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Peacock Kolam-Bird Rangoli Designs

Hello friends,
We are very happy that our facebook page has reached 1200+ fans.We would like to thank u all for the support and encouragement.To celebrate this happy moment,here is a peacock rangoli design/Mayil kolam for you all.Its a free hand sketch.You can draw this by practice.Soon i will share a very simple peacock kolam for beginners.

Bird rangoli

kanchamalai siddhar koil photos salem

I have included photos related to Kanchamalai Siddhar  Temple.kanchamalai siddhar koil photos salem(Thanks to Hr&ce Tamilnadu)
 Shows the  general view of the Kanchamalai  Siddhar Temple with hills in the background.

 Shows the small pond where stream water underneath Siddhar sanctum is collected.People add  salt or jaggery  pepper in small quantity into the pond & take a holy dip in the pond & gets cured their skin disease.Even though salt & othes are added by large number of people into the pond,its quality not affected as stream water continuously flows into it & water overflow s always & let into  a stream  below.Photos below show the idol of Kanchamalai  Siddhar & tradion  of Sidhar parampara.(சித்தர் பரம்பரை நந்தி தேவர் முதல் தொடங்கி திருமூலர் பின்னர் காலங்கி கஞ்சமலை சித்தர் மற்றும் அவரது  சீடரான பழனி மலை போகர் வரை )

 Shows the full view of  Kanchamalai having Iron ore.This mountain  runs 10 kms from west to east starting from Siddhar temple & situated very near to Salem -Erode rail track.It is also  said that Paranthaga chola king collected & utised the gold ore availabe here to build  a golden roof  at Chidambaram Nataraja temple.Kancham means iron & also gold in tamil.The temple & its  surrounding spreads to area of 60 acres.

Easy Apartment Kolam with dots

Easy apartment kolam with dots-Joker.Draw this following the dots in the sketch.

Kancha malai kalangi Siddhar part 2.

Kancha Malai Kalangi Siddhar is in "Jeeva Samadhi" in the Siddhar Koil,  also called as "Amavasai koil" by locals.He is sitting in a veerasanam pose.Anointment is  done around 12 noon by  a brahmin sivachariar.He comes in wet condition after  taking   a holy dip in the stream near by the temple.There is   a   pond  near the temple in which mineral water containing iron is filled up  from  a stream coming from the sanctum of  Siddhar.As the water is  flowing continuously  underneath the sanctum  into the pond , water is coming out as a stream near the temple into long distance. A number of wells are available near by the stream.Local people come here from morning to evening daily .After taking the bath,they visit  Siddhar Sannidhi.On  new moon days thousands of  devotees visit here waiting in along que.Farmers,businessmen & locals throng this temple.They take their new vehicles,two & four wheelers,heavy vehicles including lorries here & perform pooja.There is another temple in the hill top around 3000 feet high called "Mel Siddhar Koil".Here Sivalinga with  naga prathishta & Vinayagar are worshipped.As Siddhar became young taking the rice cooked in the hill,locals after climbing this hill , bring  rice & vessels from the plains,cook the rice with stream water ,after lighting  a fire  with  the available dry sticks,offer it to God & Siddhar,distributes it & eat it as prasadam.As  kanchamalai contains iron ore,there is not much trees .Only bushes are here & there.You can see the rock & stones look like  a rusted iron.They are also heavier  than ordinary stones.There is also  a temple further ahead of Mel siddhar koil  after another fifteen minutes walk (called Saptha  kannigai or madhas).Here some holes around one feet dia &  3 feet depth are carved in the rock.Water for anointing is taken from here.This  place is slightly inclined & several herbal tree like plants are available.Each one is different from others. I have visited mel siddhar  temple &  kannimar temple several times during no moon days.We used to climb around  7 am & reach  mel  Siddhar temple by 8.30am.We have to only walk & no motorable road.we used to bath in  a small  stream flowing continuously  from the hill towards downwards.Water is crystal clear & very cool.You will feel very fresh & no need for any hair shampoo.One feel disconnected from the routine hectic life.The huge mountain,extremely silent atmosphere,no two wheeler or 4 wheeler.Some time locals bring transistor radios. No cell phones.This is 25 years ago.We would climb down around 11.30 or 12 noon.Getting down takes only an hour & comparatively easier.                                                                                                    A  Temple for lord Muruga was constructed near Siddhar temple around 1960.It is well maintained & is  in a small hill. You can  have a panoramic view from the temple towards Salem steel plant (Sail) in the plains).Earlier it was  started in 1981 & planned to introduce reverse integrated steel plant.Earlier Stainless sheets from 6 mm  to 0.5 mm were rolled out  with mirror like finishing with cold rolling mills ,with annealing & pickling lines.Later on Hot rolling mill & steel melting shop for  producing steel slabs added.Any how they have not gone for iron ore mining & blast furnaces.Earlier plan is take iron ore from Kancha malai .Later dropped citing less percentage of iron ore content.But one British collector posted in Salem district,resigned his job, transported iron ore from here to   portonovo Harbour by bullock cart (Parangipettai  in between  Chidambaram & cuddalore),melted  iron ore in  cupola furnace there & made steel girders.They were transported thorough ships to London .  Those beams are still in a bridge in london  with mark of  Salem dt.This is Published later in Hindu news paper.    The mineral water in the pond near the temple,stream cures skin diseases.Everyone coming here to worship get their problems solved &  you would always want go there & love to have the dharshan of Siddhar.  I took my wife,son & daughter(below ten years) around 1989 to mel siddhar temple.We took also vessels & rice.Had a holy bathe,prepared  Pongal rice  with stream water & offered to Siddhar.After  visiting here only I constructed a house of my own with  the blessing of  Kanchamalai Siddhar.When i came here in 1982 june from north Madras(Thiruvotriyur) of which my first posting in this  blog  is published.My Guru (Sri.T.N.Manickam ,Managing trustee of Thiruvotriyur Sanmarga Sangam) told me to  visit this temple .He has got vast knowledge of Siddhars life & quote them to us .Everyone visiting this  temple  has their life  elevated & shown correct  path.Visit any Siddhar's temple & get their blessing. I am not exaggerating .You will surely experience there bliss.Share me your experience.On the full moon day of  Tamil month Chithrai(சித்திரா பௌர்ணமி ) , special festival is celebrated here to honor Kanchamalai Siddhar by locals & devotees.Later  a temple for Goddess Kali is also constructed & maintained well by the devotees.There are frequent bus services   available from Salem new bus stand.This is well connected by roads.The legend is that famous  Tamil poet Avvaiyar got the "black amla fruit"(கரு  நெல்லிக்காய் ) by the King  Adhiyaman who  ruled Kongu  Nadu consisting of Dharmapuri,Salem, Erode & karur districts then from this Kancha malai.That amla  fruit is said to have  the property of  increasing the life period of the takers.I 'll add some photos related to kancha malai Siddhar Temple in my next post .

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Festival Kolam

Free hand festival kolam.Those who resides in apartment may choose the centre one omitting the outer circle if you have space constraint,  in both Kolams.Try this kolams for Panguni Uthiram.

Kancha malai Kalangi Siddhar

 Many  of you might have heard  about 18 Siddhars whom were well known across  South  India.Among them "Thirumoolar " is a mighty  Siddhar who is said to be present in B.C period. Actually,they are ever living people,(eternal)who have conquered death.Vallalar has said  about this in "Thiruvarutpa"songs.He has informed his devotees about this in an invitation letter publicly saying that he would disappear in  a shelf & asked his disciples to lock him on the Tamil month of Thai(Jan- Feb)on a full moon day  coming in  the star of Poosam(1874).He also told them that he would not be visible to their naked eyes if they open the shelf.After a few days,South Arcot district collector(British) ordered to open the doors of the shelf & could not find him.This was recorded in the gazette.However Vallalar assured his devotees he would be available in an invisible form & be always ready to help the true devotee.Thirumoolar is the  direct disciple of Sri.Nandhiheswarar(Personal aide of Lord Siva) who learnt  all the Sivagama Sastras from Lord Siva himself.Nandhi Devar taught this to true Siva devotees &Thirumoolar is one among them.He has written "Thirumandiram" a holy book which contains every thing that are required for a human life.He has even described the growth of child in a mother's womb. The intricacies of baby formation,   other details of physiology  of human beings,about diseases & cure like  a specialist doctor.                                                                                                 One day  a Guru & his aged disciple were camping in Kanjamalai (Salem  -Tamilnadu).They were in search of   a kaya kalpa medicinal plant  which is a rare herbal available in  hill areas only  that keeps  a man always young .Guru asked his  aged disciple to cook rice for the lunch & went for bathing near by stream.Even today you can find natural  streams flowing down from the hill even during hot summer.The disciple collected the dry firewood, & natural stream water.He lighted a fire ,boiling rice in a mud pot.After some minutes,he  picked up a stick near by & started stirring the  rice for some time  still it is fully cooked.Then he noticed that the  whole rice in the pot turned into black colour.Thinking that it should not contain any unwanted material for intaking,he wanted to test it before  offering it to his Guru.So he took  some cooked rice & tasted it.He found the taste normal except the colour.He was little bit worried & removing the black coloured rice,he prepared new rice for his Guru.On  return,Guru could n't found  his aged disciple & found  a young lad( இளம் பிள்ளை) near the spot where he left his disciple.He asked the young lad,where is the old man standing here gone.Then the lad  knelt  before his Guru & told him that it was him only.Now the Guru recognised his student & asked what he has done& how he has become all of a sudden younger.The lad replied that while cooking rice he  took a stick there to stir the  boiling rice & it went black.To confirm  it does n't contain any poisonous thing before offering it to you,i ate some rice  & found it normal.Now the Guru asked where he has poured the black rice &  ate some of  it.He also become very young & now both of them stayed in  a nearby place which is called "இளம் பிள்ளை " even today.The Guru is none other than Kalangi Siddhar  a direct disciple of " Thirumoolar".We  will see the remaining things in the next post.

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Easy apartment kolam with dots

Apartment kolam two types.Follow the dots shown in the  sketch.Try this.

The power of illusion (maya).

Once Lord Krishna & Saint Narada were walking in a river bank.Suddenly Narada asked Bhagavan Krishna that he  wanted to know the power or strength of "Maya".Krishna did n't reply immediately.In stead ,he asked  Narada to fetch him drinking water as he felt  thirsty.The river was empty.Narada noticed a hut on the opposite bank of the river.Asking Krishna to wait, he rushed to the  other side of the bank.He found the door closed.He  knocked at the door.A young beautiful girl opened the door.On seeing her,Narada immediately asked about her father. She took him  to the back side of  the house where  her father was doing some house work.Narada after meeting her father told him that he very much liked her daughter & want to marry her.After looking at Narada for a while, her father thought he was a suitable groom for his daughter & agreed to marry her to him with one condition.That he should stay with him after marriage &  help him in cultivating his  lands.Narada agreed to this & he got  married to  that young girl.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        As agreed, he stayed  there,helping his in law.On seeing his helping nature & affection towards her , the newly married girl loved her husband very much.They led a  happy married life.Soon a girl was born to them.Later boys & girls were born to them .Suddenly there was a heavy flood in the river.Water began to enter their house.It washed away bullocks ,carts everything in its way .Now Narada mounted one of his children around his head,another two in his  shoulders,one in his hip & caught hold of his  beloved  wife in a hand, tried to cross the  river to a safer place.As the flood water rose above his head level,his child in the head was carried away in the flood & also other children he was holding.He was holding strongly his wife's hand for some time.Now the flood force was so much ,he  was washed away towards the other side.When he stood up,he could n't find his wife & lost every dear ones in the flood.It was  a great shock to him,when he walked in the other river bank,Narada saw  Krishna standing before him  & asked for the drinking water.Now only   it all came into his memory that Krishna asked him to fetch drinking water ,how  he crossed the river.Now he knelt before  Krishna & asked him to free him from the clutches of "maya" . Krishna smiled at  Narada that he only asked  about  the strength of maya.Narada replied to him ,Enough Krishna, i 'll never ask about it .All born in this world are caught hold of  Maya.Only great saints  were able to  free themseves with  Bhagavan's grace.Vaishnava saint Nammalvar is called " sada Gopar" one who got angry towards" Jata  Maya" immediately on coming to this earth.பூமியில்பிறந்தவுடன்  "ஜட   மாயயைப்  "  பார்த்து , கோபித்ததால் திரு .நம்மாழ்வாருக்கு  ஜட கோபர் (சட கோபர் ) என்ற பெயர் வந்தது என்பர். If we surrender to God  completely,he will help us.How  Krishna is always helping Pandavas is well known to us . So we need not worry about maya & let us get hold of His lotus feet   strongly  as Saint   Manickavasagar  has said, சிக்கெனப் பிடித்தேன் -எங்கெழுந்தருளுவ  தினியே.                                                                                                     

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Easy apartment kolam with dots

Apartment kolam with dots 5,3,1.Try this observing the sketch shown.

Sri Rama Navami 2015

"ஸ்ரீ  ராம ஜெய ராம ஜெய ஜெய ராம ஸ்ரீ ராம ஜெய ராம ஜெய ஜெய ராம "                                                                                                                                                                                      "Sri  Rama  Jeya  Rama Jeya Jeya Rama Sri Rama Jeya Rama Jeya Jeya Rama "                                                                                                                                                                                           Let us chant this Rama Nama  as much as possible on the "Birth Day " of  Sri. Rama today . We would automatically think of Sri. Rama Doothan  as Sri.Anjaneya himself wants to be called  in this name ,when we chant Rama nama.I think of Sri.Velukudi Krishnan who is doing a wonderful job by  telling Ramayana,Mahabaratha,Srimad bhahavat geeta &srimad bhagavaham in a simple way.He is taking devotees to holy places where these events took place in olden days.When we look in the videos with his explanation we feel as if we were there with him.Ramayana has everything the man requires in his life to follow.How a son should respect & obey his parents,how to behave with brothers,how to treat fellow human beings,how to follow the path of Dharma,how to  lead a married life,how to honor friendship,how to tolerate worst conditions in the day to day life.As  a king he has demonstrated how to rule the country,how he respected saints & Guru.We should worship Valmiki,Kambar,Vashistar,Agasthyar &Viswamitrar.Thulasidasar has composed a soul stirring beautiful song in forty lines,where you can find the whole Ramayana happenings by praising "Hanuman" called "Hanuman chalisa" in Hindi.Its translation is available in all languages in Sri.Ramakrishna mutt publications.Ramayana has attracted  many foreigners & One Euoropean university professor brought his students to India & traced whole Ramayana events starting from Ayodya & ending in Sedhu Samudram.You can find Ramayana in all languages spoken in India.                                                                                                                                                                              I want to mention an event happened in Swami Vivekananda's life. After he became  a Sanyasi he   was travelling in train northern part of India.As  a sanyasi ,he never touched a coin or money as his Guru Sri.Ramakrishna .  One of his devotee purchased  a train ticket & gave it to him.It was a hot summer day .Two co passengers  looked at Swamiji's physique & has been commenting  that these kind of people are waste,he could do hard work & earn money with his body & he has become lazy & cheating people .Even though Swamiji heard their speech ,he did n't mind it.After some time he felt thirsty ,asked to spare him some  drinking water which the co passengers were having.They refused to give him water.Train reached a station & halted there for some time.Getting down to drink water in the station ,but in vain.He sat in the ground in the scorching sun.His two co passengers were watching him.Soon one man came running with some food packets & a drinking water bottle .He seemed to be searching  for someone else known to him.When he neared Swamiji ,looked at him & offered him some sweet packets along with water.But Swamiji refused his offer saying that it was not him whom he was searching as he has never met him before.Immediately the stranger told him that he was  a sweet shop  owner & sitting in his shop.He felt sleepy & slept for some time in sitting pose.He had  a dream in which he saw Rama asking him to deliver  sweet & water to  his devotee whom  he can see in the station.He also saw Swamiji wearing a turban & in sanyasi dress.When he woke up,he thought it  only a daydream(normally in India ,they don't believe in daydreams).He does n't care about it.Again  the sweet stall owner  gone asleep & had the same dream asking him to rush to the station immediately.Now the  stranger told that he saw twice his face in the  dream & requested to accept his offer as it was  his favorite God Rama's order.The stranger left after  Swamiji took some sweets & drank some water to quench his thirst.After listening to the conversation between the stranger & Swamiji, his co  passengers felt ashamed & begged his pardon & later came to know that he is the sanyasi of Sri.Ramakrishna mutt.At that time swamiji was reciting "Rama Namas".This is written in his book"Gnana Deepam".

Festival kolam ( Sri Rama Navami )

Sri.Rama Navami padikolam

Friday, 27 March 2015

63 Naayanmar festival 2015

During 7th century AC,Sivanesa chettiar was living at Mylapore(chennai).He was a rich business man.He was a great devotee of  Lord  Shiva.He has heard about Saiva Naayanmar Sri.Thirugnanasambandhar & wanted to meet him.He had a daughter Poombavai below teen years.He decides to marry his daughter to sambandhar after she is  grown up.So he was waiting for the arrival of Sambandhar who used to visit all  temples of Lord Shiva & praise him in his holy hymn  Devaram.Meanwhile unfortunately Poombavai died due to snake bite.Unable to bear his  daughter’s  death,he  keeps the bones of her daughter in a mud pot in his house.One  day Sambandhar visited Mylapore & had worshipped at Shiva temple.Some of the devotees told  him about Sivanesa chettiar & the fate of Poombavai.As he heard that chettiar was an ardent lover of Lord Shiva,he wanted to meet him & condole his daughter’s death.He reached Chettiar’s house with the help of some devotees.Chettiar was very much happy to receive him &  told about his daughter’s death in tears & brought the mud pot containing her bones.                                                                                                                                    Sambandhar asked  chettiar to take the pot & place it in front of  Kabaleeswarar  sanctum , & began to sing the glories of Lord  Shiva with ten verses of song.Each verse contains four lines.He was singing about various  festivals celebrated in that temple & in each 4th line of the verse, he would call poombavai  saying that without seeing this festivals   how you have gone.When he completed the  tenth verse,suddenly Poombavai appeared from the  pot from the heap of her bones  as  a  grown up girl.She saw her father & knelt before him. All assembled there in the temple began to praise  Sambandhar  but he pointed his folded hands towards Lord Kabaleeswarar & told that because of Him only Poombavai came alive.Now  Chettiar was very much happy & requested Sambandhar to marry his daughter.As the creation of Poombavai was done by his songs,he is like her father now & rejected the marriage offer.                                                                                                                                                           During Panguni Uthiram festival time all the Idols of 63 Saiva  Naayanmar  decorated in a palanquin & taken along the  four  mada streets of  Sri.Kapaleeswarar temple till date  along with the Idols of  Goddess Karpagambigai & Lord Kapaleeswarar .It is true that God bears some insults to him in the way of complaining by people that He is not listening  to their request.But he never forgives  an insult to his true  devotee. He takes 64 type of acts in Madurai to save his devotees in   Madurai which is told in poetical form  in Thiruvilayadal  puranam. For your special attention, i am posting two  of the verses of Sambandhar Devaram relating to Poombavai. (thanks to Arulnandhi Sivam Arutpani mandram -  Tirunelveli).Our ancient rulers(Chera,Chola Pandia,Pallava,Nayakkar,Krishnadevarayar ,Vir Shivaji of Maharastra & other kings in northern part  of India) constructed Huge temples in honour of Lord Shiva ,Vishnu,Vnayaga,Muruga  & Goddess Parvathi , it is not possible now to  build such tall towers & temple architecture.They built their palaces in a small way & temples in  great style & structure.They also donated lot of agricultural lands & gold articles to the temple.Each ruler after rulers continued the good work of constructing temples & maintaining vedic schools ,respected  vedic scholars,oduvars(those who sing Devaram holy hymns) & strictly followed the path of truth. But how present day rulers are & how honest people were pushed to  back seat.It is high time that all devotees unite & bring back our earlier Golden period.Let us all pray to God to give us the strength to make a come back.

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Friday padi kolam ( free hand )

This is free hand kolam.Try this one.

Panguni uthiram 3rd April 2015

When  we think about "Panguni  Uthiram" two things come to our mind immediately.One is celebration of this festival all over Tamilnadu & other  foreign countries like Singapore,Malaysia,U.S.A,U.K,Canada & some  European countries where our Tamil people have settled.There is a special attachment to Lord Muruga in all these countries.Another one is 63 Naayanmar  festival celebrated at Mylapore Karpagambal - Kabaleeswarar temple in Chennai.When "Uthiram"star falls in Tamil month Panguni(almost on  full moon day or very close to that day) in March -April,this festival is celebrated.( Tamil year Jaya & 21st Panguni - Friday)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Panguni Uthiram festival in Murugan Temples :  The legend is that Saint Agastthiar's  disciple  Idumban (He was the only survivor after  annihilation of asuras by Lord Muruga.He surrendered to  Lord Muruga as per the guidance of  Sage Agasthya & forgiven by Lord Muruga).He was carrying two hills  in a pole supported on his shoulder from the north as per the instruction of his Guru Agasthya.He was coming towards south.He stopped in a place to take rest.When he tried to resume his journey,he could n't lift the hills.He found  a small boy standing in the hill with a kaubeenam (loin cloth)in his waist & asked to get down from the hill,for which the boy refused.Idumban tried to drive away the boy but in vain.Suddenly the small boy gave dharshan as Lord Muruga to Idumban & told he liked  that place  & wanted to stay there.It is also believed that Muruga  as a small boy came here in anger over the injustice done to him( When he & his brother competed to receive the mango).Goddess Parvathi & Siva requested him to accompany them,he refused.They said ,You are The fruit,பழம் நீ.From then onwards  that place  is called "Palani-பழநி ".Idumban requested Lord Muruga that devotees  who come there with Kavadi(a wooden pole with an arc like formation  decorated with peacock feathers carried in a shoulder.Sacred water,tender co co nut,cows milk contained in  a  small brass vessel,rose water,sugar  cane  anyone of these is attached  on both the ends) should have the blessings  of Lord Muruga & their sufferings in the life wiped out.Lord Muruga happily agreed to Idumban's request & told Idumban that all the devotees coming to worship him at Palani hill would worship Idumban first & then only they will have His  Dharshan.Till date  it is followed in all the  hill temples of Lord Muruga.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Even though Lord Muruga stands with a stick in his hand wearing small cloth symbolically showing the  people that they can't  posses any thing when they leave this earth & their intention should be seeking his holy feet,his devotees  decorate  him as a King,offer him milk ,honey, fruits & mixture of  all these called "Panchamirtham".They always want    Lord Muruga to give them  darshan as a King.On this day,sacred water is brought from  a Place called "Kodumudi"( where holy river Cauvery takes a ninety degree turn towards east.There is temple here for Lord Siva,Vishnu & Brahma  which is very rare.There is also  a temple for Lord Muruga here.Saiva saints Sambandhar,Appar &Sundharar have sung holy hymn Devaram here & also by Saint Arunagirinathar.All these written are about Kodumidi).   The  place   in the ground level at Palani is called "Thiruvavinangudi" the third camping place of Lord Muruga.The idol of Lord Muruga(in  hill temple of Palani) is made up of rare herbals by Sidhar Bhogar &  its abishega theertham(the water & other materials anointed on the idol)posses the rare quality of curing many diseases of human beings.On this day lot of kavadis are carried by  Lord Muruga's devotees & submitted to God Muruga.As requested by Idumban,devotees  burdens are lessened & finally wiped out.People take  a vow to take  a  kavadi on their shoulders,requesting Lord Muruga to solve their problems they are facing there in their life.Lord Muruga bless  his devotees by solving their  problems.Devotees  carry the kavadis to Murugan temples to show their gratitude . A music band with drums & nadhaswaram along with folk songs praising Lord Muruga  will be always accompanying devotees carrying  kavadi in addition to traditional dances like mayilattam & velattam.It is  believed that  Bhogar sidhar is  staying   in a cave near Murugan;s Sannidhi & also blesses the devotees thronging there.                                                                                                                                                                     After destroying Krouncha   mountain & Tharakasuran, Lord  muruga camps at "Thirupparankundram" near Madurai his first camping place. Devendran the leader of all devas & the  king of devalogam  offers his daughter to  Lord Muruga  in marriage to show his gratitude in saving   him from the devil forces (asuras)  & restoring his lost kingdom.Deiyvanai marries  Muruga here blessed by his parents Siva & Parvathi.The marriage takes on Panguni uthiram day.I,ll post about  "63 naayanmars festival" celebrated at Mylapore(Chennai) on this same day later.

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Easy apartment kolam with dots.

Start with 5,4,3 dots interlaced,then provide 2,1 dots on 6 sides as shown in blue dots & complete the kolam.Try this one.

Easy apartment kolam with dots.

This is Swastik type easy apartment kolam with 6 dots & 6 lines.Try this one..

Easy apartment kolam with dots.

Dear viewers, first connect the dots of the head( duck).Then complete the full shape of the duck.

Benevolent deeds ( kanchi maha periyava )

Kanchi Periyava(Sri.Chandra Sekara Saraswati swamigal) was visiting remote villages in Tamilnadu.He would be going to many temples on the way & the tour starts early morning & ends  in the night around 9 pm.Normally Kanchi mutt staff would accompany Periyava with a cook,things  required for the  daily pooja & other camping materials.This  would  be well programmed one, informing his devotees in the villages & concerned temple authorities to co  ordinate during his visit.Mostly he walked all the way meeting all kinds of people.One day around 9 pm he was on the way to his stop over place, he was walking through a remote village.He heard the sound  of  a cow's voice near a house in a cow's shed & he started  moving towards the cow  shed.Mutt staff were wondering why Periyava was deviating from his programme as they have to maintain the time schedule & proper rest for him for the next day's hectic schedule.On entering the cow's shed, he saw a  pregnant cow struggling hard to deliver  a calf.May be the awkward position of the calf that made the cow struggle & letting out a distress call  to God himself to save her & calf.Periyava understood the distress call.He bent towards the cow & touched its back & stomach in a smooth massage like fashion. A petromax light was brought to the shed as there   was no electricity there.Periyava sat on  a chair silently looking at the cow.After midnight the the cow delivered the calf safely to the everyone's relief.Periyava continued his tour the next day morning.                                                                                                                                                                                  An other occasion , many persons were visiting Periyava at his Kanchi mutt.A young lad came there & met him.He told Periyava that he was studying  a degree course in The Annamalai University(Chidambaram) & explained that he was unable to stay & pursue the study in the  hostel(He couldn't afford mess fess & other hostel expenses).Periyava advised him to pursue the study as a day scholar staying in a room.He asked him to wait for some time.A well known jewellery shop owner came there to meet Periyava .Periyava asked  him to help a poor college boy studying at Annamalai University  Whom he would send to the business man shortly.When the  college student met Kanchi Periyava again, he informed him to contact the jewellery shop owner immediately.The student returned to Chidambaram & met the owner, told him that he was coming from the Kanchi Mutt & requested for help.The owner did n't assure him any help immediately.After some days,the student again approached the business man.He does n't offer  any help.Frustrated with this ,the college student informed Kanchi Periyava about this.Periyava this time gave him some 2  or 3 residential addresses of some brahmin houses at Chidambaram & asked the lad to meet them.The lad was very much  hesitating to seek help due to his previous experience.Then Periyava quoted famous  "Tamil poem" ,கற்கை நன்றே   ,கற்கை நன்றே ,பிச்சை  புகினும் கற்கை நன்றே - meaning ,it is well to learn even doing begging,that education would fetch  one  good future.Periyava told the lad that he would  do that for the sake of him. Later arrangements  were made in the brahmin's homes at chidambaram that the would  feed  the student taking turns in each home.He completed the studies very well & later  occupied highest post in Unesco.He never forgot to visit Kanchi Periyava later in his life.

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Apartment kolam with dots.

Dots with swastik learnt from my mom,Try this one.Follow the dots & draw accordingly.

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Easy apartment kolam with dots (elephant)

See the dots in the kolam & connect it.You will get a mounted  elephant ready for a  safari.Try this one.

Nama japa ( Shiva & Vishnu mantra united )

Of all the four yugas Kali yuga is different.In other three yugas,you have to put very  hard work to see God by way of doing penance in various forms.Standing amid fire,water & secluded places you have to meditate God.In those days when  homam  or Yagam were performed by saints,God or particular Devatha appeared in the yagasala before saints when they completed the pooja & gave the boons to them.Similarly Lord Rama was born to King Dasaratha after he performed "putra kameshti yaga" with the help of Rishi Vasishta.Vedas  were taught in Gurukulas by Rishis.Even ruling Kings sent their princes to study Vedas.Dhanur  vidya (art of using bow & arrow in the battle field) was taught to the princes  by their teachers which also involves learning of vedha.In Dwapara  yuga Even God Avatar Krishna learnt these things from Sandeepani  rishi with his brother avatar Balaraman.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 But in Kali yuga, you need not go to forest or remote hilly places to perform penance  to  see God.Saints who came just 100 to 500 years ago advised mankind to tell God's name in your  mind whenever possible during your daily  activities(or doing nama japa).In many places,i have seen ads saying that  "dhyanam " is taught in Yoga classes.Yes , i agree that it is a right step in realising God in yourself.There are eight stages in achieving final stage as told in "Pathanjali yoga".Dhyanam is the seventh seventh  stage.One has to observe strict discipline including Satya(speaking always truth,not harming  or killing other living beings like sheep or cows,for a married man  to be always true to his wife like Sri.Rama) & finally observing  Brahmacharya.Both husband & wife should  be matured enough to do this.Without all of this following you can't reach the seventh stage "dhyanam".Don't think i  am threatening you with all these conditions in achieving your goal.Our well known saint "Thiruvalluvar" has weighed family life & renouncing in a same scale,( இல்லறம்  & துறவறம்).He says both are two equal god paths or அறம் before 2000 years ago itself.What we learn in  "dhyana classes" is "Dharanai" only starting stage of yoga  ,trying to focus on  a single object  say God.We are not going beyond this level of focusing few  minutes (even it is five minutes it is good).But the only main disadvantage  in  Kali yuga is a lot of attraction to media & thereby distraction in remembering God.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     So reciting names of God(your favorite) in silence  is very good thing.If you sit in your pooja room in the morning or evening   telling or chanting slokas orally  after few minutes your mind starts to focus  on your favourite   God.Select a mantra nama like "Rama ,Govinda,Siva,Muruga".. There is no initiation  required for this .Repeat telling in your mind for many times like 108 times,300 ,500 & 1008  times gradually increasing.You can also recite    Panchatchara ( நமசிவய   or  astachara mantra நாராயண or Krishna,or Goddess name.If you select Rama nama -                                  நா( ரா ) ய ண  , ந (ம ) சி வ ய ,note that second letter in நா( ரா) ய ண  is ரா & second letter  in ந ம சி வ ய is ம .So this two letters are taken from Vishnu & Siva nama & is called "siva sakthi " mantra as Vishnu is called the symblol  of Goddess Sakthi also.What did our father of our nation did  during freedom struggle.He has been reciting Rama namas .He was in jail for more than 20  years for the sake of liberating all of us from the British Rule.He never stopped reciting Rama nama till his last breathe saying "Hey ,Ram".Please think this over.I hope you would agree with me. If you have a Guru & initiated  a mantra it is good to follow that.

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Idol worship in Hindu temples ( the reason behind it )

Before consecration of our Hindu Temples, Yaga Salai  pooja is done as per the guidance of Hindu veda sastra.Learned vedic pandits recite mantras before holy fire, non stoppingly for minimum 3 days sitting in a group(11,33 or 51 like that). Sacred water in a metal pot is placed near the fire.All the slokas chanted by the pandits are transformed into heat energy & stored in the metal pot.In the moola sthanam (கருவறை) copper plates written with special mantras are placed under the idol permanently under certain feet depth.Moreover, the tower above the idol is a special type construction with a dome & a metal kalasam in it's top, always in contact with outer sky from which magnetic energy waves are  always collected & transferred into the idol below.During consecration time metal kalasam in the tower and  the idol is connected by a  special thread.Vedic  pandits ,after  completing the yagasala pooja bring the sacred water in the metal pot, pour in  the metal  kalasa in the top of the tower or or vimanam.All the heat energy stored in the sacred water is coming to the idol.Now the idol is not  a stone.It is living being like us.If you watch the moola sthanam,there is no windows  are opening.So there is no leakage of energy. The priest   shows lighted lamps & bring the lighted lamps to the devotees.Divine  Energy  stored in the idol is transferred to the lighted lamp &  when contacted by the devotee, he is blessed with.Moreover chanting of  mantras,chanting of holy hymns like Devaram & Thiruppugazh,enhance the stored energy.The thoughts of the saints,Siddhas who have earlier come,will be rounding there which is  a special blessing for the true devotees coming there to worship.This is how we are blessed with.For example "Runa vimosana Linga" is there in Tiruvarur Lord Thiyagaraja  temple (Sundaramoorthy naayanar's favourite). A  special  copper plate called "yanthra " is placed in 3  stages under the Siva Linga.Vedic mantras are engraved in it. If a person who has incurred  heavy loss  in his business or life,goes there & worship with certain procedures,he is blessed with & regains his lost money with in some 2 to 3 years. This is practically happening. But the devotee who  is in debt should have earned his money in a rightful way without cheating anybody or government.Similarly there is a temple in Thirucherai near Kumbakonam.The deity is called "runa vimosana lingam" here  also.Runa vimosana  means relief from the debt.

Flower kolam with dots .

Flower kolam with dots . 13  to 7 interlaced.

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Free hand flower kolam.

Viewers,wish you all happy Ugadi.Try this one.

Go pooja ( worshiping of cow in temple & Asramam )

In our Hindu Religion Cow is worshiped from Vedic Period.Cow's milk is suitable for all ages from child to elders & even patients.We get buttermilk,butter & curd from the milk.It can be preserved in the form of ghee for many months which is used in Ayurveda  & Sidha medicines.A mixture of  Cow's milk,curd,butter,komiyam(urine of the cow) & ghee is called "pancha kavyam", &  used anointing Sivalingam.This is also a medicine & can be used in agriculture which in turn helps to give better yields.Cow dung can be converted into gas form which can be used to produce electricity,for cooking purposes ,lighting & even can be used to operate pumpset .Chinese are using gobar gas very well in their villages there by saving importing of petroleum which involves  foreign exchange.Now let us come to our "Gomatha"(Khamadenu).How  Krishna was brought up in a cow herd village & How he managed "cow herds" as  a cow boy in his Krishnavadara all for the sake of us.Because of that only,we have got "Bagavath Geeta"which is translated in many language & studied all over the world.                                                                                                                                                                                Let us see how to  worship "Gomatha".   After coming round "the cow " We should should pray like this. Hey Gomatha,  you milk away all our unwanted desires, we get the punya deeds of bathing in all holy rivers which in turn drives away our all sins( purifies our mind ) & heir       of  Kamadhenu(heavenly cow) , Worshiping you is equal to coming round the whole world(doing pradhachina as if in temple).Always worship a cow having a calf.Offer bananas,grass(அருகம்  புல் ) , raw vegetables,greens(அகத்திக்கீரை)  to the cows when ever possible on new moon & full moon  days, & pradosham days.Offering on Srarrdha thithi would fetch you the blessings  of your fore fathers.It is always better to donate or offer to Gosalai (cow herds taken care of  in temples or asramas -  பசு மடம்).In  Thiruvanaikkaval Akilandeswari samedha Jambugeswarar temple(  appus thalam -  water   : one of the temples in pancha bootha), priest of Jambugeswarar used to perform "go pooja" in mid noon pooja(உச்சிகால  பூஜை) wearing a saree symbolically as  Goddess Akilandeswari.In Salem Kandhasramam near udaiyapatti(in Salem-Athur - Chennai N.H),Go puja & Ganapathi Homam is performed daily by Chief Priest Sri.Ganapathi Raman .This Asramam was founded by Sathguru Sri.Santhananda Swamigal  of Daththareya parampara.Chandi Homam,Navavarana pooja are performed regularly every month. Go pooja performed in Salem  Sadhguru Santhananda Swamigal Adhishtanam & Skandaramam( in the top & middle photos).In the bottom photo Go pooja performed at Thiruvanaikkaval temple (near Tiruchirappalli  & Srirangam)                                                         


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Importance of Pradosham - Nandhiheswarar & God Siva .

Every month   Hindu Almanac(calender) is divided into two fortnights .Days coming after new moon days( 15 days) is  called Sukla paksa(வளர் பிறை நாட்கள்) & days coming after full  moon day is called Krsna paksa(தேய்பிறை நாட்கள்).Let us call it brighter fortnight & darker fortnight respectively for easy understanding.This , i have given in detail   in  my previous post how each day is called  like"prathama, dwidya  "(Ugadi , The New Year Day for India). The 13 th day in each fortnight is called"trayodasi".This particular day is called "Pradosham" which is an auspicious day for worshipping God  Siva & his aide called "Nandhi Devar " who is  in the form of a bull always facing God  Siva in the Entrance of the temple of God  Siva.The legend is that  Deavas(angels) & Asuras(devil forces ) churned the ocean of milk(பாற்கடல் கடைதல்) as directed by God Vishnu.Saraswathi (Goddess of  Vidya or Education) & Goddess of wealth Mahalaxmi all appeared in it.Later "Devamirdham" came which is a medicine like sweet one, when swallowed , would fetch a  deathless life for the takers.God  Vishnu gave it to Devas neglecting Asuras.They became anger & began to argue with God Vishnu.Vishnu  asked them to continue churning of milk of ocean.This time , heavy poison appeared & it tried to engulf both Devas & Asuras . So all of them ran to God Siva  & requested to protect them.God Siva took all the poison & began to drink it in order to protect them.Now His consort Parvathi stopped the poison in his throat itself before it  entered his stomach.So  whole universe was saved.The day in which God Siva drank the poison, is called "pradhosham" & that time is in between 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm.That day is said to be Saturday.Pradhosham also falls on other week days .Pradosham falling on Saturday is supposed to be very auspicious. While all other Devas had taken  Amrudha,  God Siva consumes poison for the welfare of this universe.He has made  such a sacrifice that is why he is called the king of sacrifice ( Thyagaraja).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Another legend is that in mount Kailas ( Living place of God Siva & Parvathi ), his chief aide Nandhi Devar or Nandhiheshwar  appealed to Siva to perform a Dance as Siva is an expert in all form of arts(totally 64 arts).God Siva agreed to that.When this news spread,Brahma the creator,Vishnu the protector of all lives & all Devas,Saints & Sidhars assembled there in Mount Kailas to witness this Holy Dance.God Vishnu & Nandhi Devar started to play drums,While Goddess & Rishi Naradha accompanied them in Veena.Every one assembled there became speechless witnessing the dance.Now Nandhi Devar requested Siva to dance in between his horns which was accepted by Siva.Even now devotees used to look in between his two horns of Nandhi Devar on Pradosham day.So in all temples of God Siva this day is celebrated between
4.30 pm to 6.00 pm.On this day one herbal grass(அருகம்புல்) , raw rice with jaggery is offered to Sri.Nandhi Devar.Offering of Bilva to Siva is considered very ideal during this time.Reciting of Devaram,Thiruvasagam,Thiruppalandu & chanting of Sri.Rudram(Yajur Vedha Manthram praising God  Siva) & hearing these holy hymns would fetch us blessing s of God Siva & His consort Parvathi & surerly ward off our past doshas or sins provided if we don't repeat them. Nandhiheswar & Somaskandhar photos taken from  Mega T V(Thanks).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Unlike in normal days,we should not complete  coming full round during Pradosha time in temples . Normally we would go round the temple prakara starting from left to right  side.On  Pradosham day you should start from Nandhi Devar (looking Siva Linga In between his horns) go round as  normal till you reach near" Sandiheswar" sannidhi, where abishega water from Sivalinga comes out & falls into a small collecting chamber(gomuki).You should not cross this.     You should return back to Nandhi Devar '& worship Siva through his horns.Like this you have to perform three times.After 6 00 pm Naivdyam & Showing of Lighted lamp to Nandhi Devar is performed first & then Pooja to Lord Siva is conducted.After this Siva & Parvathi Devi mounted in a Bull(Nandhi) is taken around the temple(Somaskandhar - Normally either Muruga or Ganesha would sit in between them).Siva & His consort Parvathi Devi used to give their devotees(married persons or இல்லற வாசிகள்)this kind of  pose during their final phase of life. This is told in Peria  Puranam by the great poet Sekkizhar (63 Naayanmar life history).Separate type of Darshan for saints who have renounced this world.You can not have this type if you are a family man.Having darshan of Somaskandhar is a great boon to family people in their final stage .Unless we perform duties of  the married life according to Saiva or Vedic Guide lines  you can't see God.Once you have this type  of dharshan you need not be born in this world.You can avoid rebirth.In other religious paths, only either  heaven or hell is told after their death,if you do good things you can reach heaven & vice versa.In our path obtaining salvation or Moksha(liberation from this world is cleanly told).You can see lot of foreigners coming to Tiruvannamalai temple.Some stay in Sri.Ramana Maharishi's asram & learn meditation.Many learn sanskrit.They also visit Kasi ,Rishikesh & Haridwar. I recently saw in you tube,a foreigner ,after getting "Theetchai"(intiation  & following our path)chanting Vedha mantras perfectly(He gas got a guru & staying here for more than 12 years).Some observe fasting or vradhaa from morning to eveing during pradosham.Nandhiheswar is  considered  the First Guru(ஆதி குரு  .He has the rare privilege of  receiving "upadesa" & learning "Sivagama Sastra" from God Siva himself. So when  you enter  a Siva temple one should get permission from  him for worshipping God.Before leaving temple we should worship "sandiheshwar who is always meditating on God Siva.We should also worship 63 Naayanmars.These are all must.After worshipping,we should  sit silently for few minutes & recite Siva nama, Muruga nama & goddess name which ever you like.Choosing of God's name is left to your choice which you like very much. 

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Free hand Padi Kolam & Apartment kolam.

Free hand padi kolam & free hand apaartment kolam.Try these.

Ugadi,the new year day for India          name of thithi                day

1.               prathama                      first day

2.               divitya                           2nd day

3.               tritya                              3rd  day       

4.               chaturti                          4th  day                     

5.                panchami                      5th  day

6.                 sashti                            6th  day

7.                 sapthami                       7th day                

8.                  ashtami                        8th  day

9.n                navami                           9th  day

10.                 dasami                          10th day                   

1 1.                eka dasi                        11th day                   

12.                  dvadasi                         12th day                

13.                 trayodasi                        13th day                                                                                                                     

14.                 Chadurdasi                     14th day               

15th day is  full moon day  in brighter fortnight  & new moon day in darker fortnightEach month is divided into two paksas in all our states of India where we follow our own almanac(calender)irrespective of any region or language.Two fortnights.One is called Sukla paksa(brighter fortnight – moon gradually increases & reaches full moon) & another called Krsna paksa(darker fortnight – moon decreases gradually & becomes new moon or no moon.For calculating auspicious days & fixing wedding days,gruha pravesam(entering newly built house),starting new business or schools the sukla paksa or brighter fortnight is taken.In this also prathamai thithi or first day,ashtami & navami thithis are omitted.Our Hindu New Year’s Day falls on the first day of brighter fortnight of month Chaitra .This is “Ugadi for Andhra, Telengana & Maharashtra &  similarly  in other states  . This is based on the movement of  the moon or   lunar calender. In  Tamilnadu & Kerala they follow  solar calender based on sun .                                                                                                                                     On The New Year’s Day New Almanac  or Panchanga  book is placed in our Pooja Room.Sweet rice porridge  with friuts like bananas ,co co nut & betel leaves are offered to God .Neem flowers with jaggery & raw mango  made as a pickle  also included in the  offering . After performing Naivedyam  ,Panchangam is read for the near year forecasting .In olden days ,a brahmin priest is called to read &  explain the details & New Dress  is offered to him along with money.Repentance for the evil deeds committed whether knowingly or unknowingly      during the  past year- prayers for forgiveness &  going to a temple would  bring us blessings  from God . Taking neem flower  with jaggery  denotes symbolically life  contains both happiness & sorrow .We should treat them equally .     New dress is worn  on  the new year day & celebrated .                                                                           

In Sanskrit ugadi means starting of new yuga or period.Lord Brahma started creation of the universe on this auspicious day.He created days,weeks ,months & year to calculate the time & all other elements present in the universe.Panchanga shravanam is done at the temples by the priests.Priest tells the importance of the creator Lord Brahma before reading the panchanga.From Panchanga we come to know the prosperity of the new year.The strength & effects of the planets , stars & their transition is also predicted in the  panchangam.The priests are offered new dresses & money by the devotees.

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Padi kolam (free hand)

Friday kolam (free hand design).

Puja , worship in temple & home 8.

Kandha kottam  Murugan temple began to expand more & more due to people worshipping there.So they felt the need of bigger urchava moorthy so that decorate Murugan with bigger size dresses & jewels & of course to his consorts also.They made a  panchaloka (made out of five precious metals)idol by casting  .This is very  similar to that of Moolavar(Original stone idol brought as s head load by the two founders).It is learnt that when  a sculptor tried to remove some small unwanted material in the casting with his chisel.he got swooned as  if shocked due to lightning.Nobody dared to clean after that incident.After some period a brahmin sanyasi who returned from Kasi,bathed our Murugan by chanting holy hymns(வேத மந்திரங்களினால்) for many days continuously,Murugan Idol became brighter & brighter & totally purified.On  Tuesdays special Abisheham (bathing God  with  milk,honey sandal paste, & other Abisshega materials)is performed .After that  during   dressing & decoration time, "Go Pooja" (worshipping of a cow with its calf) is done.After naivedyam(offering food to God)Deeparathana(worshipping  with beautiful lighted lamps)is done.At least we should try to be there once in our life time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This temple has a five floor tall main tower as its entrance. Idols for Vallalar,Pamban Swamigal,Thiruporur Chidambara swamigal , Vannacharabam Dhandapani Swamigal & Saint  Arunagiri  Nadhar  are  installed inside the  Prakara.Dhandapani swamigal is  a Tamil Poet.He has  composed beautiful songs about Kandha kotta Murugan.Inside the temple there is a big tank( திருக்குளம்) . As this is a big trading centre, area outside the temple will be noisy.But once you enter the temple & go in side there is silence.Once you approach the tank,you will forget noisy chennai city.Near by this temple  there is a small shrine for Ganesha.Do you remember Kandhappa Pandaram who built this small shrine & seated Muruga here for some time  before temple was constructed  for Muruga. Free offering of food for the poor is done daily. As Vallalar has praised Chennai city as a place of  charities  with abundance (தருமமிகு  சென்னையில்) in his songs, with Dhandapni Swamigal praising" பிழை தீர்ந்த சென்னையில் ஓர்  தாய் போல் ", let us pray Lord Muruga to keep all the cities in India to be crime free ,people not to forget our earlier discipline in coming time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Easy apartment kolam

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 These are three types of easy dot kolam. Its an everyday rangoli that can be drawn in apartments.Hope these are easy to understand and like it too :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Puja , worship in temple & home 7.

Sri.Mari chettiar & his friend Kandhappa Pandaram used to go  to Thiruporur Murugan Temple for "Krithigai"(an auspicious day for the devotees of God Muruga) from Chennai. regularly.The present day distance from  Muthialpet to Thiruporur is 45 kms.There is not much transport facilities during those days. They had to take a cart drive or walking to cover around 70 kms.They were returning from Thiruporur after worshipping God  Muruga.See whether we would walk such a distance to  go to a temple.They took rest on the midway in the shade of a neem tree.Soon they were asleep due to tiredness. They had a dream.God Muruga appeared in their dream & told them,why are you traveling long distance,while i am available here in this "Putru"(  a raised living place made out of earth mud with lot of air holes in which snakes & ants used to live).They woke up  & surprised to find a putru near by there.They immediately dug out &  found an idol of God Muruga(sculpture made out of good quality granite for worshipping purpose  by  a talented sculptor in temple architecture).They took the idol in there head as it is a Holy one &  to there residential area (Muthialpet - very near to Chennai central Railway station).It would have weighed more than their self weight.     Kandhappa Pandaram was a devotee of God Ganesha & had constructed  a small shrine for him.So they seated the idol of Muruga in that shrine.Now the younger brother has joined his elder.They started worshipping Muruga in that small shrine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Now  a temple has to be built for our Kumaran (Who is always young & handsome).Where is the land.One gentle man known as Muthu  Nayakar( A real gem among people) gave his garden  of flowers(nandhavanam) to construct the temple.Where is the money.In those days there were  not many rich persons  as now.When Mari chettiar was  thinking about  this ,his wife Aadhi Laxmi  gave all her gold jewels she was wearing(  a toughest job as for as Indian ladies are concerned) to this good cause & asked  her husband to start the construction work. There was no  stoppage of temple work  for want of money  then onwards.What a Holy lady.First, temple was constructed in brick work.After Muthukumaran came & resided there our Vallalar  came to that  temple & started to compose beautiful songs in tamil & sung "Garland of Gem"(Kindly refer my earlier posting " Garland of Gem") around nine years as a small boy during 1833.      Trade flourished in that area & became a big business centre till date . What ever material was chosen for sales ,there was great demand for that(no market study in those days). So traders community (vysyas) were happy & spent lot of money in celebrating Murugan  festivals.They switched over to granite from brick work .It became a famous temple during Mari Chettiars period itself . Maha Kumbabishegam was also performed .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     After Vallalar mentioned as "Kandha Kottam" in his Thiruvarutpa songs it is called "Kandha kottam " till date.Earlier it was called "Kandhasamy Koil". A team of devotees visited Kandha Kottam after returning from a long pilgrimage to Holy shrines,hearing about its fame.They were   from earlier Chola kingdom area consisting of old Tiruchi & Thanjavur districts.They told Mari  Chetiar ,you are having such a beautiful "Moola Vigraham"(normally  a fixed position of Granite idol) & we could n't find a  "  Urchava Moorthy"(An idol made out of five metals,with intricate finishing)called  "ஐம்பொன் சிலை".Fortunately we gave got one  with Muruga with his consorts  Valli & Deiyvanai, & you can keep it in this temple. This urchava moorthy is taken out in  a decorated chariot called "திருத்தேர்" made out of complete  good strong artistic  wood work .Sculptors  used to carve Purana Stories like mahabaratham,Ramayana & other Hindu  God's   in wooden panels that are assembled beautifully in the chariot.During festival times Chariot is pulled by lot of devotees  around four broad roads surrounding the temple. Elderly persons can have dharshan  of God from their home itself.This symbolically shows that God voluntarily reaches  each individual  provided if they sincerely long for it.Now Mari Chettiar & his friend Kandhappa Pandaram were doubly happy after receiving this idols  &  Decorated Muruga with his consorts were taken around festival times.Now trade also increased many fold.Now traders community thanked "Urchava Muruga "   for  coming & staying with them .Let me   share with you remaining things in my next posting. Thanking you all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
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