see the significance of doing this pooja in our house.
Mahalaxmi Thiruvilakku Pooja is a special one and people can get various types of benefits if they do it in Tamil months from chithirai to panguni. Chithirai : Blessed with increased production of Pulses. Vaigasi : Blessed with Money Aani : Blessed with Marriage Aadi : Blessed with Long Life Aavani : Blessed with New Born Children Purataasi : Blessed with more Cows Aipassi : Blessed with Food Karthigai : Blessed with Moksha Margali : Blessed with Good health Thai : Blessed with Victory in life Maasi : Blessed with removal of sins. Panguni : Blessed with Dharma Thiruvillaku Pooja can also be done in Ammavasai and pournami days.( No moon & full moon days) . Please refer the picture for the benefits of doing this pooja in each Tamil month.
Source : Source for the above pic : From my Thiruvilakku poojai book 
Thiruvilakku pooja
Friday pooja kolam

Hridaya kamalamIn this pooja,we consider the lamp/thiruvilakku as Goddess Lakshmi.To make this pooja,we should do the following procedure and chant slokas.It takes one hour to chant to finish this pooja.Its better to perform this pooja before 10.30 am in Friday morning ( ie before raahu kaalam).Ok.Lets see how to make this poojai.

  • On Thursday night,wash the lamps properly and decorate it by keeping manjal,kumkum.No need to put oil & thread in it.

  • The next day morning,ie on Friday,draw some Padi kolam in your house entrance and draw the above kolam with hridaya kamalam in the center in front of your pooja room.

  • Put the thread and oil the lamp.Do not light it now.Just keep it ready.Keep the flowers for all the idols.

  • Prepare the neivedyam.U can make any payasam,kesari or sweet pongal for prasadam.

  • In a plate,keep the thambulam items(Vetrilai,Paaku,2 Banana,Coconut).Keep turmeric powder,Kumkum,Akshathai(Raw Rice mixed with turmeric powder) and 108 Uthiri poo( flowers) ready.

  • Now keep a plate or Manai( Peedam) over the kolam and place the lamp with five faces.

  • Keep the neivedyam prasadam and thamboolam plate along with Dhoop/Incence stick and camphor in a plate.Keep theertham(water) in the pancha paathram with utharini in front of the lamp and now light the lamp.Light all the five faces of lamp as shown in the picture below.
Thiruvailakku pooja

  • First light the incence stick and do the aradhana.Now sit in front of the lamp and start chanting the slokas.Start with Ganesha stotram and proceed with slokas given the below pictures.Read all the slokas given below by following the directions. Its about imvocating Goddess/ Aavaahanam seithal.  Chant upto “ Nanavidha mantra pushpani samrpayami”.
Thiruvilakku pooja slokas
Thiruvilakku pooja slokas
Aftre invocating God, do the vilakku archanai by reading the below stotram.Chant these 108 lines by flowers in the feet of lamp.U should put 108 petals of flowers or jasmine flowers leaf would do.You can also do kumkum archanai if u don’t get flowers.
Thiruvilakku pooja sthothram
Thiruvilakku Pooja stotram

  • After finishing the archanai show the dhoopam, dheepam, karpooram and do pradhakshinam & namaskaram as stated in the picture. If the image is not clear, please refer the mantra I have shared below.U can give thaamboolam for Sumangalis/married women and finish the pooja.It takes one hour to chant these slokas and finish the pooja.Its better to perform this pooja before 10.30 am in Friday morning.

  •  While showing dhoopam chant the below lines :
daśāṅgaṁ guggulaṁ dhūpaṁ sugandhaṁ sumanoharam
āghreyaḥsarvadevānāṁ dhūpo'yaṁ pratigṛhyatām ¶

  • While showing dheepam chant the following lines :
sājyaṁ trivartisaṁyuktaṁ vahninā yojitaṁ mayā |
gṛhāṇa maṅgalaṁ dīpaṁ trailokya timirāpaham ||
  • Next do the neivedyam :
nālikera khandadvayaṁ, kadalī phalaṁ, mahā naivedyaṁ  nivedayāmi
ācamanīyaṁ samarpayāmi

  • After neivedyam, do the Karpoora harathi / Dheeparadhanai :
pūgīphalaṁ samāyuktaṁ nāgavallīdalairyutam |
karpūracūrṇa saṁyuktaṁ tāmbūlaṁ pratigṛhyatām ||

karpūra tāmbūlaṁ samarpayāmi
nīrājanaṁ sumāṅgalyaṁ koṭi sūrya samaprabham
ahaṁ bhaktyā pradāsyāmi svīkuruṣva dayānidhe
mama samasta aparādha kṣmāpanārtthaṁ sarva maṅgala prāptyarthaṁ karpūra nīrājanaṁ darśayāmi
nīrajanātaraṁ ācamanīyaṁ samarpayāmi
mantra puṣpaṁ samarpayāmi
  • After showing the karpoora harathi, do the pradhakshinam ( circumambulation) 3 times by chanting the lines given below :
yāni kāni ca pāpāni janmāntarakṛtāni ca |
tāni sarvāṇi naśyanti pradakṣiṇapade pade ||
pade pade yā paripūjakebhyaḥ sadyo'śvamedhādiphala dadāti |
tāṁ sarvapāpakṣayahetubhūtāṁ pradakṣiṇāṁ te paritaḥ karomi ||
  • Now do 7 namaskaram in front of the lamp by telling the lines given below:
sarva maṅgala māṅgalye śive sarvārtha sādhake
śaraṇye trayaṁbake devi nārāyaṇi namostu te
  • After finishing the namsakaram, chant the devi slokha given below and finish the pooja
mātar namāmi kamale kamalāyatākṣi śrī viṣṇu hṛtkamala vāsini viśavamāta:|
kṣīrodaje kamala komala garbhagaurī lakṣmi prasīda satataṁ namatāṁ śaraṇye ||
udyat bhāskara saṁkāśaṁ sarvābharaṇa bhūṣitāṁ |
pāśāṅkuśa dharāṁ vande bhaktābhīṣṭa pradāyinīma ||
padma priye padmini padma haste padmālaye padma dalāyatākṣi |
viśvapriye viṣṇu manonukūle tvat pāda padmaṁ saṁnidhatsva ||
asmāt dīpāt, śrī bhuvaneśvarīṁ śrī mahālakṣmīṁ gṛhe praveśayāmi ||

Move the lamp slightly towards the east after doing the pooja. Now you can distribute the thamboolam to your friends & relatives if you have invited any married ladies to your house.
Please refer the pictures I have shared from the book form more clarifications.
Thiruvilakku pooja stotram
Thiruvilakku pooja stotram
Last but not the least,if u are not able to perform this pooja in the morning hours,u can light the lamp in the evening around 5.45 pm and sing the song given in the below picture.Some people follow this method too.But u should keep neivedyam,thaamboolam as stated above and do this pooja.Finish it with mangala harathi.
thiruvilakku pooja songs
Thiruvilakku pooja songs
Thiruvilakku pooja songs

Abirami Andhadhi the full history.

Before three hundred forty years,Saraboji Maharaja was ruling Chola kingdom with Thanjavur as its capital.During that period  one brahmin pattar(priest) lived in Thirukkadaiyur,one of the "ashta  veerattana sthalagal"where Lord Siva killed the  God of Death "yama" to protect his devotee Markandeya.After getting the nectar from the ocean of milk(திருப்பாற்  கடல் கடைந்து  தேவர்கள் அமிர்தம்  பெற்ற  வரலாறு )lord Vishnu placed the pot of  nectar in this place before distributing it to the Devas.Also the temple sung by Appar ,sambandar & Sundharar.It is learnt that the  pattar was a devotee of Goddess Abirami of this sthala.He used to worship Goddess Abirami from his childhood days.He was totally immersed in worshiping Her(Meditation)that he would be sitting near Abirami's Sannidhi always when he was grown up.He would kneel before all the ladies coming to the temple treating them as  Abirami.What  a noble thinking.But many misunderstood this & called him a mad  man.                                                                                                                             During the Tamil month of  Thai(January )people used  to take  a holy bathe  in the ocean near by  in new moon day.Poompugar or Kaviripoompattinam is the near by famous place from the Sanga Kala Period(B.C), a famous harbour where foreign  ships came in large number & traders & business people used to flock. Later the harbour  submerged  in  tsunami .During King Saraboji's period  it was  only a small harbour nearby Thirukkadaiyur.King Saraboji along with his council of ministers had gone to Poombugar on a Thai amavasyai ( new moon day).After taking a holy dip in the ocean there,they were returning.As Saraboji is a great Siva Devotee,he came to Thirukkadaiyur on his way to Tanjore.King & his ministers went to Abirami & Amrudhakadeswar temple.He was given  a royal welcome by the temple authorities & priests.They went inside & worshipped.When he went to Goddess Abirami sannidhi ,he spotted a brahmin sitting with closed eyes.He was attracted by the calmness in his face.After going round the prakara,he again saw him & asked the priests about him.One replied  him as  a very good devotee of Goddess  Abirami where as some one described him mad about woman.     
 Saraboji was interested in talking to him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The king neared him & asked the brahmin what day was it.As he was sitting ,the king bent towards him  & spoke in his ears.As the brahmin was in deep meditation ,he was visualising Goddess Abirami in a bright  light form(ஜோதி வடிவில்) , he replied that it was a full moon day without looking at the King.King Saraboji became angry & how carelessly he was saying that it was a fullmoon day.He shouted at him , he would wait till night time & if moon does not  appear, he instructed his ministers to hang him the next day& left the temple to his rest house near the  temple in anger.Due to the noisy situation around  him the brahmin opened his  eyes & other priests around  him told about the king's  question to him& he has replied to the king it  as a full moon day in stead of new moon day & told him about the death sentence to him if moon  does n't appear on that day.They felt sorry for him & also afraid of talking to the King .                                                                                                                                                          Now  the brahmin realised his fault & thought of Goddess Abirami.He dig a big pit  in the ground outside the temple  ( யாக குண்டம் ) &  erected a wooden  pole supported on both sides above the pit.He placed a wooden plank tied by hundred  strings of co co  nut coir ropes. He created a large fire in the pit below the hanging wooden plank.He mounted the plank  &stood over the plank . He started singing Andhadhi songs about Abirami( பாடலின்   கடைசிச்  சொல் அடுத்த  பாடலின்  ஆரம்பமாக வரும்).After invoking Kalla varana Vinayagars blessing in  a prayer song,he  starts the first song about Abirami with the Tamil word  "உதிக்கின்ற".After completing each song,he began to cut one string of the hundred strings he is hanging from.He wanted Goddess Abirami to  appear before him & save from the dangerous situation   he is facing.( death sentence).He has been cutting one by one string after each song. Below him is a heavy fire burning.He started the 79th song.Only some 21 strings are supporting his Swing.&78 strings were already cut.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     விழிக்கே    அருளுண்டு   அபிராமவல்லிக்கு  வேதம்  சொன்ன ,                          வழிக்கே  வழிபட  நெஞ்சுண்டு எமக்குஅவ்  வழிகிடக்கப்                                       பழிக்கே  சுழன்றுவெம் பாவங்களே செய்து பாழ்நரகக்                                           குழிக்கே  அழுந்தும் கயவர்தம் மொடென்ன  கூட்டினியே.  (  7 9)                    People were looking at the battar   worrying that he may  have to face the death sentence tomorrow. Suddenly Goddess Abirami appeared before the  pattar & took one diamond ear ring from her ear & floated in the sky.The ear ring appeared like a full moon in the sky.She told the pattar that she made his  faltered words to the King, true now & he should complete the remaining 21 songs.Pattar completed the remaining songs& ended his last(100th) song as உதிக்கின்றவே.Now the full moon was shining in the sky.King Saraboji was standing in the top floor of his royal rest house.He saw the Full Moon  now & remembered  Pattar's reply to him.He climbed down & went to the site where  Pattar was standing.He folded his hands as a gesture of respect to the  Pattar & begged his pardon.He & the public realised what a great  man was him.The king immediately ordered his ministers to donate lot of  agriculture lands from his kingdom for the rest of his life.The  Pattar thanked Goddess Abirami & the king.From then onwards he has been Called as Abirami  Pattar .                    

Apartment Kolam/Rangoli with 7 to 4 Interlaced dots

Here is yet another simple 7 to 4 dots apartment kolam with interlaced dots.Try this one.Draw the dots as shown in the sketch & then proceed.

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Mahabaradha- Drona,Dhrupada,Arjuna,Lord Krishna & Sudhama.

Drona was the son of Rishi Bharadwaj.He and prince Drupada of Panchala country  learnt from Rishi Bharadwaj in Gurukula(Vedic school conducted in olden days in an Ashram where children from various places stayed together & taken care of by the ashram Rishi & his wife including there food).Drona & Drupada became friends.Drupada  promised Drona that he would help him when he becomes the king.Later Drona got  married & a boy was born to him.But they became so poor that he found it difficult to feed his child.At least if he had a cow ,he can feed his child with cow's milk .Earlier during their studying period in Gurukula,Drupada has promised to give him half his kingdom.Remembering this he went to Panchala country where now Drupada has  become the king.After the soldiers told king Drupada that a poor Brahmin is waiting to see him,who says that he is your friend, Drupada asked the soldiers to let him in.                                                                                                                During the same period, Krishna was learning from Sandeepani Rishi in a gurukula.There he met   a brahmin boy Sudhama who became his close friend.After the studies they parted.Later Krishna became the king of Dwaraka.Meanwhile Sudhama got married &got several children.They became very poor. Sudhama's wife came to know that Krishna was a close friend of  Sudhama & he was the king of Dwaraka.So she asked his husband to seek the help of his friend Krishna  who was a king then.Sudhama felt  very shy to ask his friend Krishna any help & after lot of persuasion from his wife ,he agreed to meet his friend Krishna to seek help.He took a handful of rice flakes in an old cotton  bag which is a favourite food  of Krishna.After a long journey he approached  the guards in the entrance of Dwaraka palace.He was wearing an old  dhoti.Guards were surprised to learn that he was a friend of their King.They informed Krishna about Sudhama .Krishna immediately rushed  to Sudhama leaving his important kingly activities.He met Sudhama at the entrance & hugged him ,took him inside his palace .He introduced him to his wife Rukmani.He asked his servants to take care of him very well.He  searched Sudhama &grabbed the old cotton bag,ate his favourite rice flakes,while sudhama felt very shy as he could not bring any sweets & costly gifts to his friend.Rukmani was also surprised to see Krishna happily eating  rice flakes.                                                                            In panchala palace,Drupada asked Drona why he came there. Drona told him that he got  married& having a son &told about his  poor condition.He reminded Drupada about their studies  in Gurukula & his promise of  giving him half of his kingdom.He asked him just a cow to feed his child & not his land.Drupada laughed at him & replied that friends  should be equal in status & how a poor  man like Drona & a King like him be friends.He sent him back empty handed even though he could have helped him taking into account the promise he gave to his friend during their studies.He also ridiculed him & told him that if he came next time to meet him, he would be driven away.Drona returned home empty handed.He took his wife & son to Hatinapur in search of  a job.There Pandavas & Guaravas(princes)   were playing outside the palace.There wooden ball fell into a well nearby.They were hopelessly looking at the well to retrieve the ball.Drona saw this ,took back the ball with  arrows from a bow.Princes were over joyed at this & told their grand father Bheeshma about this.Bheeshma as an  expert in  bow & arrow  applications,found the talent in Drona &Immediately appointed him  as his grand children's Teacher  to teach them Dhanur Vidya.He was given  a good home & all other facilities.So Drona became comfortable & his  family was happy.                                                      After few days of  his staying at Dwaraka ,Sudhama told his friend Krishna that he was returning to  his native where their family would  be waiting for him.He felt shy & did n't ask his friend any help.Rukmani asked Krishna  the direction  at which Sudhama's house was located & looked at that direction.Sudhama returned to his village.He was surprised to see lot of well built bungalows & neat roads  rich  people roaming there in his village.He reached his house where a  well built modern bungalow was there.He saw a rich lady wearing gold jewels  coming out of his house & kneeling before him in respect.To his surprise  that  was his wife.His children were playing wearing costly dresses.Then only he remembered his friend  Krishna & His Wife Rukmani(Goddess of wealth).The Whole village praised Sudhama & told him that because of him & Krishna only they  all have have become rich.Sudhama & his wife were in tears thinking of Krishna.                                                                                                                     Drona taught Pandava & Guarava princes Dhanur Vidya very well.After completion of the training   ,students they have to offer  Gurudhaksina ,a honorarium (gift containing money & other articles) to their teacher.Arjuna ,the Pandava prince became the favourite student of Drona & learnt all the war techniques .When he tried to offer Gurudhakshina his teacher Drona requested  Bheeshma to send Arjuna with him. They went to Panchala & on the way told Arjuna,how he he was humiliated by king of Panchala &asked Arjuna to defeat him in a war with his teachings.Arjuna obeyed his Guru & defeated Drupada in the war & he was  tied in a chariot   & taken to Hatinapur  as  a slave of Drona.Now Drona instructed  his old friend to part  with half of his kingdom.So there is no other way for Drupada except to part with his kingdom.He was humiliated.                                                                          

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These are five different type of simple apartment kolams,try your  choice.

Thirupugal song explanation(Thimira udadhi)

Coming to this earth as a human being is not in our hands.(Arunagiri nadhar always longs for salvation,a big relief for human beings after several births.)If we count  our births,he  says, it  is even bigger than counting sand particles of the seven big seas.He jocularly refers that as  an"Avadharam" which means descending to this earth from heaven.Normally God only takes avadharams as you all are aware of Rama,Krishna &totally ten avadharams of Lord Vishnu to protect this  world &people.After taking many births as living beings & human,then only we realize this. Many saints who knows the truth,wants to guide us  in this regard as they have avoided  rebirths.If at all, i have to be born in this earth again, kindly do this to me.How cleverly he asks Lord Muruga for the sake of whole mankind.You see this in Pazhani Thiruppugazh.We don't know what & how to ask the Lord because worldly things are very  small things which  you can not posses for for a long time when comparing  to avoiding births.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        திமிர வுததி யனைய நரக
     செனன மதனில் ...... விடுவாயேல்

செவிடு குருடு வடிவு குறைவு
     சிறிது மிடியு ...... மணுகாதே

அமரர் வடிவு மதிக குலமு
     மறிவு நிறையும் ...... வரவேநின்

அருள தருளி யெனையு மனதொ
     டடிமை கொளவும் ...... வரவேணும்

சமர முகவெ லசுரர் தமது
     தலைக ளுருள ...... மிகவேநீள்

சலதி யலற நெடிய பதலை
     தகர அயிலை ...... விடுவோனே

வெமர வணையி லினிது துயிலும்
     விழிகள் நளினன் ...... மருகோனே

மிடறு கரியர் குமர பழநி
     விரவு மமரர் ...... பெருமாளே                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               If at all i have to be born in this earth,Oh my Lord, please let me born without any short comings like deaf,blind & other  physical disabilities,exempt me from poverty.I should be born  with  very good personality with good wisdom in a very decent cultured family.Finally bless me with your divine grace.

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These are five different types of simple apartment kolams.Choose & try which ever you like.


This is a free hand apartment kolam.You The above kolam can be drawn in four different types as shown in the picture.

Thirupugal-Valli(jeevatma) & Lord Muruga(paramatma)

வாசித்துக் காணொ ணாதது பூசித்துக் கூடொ ணாதது
     வாய்விட்டுப் பேசொ ணாதது ...... நெஞ்சினாலே

மாசர்க்குத் தோணொ ணாதது நேசர்க்குப் பேரொ ணாதது
     மாயைக்குச் சூழொ ணாதது ...... விந்துநாத

ஓசைக்குத் தூர மானது மாகத்துக் கீற தானது
     லோகத்துக் காதி யானது ...... கண்டுநாயேன்

யோகத்தைச் சேரு மாறுமெய்ஞ் ஞானத்தைப் போதி யாயினி
     யூனத்தைப் போடி டாதும ...... யங்கலாமோ

ஆசைப்பட் டேனல் காவல்செய் வேடிச்சிக் காக மாமய
     லாகிப்பொற் பாத மேபணி ...... கந்தவேளே

ஆலித்துச் சேல்கள் பாய்வய லூரத்திற் காள மோடட
     ராரத்தைப் பூண்ம யூரது ...... ரங்கவீரா

நாசிக்குட் ப்ராண வாயுவை ரேசித்தெட் டாத யோகிகள்
     நாடிற்றுக் காணொ ணாதென ...... நின்றநாதா

நாகத்துச் சாகை போயுயர் மேகத்தைச் சேர்சி ராமலை
     நாதர்க்குச் சாமி யேசுரர் ...... தம்பிரானே.

In the above Thiruppugazh,Arunagiriar describes how difficult to  realize God for an ordinary man who is covered by illusion when he is born in this world.I have written about this in my  earlier posting.Vallalar describes this in his master piece"ARUT PERUN JOTHI AHAVAL" how maya is preventing us from  knowing God(This is explained in  my previous posting published on  3rd  Feb 2015( The divine light shown  on the full moon day at Vadalur(T.nadu -S.A dt)&he has described how to overcome these difficulties In his"JEEVA KARUNYA OZHUKKAM"  which is also published in my earlier posting.Realization of God is not possible by reading books,by doing poojas(worshiping). indescribable by words,unknown to impure minded persons & impossible to dislodge from good minded(in heart) devotee.Maya can't catch hold of God(it is his servant) .Some persons try very much hard by controlling their breathe called Kriya Yoga & awakening Kundalini  Power to realize God but  then God  eludes them.With out knowing the straight ways-it  is difficult to know him.That was the million dollar question  youth Vivekananda asked every one.Only Sr.Ramakrishna Pramahamsa ,his Guru answered his question  & made him realize God.Arunagiriar requests Lord Muruga to teach him  the  correct way to realize Him (மெய்ஞானம்)as he is the Guru for Siva( Swaminadhan) explained in Swamimalai Thiruppugazh.Swamy Krupanandha Variar who is an expert in Thiruppugazh, Siva  & other Puranas explains this very  beautifully.Arunagiriar  gives a hint when singing about Valli (consort of Muruga).Valli is jeevathma like us.If we are matured enough like Valli(sincere thinking of God& a strong desire to  unite with him neglecting worldly desires)Murugan(Paramatma)himself would come in search of us &unite with Him).Valli guarding millet farm-We have to drive away  desires(valli driving away  birds).Share with you many things in forth coming posts.

Friday, 20 February 2015


After end of Sri.Rama's coronation at Ayodya(after defeating   Ravana & bringing back Seetha)Sugreeva,Angadhan,Jambavan started to return  to their palaces.Hanuman stayed in Ayodya as he never wanted to be separated  from Sri.Rama.Now it was the turn of King Vibeeshana to leave from Ayodya.He was in tears as it was Sri Rama & Hanuman when he was driven out by his brother Ravana who  accepted him as he was from the enemy camp amid  objection  from  Vanara king Sugreeva.Even  before crossing the Sedhu Samudram & dethroning Ravana, Rama crowned Vibeeshna as the King of Lanka.He might  have thought  these things in his mind.Rama gave him their family Deity Lord Ranganadha to Vibeeshana & asked him to take it with him advising not to place it  on the earth until he reaches his palace at Lanka.Vibeeshana was returning to Lanka flying towards South direction to reach his destination.When he was over Srirangam,he wanted to go to bath room.&descended near the island formed by Rivers Cauvery & Coleroon (காவிரிக்கும் ,கொள்ளிடத்திற்கும்  நடுவில்  இருக்கும் ஸ்ரீ ரங்கம்).He saw a small boy standing there.He handed over the idol  to him asking him to keep it with him &requested  him not to place down as it is very Holy one.The boy agreed  but  with one condition that he would keep it & count numbers 1,2 & 3 at intervals before which Vibeeshan should get back from him.But it happened so that the boy counted the numbers & placed the  idol on the earth to the dissatisfaction of Vibeeshan .Vibeeshan tried to lift it but could not.So he chased the boy where as the boy ran towards a hill near by & climbed to the top of the hill.Meanwhile Lord Ranganadha told Vibeeshana that he likes the place very much & wants to stay there, however he assured him that he would look towards Lanka           ( southern direction)always.The boy who came there is none other than Lord Vinayaka.He stayed at that hill top & which is later called as Uchi Pillayar Koil(உச்சி  பிள்ளையார் கோயில்).Right below that a temple is carved  ( Pallava  cave temples) by ealier king.It is dedicated  to   Lord Siva.During olden days a young girl  got married & lived at Tiruchirappalli.She was the only child of an old lady who stayed away from Tiruchi. In due course ,the young married girl became pregnant & and her mother assured  her that she  would be by her side during the baby delivering time &that time also soon came.The matter was conveyed to  her mother.She was travelling towards Tiruchi from the other side of Cauvery.It  became  very dark & night time.There was a heavy flood in Cauvery.It could be crossed only by a boat,But the boat men refused to run the boat as it was very dark & heavy flood.The old woman was much worried that she could not  reach her daughter by that night itself & prayed to  Lord Siva to protect her  daughter&thought that she could reach the other side by tomorrow morning,To her relief,the flood got receded by the next day morning & reached her daughter's house.She saw her daughter with her new born baby & told her even though she  tried to reach her in time,she could not cross the river due to flood,But her daughter replied,what are you talking,you came here yesterday night  itself &you were with me &helped me in delivering the baby.Now that old lady realized that it was lord Siva himself  who came there in her  disguise &took care of her daughter.When her daughter & others came to know about that they were all in tears & began to praise Lord Siva & from that day on wards He is called Thayumanavan(தாயுமானவன்) the person who became a mother to protect a pregnant girl.That is why Manicka vasagar praises Him as the person better than  a mother who  feeds her child with her milk,


This is a free hand sketch.You can draw in your pooja room or at the entrance.

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Apartment Kolam/Rangoli With 7 to 4 Interlaced Dots

Apartment kolam with dots
This is a small 7 to 4 Interlaced ( sandhu pulli) Kolam/Rangoli.Its apt for drawing in apartment entrances.You can draw it in a simple way as given in the second drawing or u can improvise like third drawing by extending it.

Thiruppugazh song(Swamimalai) - 2.

Let us look into Swamimalai Thiruppugazh song.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  சரணகம லால யத்தை அரைநிமிஷ நேர மட்டில்
     தவமுறைதி யானம் வைக்க ...... அறியாத

சடகசட மூட மட்டி பவவினையி லேச னித்த
     தமியன்மிடி யால்ம யக்க ...... முறுவேனோ

கருணைபுரி யாதி ருப்ப தெனகுறையி வேளை செப்பு
     கயிலைமலை நாதர் பெற்ற ...... குமரோனே

கடகபுய மீதி ரத்ந மணியணிபொன் மாலே செச்சை
     கமழுமண மார்க டப்ப ...... மணிவோனே

தருணமிதை யாமி குத்த கனமதுறு நீள்ச வுக்ய
     சகலசெல்வ யோக மிக்க ...... பெருவாழ்வு

தகைமைசிவ ஞான முத்தி பரகதியு நீகொ டுத்து
     தவிபுரிய வேணு நெய்த்த ...... வடிவேலா

அருணதள பாத பத்ம மதுநிதமு மேது திக்க
     அரியதமிழ் தான ளித்த ...... மயில்வீரா

அதிசயம நேக முற்ற பழநிமலை மீது தித்த
     அழகதிரு வேர கத்தின் ...... முருகோனே.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I am unable to  concentrate on your  lotus feet even for half a minute. I am a foolish person born in this world with sins &  confused  lot due to lack of wealth . Why are you not blessing  me& what is the faulty  thing   i have done &  tell me at this moment  ,  Oh, the child of Lord Siva dwelling at mount Kailash, At  this moment itself,bless me with  a  respected long  comfortable wealthy life of Yoga &true knowledge that fetches liberation .O my Lord having  a  sharp  spear.You have given me a valuable rich language of Tamil literature to praise You daily about your reddish lotus feet .You are a courageous soldier alighted in a Peacock.You are in  the abode of Palani hills of miraculous things  & Dwelling  at beautiful Thiruveragam(Swamimalai)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    பெருகாத லுற்ற தமியேனை நித்தல்
     பிரியாது பட்ச ...... மறவாதே

பிழையே பொறுத்து னிருதாளி லுற்ற
     பெருவாழ்வு பற்ற ...... அருள்வாயே

குருவா யரற்கு முபதேசம் வைத்த
     குகனே குறத்தி ...... மணவாளா

குளிர்கா மிகுத்த வளர்பூக மெத்து
     குடகா விரிக்கு ...... வடபாலார்

திருவே ரகத்தி லுறைவா யுமைக்கோர்
     சிறுவா கரிக்கு ...... மிளையோனே

திருமால் தனக்கு மருகா வரக்கர்
     சிரமே துணித்த ...... பெருமாளே.                                                                                            In this song you can see  how Muruga teaches the meaning of "OM"  to Siva.அரற்கு means To  Lord Siva.குகனே  means  Murugan- who lives in our heart  of cave .குகை - cave. The poet calls him as the  child of Goddess Uma(Parvathi ,consort of Siva) Thiruveragam is  near by river Cauvery,surrounded by  cooler groves.கரிக்கு means Vinayaka ,his brother. He also calls him as the nephew of Lord Vishnu-திருமால்.(மருவே செறித்த). He requests Lord  Muruga to forgive his mistakes &bless him  to always remember   your holy feet & to lead a great  holy life.This temple is at Kumbakonam.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Hirudaya Kamalam Kolam With Video & Stepwise Pictures

Hridaya kamalam

Last week,when i shared our Friday's Lakshmi Pooja Kolam,i had mentioned about this Hrudaya kamalam.I had also promised u all for a detailed video post.So here it is.Before going to the video,i will share the significance of this kolam.I referred few websites & came to know some interesting information.Lets see what they are Happy.

Significance of Hrudaya Kamalam
Hirudaya Kamalam is said to be the auspicious kolam/Rangoli which is drawn in front of Pooja Mantap/Room mostly for Friday’s Maha Lakshmi Pooja.Hridaya kamalam is a lotus obtained by joining 16 petals.It is drawn to ensure success & wealth. This is prevalant in Tamilnadu.It contains the letter Sri at the centre, five dots at equal distances is put above this letter 'sri', 5dots below, 5 dots horizontally on the right and another on the left. Similarly at each diagonal 5 dots are put.Then they are joined by a single line so as to appear as petals of a lotus flower.Flowers are arranged around this lotus form and while lighting the holy lamp Matha Mahalakshmi is invoked and assumed to occupy the centre of the Lotus where the letter 'Sri' is written. Devotees offer pojas and chant mantras on Mahalakshmi and pray for her blessings.The Hridaya Kamalam kolam is like a Tantra, with the Yantra and a beeja mantra in the centre. This type of kolam is sacred and one has to take care that it is never trampled on.
To pray Mahalakshmi the consort of Mahavishnu on this lotus rangoli (hrudaya kamalam) makes the environment a divine one and every one feels blessed by the Goddess.This culture is also seen in Andhra, Karnataka and Kerala.
Source : Yahoo Answers &
To draw this kolam, first keep 11 dots vertically & from the 6 th dot,keep 5 dots in all the 5 sides as shown in the picture.Join 1,3,5 and from 5 th dot join 2,4.Follow this sequence.Please refer the video & image below.

Hridaya Kamalam

Please check the video link here :


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Thiruppugal song(Swamimalai) - 1.

In this beautiful song sung in 4th camping place(நான்காம் படை வீடு - திருவேரகம் என்கிற சுவாமி மலை) Arunagiriar requests the most essential things that are required for a man to lead a comfortable life.Not only worldly comforts but also the wisdom to realize God &get salvation.See how he is requesting Lord Muruga.Before that let us look into an interesting happening. One day God of creation-Brahma goes to meet Lord Siva at  Mount Kailash(Himalayas),He sees Child Muruga & thinks that he is only a small boy with little wisdom.Without acknowledging him he gets the permission from Nandhi Devar(Bullock Faced faced person who is acting as a security officer for Lord Siva-He is not an ordinary person.He has learnt  Holy hymns from Lord Siva Himself &he can fight an army as a single person & is called a symbol of Dharma -  all good deeds)to meet Lord Siva.Brahma returns after meeting Siva, sees Child Muruga,Muruga just asks Brahma,the creator of world,what is the meaning of the word "AUM"(ஓம் )which is an important mantra associated with creation of this world.Brahma falters &could not explain the meaning for this & gets a light beating in his head  from  Child Muruga.Murugan puts him in a jail & takes over the job of creation from Brahma.This is brought to the knowledge of  Murugan's  father Siva,Siva asks his son why Brahma was jailed & Muruga replies that brahma does n't know the meaning of " AUM".Then Siva asks his son Muruga whether he knows the meaning for"ஓம்" . Muruga tells Siva that it should be told properly as  an elderly teacher(குரு )teaches his  student.So Siva takes a student's position & The child tells  the meaning of  "ஓம்"  in his father's ears.Siva as a father was pleased to know his child's expertise in Holy Hymns.From then on wards,Child Muruga was called as"Swaminadhan"(Guru  to God himself).This is represented in the place" Swamimalai" a temple constructed in in an elevated place from the ground level.Murugan is fond of dwelling in hilly places.Then Brahma was released from the jail & handed over his  job of creation.In later days demon king Sura padman also under evaluates the power of  Muruga as a child & you  know what happened.Let us see this incident through our saint's Thiruppugazh song. Let us see it in the next posting .

Apartment Kolam With Dots- 5,4,3 Interlaced( With step by step pics)

Apartment kolam designs

Here is a small apartment kolam/Rangoli design with dots.The details of the dots with the steps are given in the picture below.Hope its easy to understand.Feel free to leave your suggestion.Thanks Smile

Simple apartment kolam

Simple Apartment Kolam/Rangoli Designs

Yesterday i posted a complex Sikku kolam for Maha shivaratri.So today,i thought of sharing a simple Apartment kolam.Its a very easy kolam for beginners.Of course its not with dots but still u can draw it easily as its just a box design.My wife had drawn it as zig zag lines.U can draw a simple straight line instead.Try this kolam for tomorrow morning :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Thiruppugal song (Siruvapuri or Siruvarambedu) - 2.

As i told you earlier,Arunagiriyar was so much impressed when he has visited this Siruvapuri Lord Muruga if you go through his Thiruppugazh songs,you will be delighted.  

சிறுவ ராகி யிருவ ரந்த கரிப தாதி கொடுபொ ருஞ்சொல்
     சிலையி ராம னுடனெ திர்ந்து ...... சமராடிச்

செயம தான நகர மர்ந்த அளகை போல வளமி குந்த
     சிறுவை மேவி வரமி குந்த ...... பெருமாளே.
                                                                                                                                                                      Small two boys  fought  against  Rama armed with his arrow & bow supported by a huge army with  big elephants , conquered them at this place.You are residing in this  place similar to that of  Kubera ( person who posses all the wealth )&you liberally bless your devotees with riches.                                   அண்டர்பதி குடியேற மண்டசுரர் உருமாற
     அண்டர்மன மகிழ்மீற ...... வருளாலே

அந்தரியொ டுடனாடு சங்கரனு மகிழ்கூர
     ஐங்கரனு முமையாளு ...... மகிழ்வாக

மண்டலமு முநிவோரு மெண்டிசையி லுளபேரு
     மஞ்சினனு மயனாரு ...... மெதிர்காண

மங்கையுட னரிதானு மின்பமுற மகிழ்கூற
     மைந்துமயி லுடனாடி ...... வரவேணும்

புண்டரிக விழியாள அண்டர்மகள் மணவாளா
     புந்திநிறை யறிவாள ...... வுயர்தோளா

பொங்குகட லுடனாகம் விண்டுவரை யிகல்சாடு
     பொன்பரவு கதிர்வீசு ...... வடிவேலா

தண்டரள மணிமார்ப செம்பொனெழில் செறிரூப
     தண்டமிழின் மிகுநேய ...... முருகேசா

சந்தமு மடியார்கள் சிந்தையது குடியான
     தண்சிறுவை தனில்மேவு ...... பெருமாளே.
                                                                                                                                                                       In the above song ,  Arunagiriyar tells that because of you Devendran ,the chief of Devas got back his lost  empire. Advancing demons lost their lives.Devas were rejoicing as they were kindly protected .Sankara(Lord Siva) who competed in  a dance competition  with Goddess Kali is  too happy. Vinayaka( Muruga's brother) & their mother Parvathi (also the mother of whole universe) are  also in a happy mood.Entire universe & people in the eight directions along  with Devendran & Brahma( God of creation) were rejoicing at your vision . God Vishnu with his  consort Laxmi is pleased to see you.You should come to me  mounting in your  mighty  peacock as you appeared  before them.You have got lotus eyes &are the bride groom of Deiyvanai ( daughter of  Devendran )) ,a person full of  Divine wisdom & most powerful  shoulders.You have destroyed  the demon  in the form of mount  Krouncha  in mid sea with your shining  spear  due to the impact of which  sea tides rose high. You are a person of cooler chest  with a golden complexion & a lover of Tamil literature .You always  resides in thoughts of your   devotees . You should note that in the beginning of this beautiful song,Lord Muruga restores the lost kingdom of Devendra &  make him enter his palace &In the end of the song, he always resides in the thought of his devotees.As  the total song describes Lord Muruga  along with  related Gods & Devas in  a happier mood,All devotees who have learnt Thiruppugazh songs used to sing this when they  enter a newly built house so that  they can enjoy  their whole life  happily. Even persons who have not   learnt  Thiruppugazh can invite  Thiruppugazh singing devotees &  listen to their  songs ,Lord Muruga would be delighted &bless  them& there is no doubt  in it ,  

Maha Shivaratri Chariot Rangoli With Dots- Chikku kolam


Chariot kolam with dots

Here is yet another interesting chariot kolam design with dots for Maha shivaratri.We call it as sikku kolam.We are in Bangalore.So my wife drew this in my son’s apartment entrance for today’s festival.I have given the details for dots below.Hope it is understandable.

Dots details – From top 1,3,5,7,9,11

In the middle for pillar – 3 dots 4 rows

In the bottom – 11,9,7,5

Chariot kolam designs


Monday, 16 February 2015

Thirupugal Song(Siruvapuri or Siruvarambedu) - 1.

In Ramayana ,after defeating king Ravana, Sri.Rama brings back Seetha & returns back to Nandhi gramam where his brother Bharadhan was waiting to hand over the kingdom  to Sri.Rama.Rama hugs him &all of them return to Ayodya  where coronation of Sri.Rama was done by Saint.Vasishta.After that King Rama (Raja Raman)lives with Seetha happily & rules Ayodya for a long time.Two sons were born to these divine couple.They were named as Lava & Kusa .They were brought up by Saint.Vashista &Seetha in an Ashram of Vashista in a remote place.Due to unavoidable circumstances Seetha was sent to Vashista by King Rama to the Ashram of Saint Vashista.As they were in a remote area Rama  was not aware of his children's birth.They grew up in the Ashram &taught all Vedha Sastras including Dhanur Vidya(art of using bow & arrow  which is equal to modern missile technology).Saints doing penance for the welfare of the people were given special boons by Lord Siva,Vishnu & Bramma.They were more powerful missiles equivalent to present day nuclear missiles.The saints in turn gifted them to the noble kings who were advised not to misuse them for their personal purpose & should be used to protect Mankind.Lava & Kusa learnt all these arts effortlessly from Saint Vashista & their mother Seetha.                                                                            King Rama decides to perform "ASWAMEDHA YAGA" for the welfare of his kingdom. A horse is decorated &sent over to all countries,where smaller kings pay respect to  this horse &accepts the superiority of the King who is conducting this holy yaga( A holy process invoking the blessing of God with lot of rituals usually conducted by great saints & King's Royal Teacher called Raja Guru).If any king who stops this horse's procession will be defeated by king who is  conducting this yaga.When the horse from Ayodya came near Vashista's Ashram,they were captured by Lava & Kusa.This was informed to Rama &an army  was sent to Ashram place to take back the horse.That was defeated by Lava & Kusa.Laksmana ,Bharadha brothers of King Rama were also defeated by Lava & Kusa.Lava & Kusa were fighting their father's army without knowing it.Rama also sent Hanuman,most powerful monkey who helped Rama to defeat Ravana & bring back Seetha.Hanuman single handedly crossed the ocean surrounding the present day Srilanka & entered  Ravana's  palace,finds Seetha's place hidden by king Ravana,assures  a dejected Seetha that Rama is camping near the Ravana's  island & soon they will invade Lanka & take her back.As promised to Seetha,Rama crosses the sedhu Samudra(the palk straight between India &Ceylon) by a bridge built by Hanuman's team & captures Lanka after killing Ravana.Rama installs Vebeeshan brother of Ravana as the king of Lanka.Brings back Seetha & became the King of Ayodya.Through out this  period Hanuman stays with Rama &When Rama offers a place in Vaikunadam where Lord Vishnu stays after Ramaavadhara ending,Hanuman refuses this offer saying that he would like to stay in this earth where the name of Sri,Rama is repeatedly recited by sages & people, he  would like to hear the name of Rama nama always & Hanuman is called a Chiranjjevi( a person who always lives without facing death).Every where in India there are temples for Hanuman as a honour to him & he always help & protect those who recite the name of Rama.                                                                                    Back to the history the most powerfull Hanuman was also defeated by Lava & Kusa.So King Rama himself came  & fight with this children without knowing that they were his own.Seetha & sage Vashista come to the battle field.They find Rama  there &ask Lava & Kusa  to stop the war as Rama is his father.They obey their instruction &all of them are reunited.The place where Lava & Kusa fought with Rama is called "சிறுவரம்பேடு "orசிறுவர் அம்பு எடு in Tamil(small children taking bows & arrows for fighting).This incident has taken place in a place  near Chennai called "Siruvarambedu".This happening is told by Saint Arunagiri in his famous Thiruppugazh songs at this particular place where a temple is constructed for Lord Muruga.Let me share with you the importance of this temple & it's Thiruppugazh in my next posting.

Shivaratri Rangoli-Maha Shivaratri Kolam

12 Dots( 4 lines)  upto 4 direct dots

Here is the simple kolam with dots for Maha shivaratri festival.For this kolam,u should keep 12 dots for 4 rows & then u should keep direct dots leaving one in both sides upto 4 dots.Try this kolam for tomorrow’s festival & let me know how it came Smile

Thiruppugal Swamigal(Valli Malai)

வள்ளிமலையில் திருப்புகழ் சுவாமி ( சச்சிதனந்தா)  தனது குருநாதரான  சேஷாத்ரி சுவாமிகள் ஆணைப்படி ஆசிரமம் அமைத்து முருக வுபாசனை  செய்து வந்தார்.அவர் 40 வயது  வரை  படிக்காம லிருந்தவர்.திருவாவினன்குடி (  3 ஆவது படைவீடு )அருகில் மலைமேல் வுள்ள பழநி மலை முருகனை ,கடும் வயிற்று வலியினால் பாதிக்கப்பட்டு அவருக்கு தெரிந்தவர்கள்,பழநி முருகன் அபிஷேகப் பாலைப் பருகினால் குணமாகும் என்று கூறக் கேட்டு தரிசிக்க வந்தார்.அவர் இரு திருமணங்கள் செய்து கொண்டவர்.அதில் ஒரு மனைவி மற்றும் சில பிள்ளைகள் இறந்து  விட்டனர். இவரும் மீளாத  வயிற்று வலியினால் மிகவும் மெலிந்து தான்  வுயிர்  பிழைப்பதே கடினம் என்ற நிலையில் இன்னொரு மனைவியுடன் பழநி வந்து தங்கி முருகனுக்கு அபிஷேகம் செய்த பாலை மட்டும் பருகி வந்தார்.சிறிது காலத்தில்  முருகனது  அருளால் அவரது நோய் முற்றிலும் நீங்கியது. அது முதல் முருகப்பிரானுக்கு சேவை செய்ய  வேண்டும் என்ற பேரவா அவருள் எழுந்தது. அப்பொழுது ஒரு பெண்மணி பாடலுடன் முருகன் சந்நிதியில் அபிநயத்துடன் ஆடுவதைக் கண்டார்.படிக்கதவரான அவருக்கு    அது என்ன  பாடல்  என்று தெரியவில்லை.அருகில் இருந்தவர்களிடம் விசாரித்ததில்  அது  "திருப்புகழ்" என்றும் முருகனின் பெருமையைச் சிறப்பித்துப்  பாடுவது  என்றும் கூறினர்.அந்த பாடலைக் கேட்டவுடன் அவர் கண்ணிலிருந்து  தாரை  தாரையாக கண்ணீர்  வந்தது.அந்த பாடல் திருசெங்காட்டங்குடி என்ற தலத்தில் அருணகிரிநாதரால் பாடப்பட்ட திருப்புகழ்." சிங்கார ரூப மயில் வாகன நமோ நமன ,கந்தா குமார "" சிவ தேசிக நமோ நமன "என்ற அடிகள்தான் சுவாமிகளின் வாழ்க்கையையே முற்றிலும் மாற்றியது. அது முதல் தமிழ் மொழியைக் கற்கலானார்.பழநியிலிருந்து மேற்கு மலைத் தொடர் வழியாக பலமுறைக் காட்டுப்பாதை வழியாகத்  தன்னந்  தனியே நடந்து சென்று குற்றால அருவியிலிருந்து அபிஷேக நீரைக் குடத்தில் தலையில் சுமந்து வந்து கொடுத்தார்.திருப்புகழைச் சிறிது சிறிதாகப்  படிக்கலானர். அதன் பிறகு அருணகிரி அவதரித்தத் தலமான திருவண்ணாமலை வந்தடைந்தார்.திரு.சேஷாத்ரி சுவாமிகளையும் , திரு.ரமண  பகவானையும்  சந்தித்தார்.அங்கு  தங்கியிருந்த போது அவரிடம்  திருப்புகழ் கேட்ட சேஷாத்ரி சுவாமிகள்" எனது யானும் வேறாகி எவரும் யாதும் தானாகும்  இதய  பாவனதீதம் அருள்வாயே "என்ற திருப்புகழ் அடிகளையே அவருக்கு வுபதேச மந்திரமாக வுபதேசித்து சுவாமிகளை வள்ளிமலைக்குச் செல்லுமாறு  கூறினார்.சுவாமிகள்  பெரியவர்கள் இருவரையும் பிரிந்து செல்ல தயங்கியபோது ,சேஷாத்ரி சுவாமிகள் தான் அங்கு வந்து அவருக்கு தரிசனம் கொடுப்பதாகக் கூறியதால் வள்ளிமலைக்குச்  சென்று தங்கினார்,அருணகிரிநாதர் தமது திருப்புகழில்  பூமியின் மேல் மூன்று இடத்தின் மேல் முருகனின் பாதம் பட்டது என்பார். ஒன்று அவர் தலைமேல்.மற்றொன்று வள்ளிமலையிலும் ,இன்னுமொன்று திருவிடைக்கழி (திருக்கடையூர்  அருகில்) என்னும் தலத்திலும் ஆம்.                                                                                                                                வள்ளிமலையில் அவர்   தம்பூரா மீட்டிப்  பாட முயலும்போது வள்ளியின் ''தோழியாகிய "பொங்கி " என்னும் பெண்மணி அவரது காதில் என்ன  இராகம்,தாளத்தில் எந்தெந்த திருப்புகழை  எப்படி பாடவேண்டும் என்பதைக் கூறியதாகக்  கூறுவர்.சுவாமிகள் திருப்புகழ்  பாடும் முறையைத் தொகுத்துத் தமிழகம் முழுவதும் திருப்புகழ்  பாடி பக்தி நெறியைப் பரப்பினார்.ஆங்கில வருட  முதல்  தேதியன்று  வெள்ளைக்  காரர்களை  சென்று பாற்பதைவிட திருத்தணி முருகனாம் தமிழ்க்  கடவுளை தரிசியுங்கள் .அவன்  நமக்கு எல்லா  நலன்களையும் அளிப்பான் என்று  செய்து காட்டியவர் ,இன்றும்  சென்னையிலிருந்து  டிசம்பர்  31ம் தேதி இரவில் திருத்தணி முருகன் கோயிலுக்கு  தனி  ரயில் செல்கிறது.ஆன்மீக புனித பயணக்கட்டுரை ( ஆனந்தவிகடன்) எழுதிய  திரு. பரணீதரன்  அவர்கள் வள்ளிமலையைப்  பற்றி    சிறப்பித்து   கூறியுள்ளார்.சில வருடங்களுக்கு முன்  கோயில் சீரமைப்பு  வேலை நடை  பெற்ற போது  மலைப்படியை  சரி செய்யும்போது  கடப்பாரையால்  வேலை ஆட்கள்  படியைத்  தூக்கியுள்ளார்கள். அது  சமயம் படியின்  வுட்புறம்  பத்மாசன   நிலையில் ஒருவர்  தவக்கோலத்தில்  இருந்ததைக் கண்டவர்கள் அங்கு திருப்பணி செய்த பெரியவர்களிடம் தெரிவிக்க சாம்பிராணி புகையுடன் தென்பட்ட  யோகியை நிஷ்டை  கலைக்க  வேண்டாம் என்று  அப்படியே  படியுடன் மூடிவிட்டதாகக்  குறிப்பிட்டுள்ளார்.இன்றும் திருவண்ணாமலை , பர்வதமலை,கஞ்சமலை(சேலம்),சதுரகிரிபோன்ற  இடங்களில் சித்தர்கள்  கண்  மறைவாய்  வுறைகிறார்கள்.                                                                                                
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