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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

Peacock Kolam-Bird Rangoli Designs

Hello friends,
We are very happy that our facebook pagehas reached 1200+ fans.We would like to thank u all for the support and encouragement.To celebrate this happy moment,here is a peacock rangoli design/Mayil kolam for you all.Its a free hand sketch.You can draw this by practice.Soon i will share a very simple peacock kolam for beginners.

kanchamalai siddhar koil photos salem

I have included photos related to Kanchamalai Siddhar  Temple.kanchamalai siddhar koil photos salem(Thanks to Hr&ce Tamilnadu)
 Shows the  general view of the Kanchamalai  Siddhar Temple with hills in the background.

 Shows the small pond where stream water underneath Siddhar sanctum is collected.People add  salt or jaggery  pepper in small quantity into the pond & take a holy dip in the pond & gets cured their skin disease.Even though salt & othes are added by large number of people into the pond,its quality not affected as stream water continuously flows into it & water overflow s always & let into  a stream  below.Photos below show the idol of Kanchamalai  Siddhar & tradion  of Sidhar parampara.(சித்தர் பரம்பரை நந்தி தேவர் முதல் தொடங்கி திருமூலர் பின்னர் காலங்கி கஞ்சமலை சித்தர் மற்றும் அவரது  சீடரான பழனி மலை போகர் வரை )

 Shows the full view of  Kanchamalai having Iron ore.This mountain  runs 10 kms from west to east starting from Siddhar temple & situat…

Easy Apartment Kolam with dots

Easy apartment kolam with dots-Joker.Draw this following the dots in the sketch.

Kancha malai kalangi Siddhar part 2.

Kancha Malai Kalangi Siddhar is in "Jeeva Samadhi" in the Siddhar Koil,  also called as "Amavasai koil" by locals.He is sitting in a veerasanam pose.Anointment is  done around 12 noon by  a brahmin sivachariar.He comes in wet condition after  taking   a holy dip in the stream near by the temple.There is   a   pond  near the temple in which mineral water containing iron is filled up  from  a stream coming from the sanctum of  Siddhar.As the water is  flowing continuously  underneath the sanctum  into the pond , water is coming out as a stream near the temple into long distance. A number of wells are available near by the stream.Local people come here from morning to evening daily .After taking the bath,they visit  Siddhar Sannidhi.On  new moon days thousands of  devotees visit here waiting in along que.Farmers,businessmen & locals throng this temple.They take their new vehicles,two & four wheelers,heavy vehicles including lorries here & perform pooja.The…

Festival Kolam

Free hand festival kolam.Those who resides in apartment may choose the centre one omitting the outer circle if you have space constraint,  in both Kolams.Try this kolams for Panguni Uthiram.

Kancha malai Kalangi Siddhar

 Many  of you might have heard  about 18 Siddhars whom were well known across  South  India.Among them "Thirumoolar " is a mighty  Siddhar who is said to be present in B.C period. Actually,they are ever living people,(eternal)who have conquered death.Vallalar has said  about this in "Thiruvarutpa"songs.He has informed his devotees about this in an invitation letter publicly saying that he would disappear in  a shelf & asked his disciples to lock him on the Tamil month of Thai(Jan- Feb)on a full moon day  coming in  the star of Poosam(1874).He also told them that he would not be visible to their naked eyes if they open the shelf.After a few days,South Arcot district collector(British) ordered to open the doors of the shelf & could not find him.This was recorded in the gazette.However Vallalar assured his devotees he would be available in an invisible form & be always ready to help the true devotee.Thirumoolar is the  direct disciple of Sri.Nandhiheswarar…

Easy apartment kolam with dots

Apartment kolam two types.Follow the dots shown in the  sketch.Try this.

The power of illusion (maya).

Once Lord Krishna & Saint Narada were walking in a river bank.Suddenly Narada asked Bhagavan Krishna that he  wanted to know the power or strength of "Maya".Krishna did n't reply immediately.In stead ,he asked  Narada to fetch him drinking water as he felt  thirsty.The river was empty.Narada noticed a hut on the opposite bank of the river.Asking Krishna to wait, he rushed to the  other side of the bank.He found the door closed.He  knocked at the door.A young beautiful girl opened the door.On seeing her,Narada immediately asked about her father. She took him  to the back side of  the house where  her father was doing some house work.Narada after meeting her father told him that he very much liked her daughter & want to marry her.After looking at Narada for a while, her father thought he was a suitable groom for his daughter & agreed to marry her to him with one condition.That he should stay with him after marriage &  help him in cultivating his  lands.Nara…

Easy apartment kolam with dots

Apartment kolam with dots 5,3,1.Try this observing the sketch shown.

Sri Rama Navami 2015

"ஸ்ரீ  ராம ஜெய ராம ஜெய ஜெய ராம ஸ்ரீ ராம ஜெய ராம ஜெய ஜெய ராம "                                                                                                                                                                                      "Sri  RamaJeya Rama Jeya Jeya Rama Sri Rama Jeya Rama Jeya Jeya Rama"                                                                                                                                                                                           Let us chant this Rama Nama  as much as possible on the "Birth Day " of  Sri. Rama today . We would automatically think of Sri. Rama Doothan  as Sri.Anjaneya himself wants to be called  in this name ,when we chant Rama nama.I think of Sri.Velukudi Krishnan who is doing a wonderful job by  telling Ramayana,Mahabaratha,Srimad bhahavat geeta &srimad bhagavaham in a simple way.He is taking devotees to holy places where these events took place in olden days.When we l…

Festival kolam ( Sri Rama Navami )

Sri.Rama Navami padikolam

63 Naayanmar festival 2015

During 7th century AC,Sivanesa chettiar was living at Mylapore(chennai).He was a rich business man.He was a great devotee of  Lord  Shiva.He has heard about Saiva Naayanmar Sri.Thirugnanasambandhar & wanted to meet him.He had a daughter Poombavai below teen years.He decides to marry his daughter to sambandhar after she is  grown up.So he was waiting for the arrival of Sambandhar who used to visit all  temples of Lord Shiva & praise him in his holy hymn  Devaram.Meanwhile unfortunately Poombavai died due to snake bite.Unable to bear his  daughter’s  death,he  keeps the bones of her daughter in a mud pot in his house.One  day Sambandhar visited Mylapore & had worshipped at Shiva temple.Some of the devotees told  him about Sivanesa chettiar & the fate of Poombavai.As he heard that chettiar was an ardent lover of Lord Shiva,he wanted to meet him & condole his daughter’s death.He reached Chettiar’s house with the help of some devotees.Chettiar was very much happy to rec…

Friday padi kolam ( free hand )

This is free hand kolam.Try this one.

Panguni uthiram 3rd April 2015

When  we think about "Panguni  Uthiram" two things come to our mind immediately.One is celebration of this festival all over Tamilnadu & other  foreign countries like Singapore,Malaysia,U.S.A,U.K,Canada & some  European countries where our Tamil people have settled.There is a special attachment to Lord Muruga in all these countries.Another one is 63 Naayanmar  festival celebrated at Mylapore Karpagambal - Kabaleeswarar temple in Chennai.When "Uthiram"star falls in Tamil month Panguni(almost on  full moon day or very close to that day) in March -April,this festival is celebrated.( Tamil year Jaya & 21st Panguni - Friday)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Panguni Uthiram festival in Murugan Temples :  The legend is that Saint Aga…

Easy apartment kolam with dots.

This is 6 dots - 6 lines kolam. Try this  as shown in the kolam sketch.

Easy apartment kolam with dots.

Start with 5,4,3 dots interlaced,then provide 2,1 dots on 6 sides as shown in blue dots & complete the kolam.Try this one.

Easy apartment kolam with dots.

This is Swastik type easy apartment kolam with 6 dots & 6 lines.Try this one..

Easy apartment kolam with dots.

Dear viewers, first connect the dots of the head( duck).Then complete the full shape of the duck.

Benevolent deeds ( kanchi maha periyava )

Kanchi Periyava(Sri.Chandra Sekara Saraswati swamigal) was visiting remote villages in Tamilnadu.He would be going to many temples on the way & the tour starts early morning & ends  in the night around 9 pm.Normally Kanchi mutt staff would accompany Periyava with a cook,things  required for the  daily pooja & other camping materials.This  would  be well programmed one, informing his devotees in the villages & concerned temple authorities to co  ordinate during his visit.Mostly he walked all the way meeting all kinds of people.One day around 9 pm he was on the way to his stop over place, he was walking through a remote village.He heard the sound  of  a cow's voice near a house in a cow's shed & he started  moving towards the cow  shed.Mutt staff were wondering why Periyava was deviating from his programme as they have to maintain the time schedule & proper rest for him for the next day's hectic schedule.On entering the cow's shed, he saw a  pregn…

Apartment kolam with dots.

Dots with swastik learnt from my mom,Try this one.Follow the dots & draw accordingly.

Easy apartment kolam with dots (elephant)

See the dots in the kolam & connect it.You will get a mounted  elephant ready for a  safari.Try this one.

Nama japa ( Shiva & Vishnu mantra united )

Of all the four yugas Kali yuga is different.In other three yugas,you have to put very  hard work to see God by way of doing penance in various forms.Standing amid fire,water & secluded places you have to meditate God.In those days when  homam  or Yagam were performed by saints,God or particular Devatha appeared in the yagasala before saints when they completed the pooja & gave the boons to them.Similarly Lord Rama was born to King Dasaratha after he performed "putra kameshti yaga" with the help of Rishi Vasishta.Vedas  were taught in Gurukulas by Rishis.Even ruling Kings sent their princes to study Vedas.Dhanur  vidya (art of using bow & arrow in the battle field) was taught to the princes  by their teachers which also involves learning of vedha.In Dwapara  yuga Even God Avatar Krishna learnt these things from Sandeepani  rishi with his brother avatar Balaraman.                                                                                                      …

Idol worship in Hindu temples ( the reason behind it )

Before consecration of our Hindu Temples, Yaga Salai  pooja is done as per the guidance of Hindu veda sastra.Learned vedic pandits recite mantras before holy fire, non stoppingly for minimum 3 days sitting in a group(11,33 or 51 like that). Sacred water in a metal pot is placed near the fire.All the slokas chanted by the pandits are transformed into heat energy & stored in the metal pot.In the moola sthanam (கருவறை) copper plates written with special mantras are placed under the idol permanently under certain feet depth.Moreover, the tower above the idol is a special type construction with a dome & a metal kalasam in it's top, always in contact with outer sky from which magnetic energy waves are  always collected & transferred into the idol below.During consecration time metal kalasam in the tower and  the idol is connected by a  special thread.Vedic  pandits ,after  completing the yagasala pooja bring the sacred water in the metal pot, pour in  the metal  kalasa in th…

Flower kolam with dots .

Flower kolam with dots . 13  to 7 interlaced.

Free hand flower kolam.

Viewers,wish you all happy Ugadi.Try this one.

Go pooja ( worshiping of cow in temple & Asramam )

In our Hindu Religion Cow is worshiped from Vedic Period.Cow's milk is suitable for all ages from child to elders & even patients.We get buttermilk,butter & curd from the milk.It can be preserved in the form of ghee for many months which is used in Ayurveda  & Sidha medicines.A mixture of  Cow's milk,curd,butter,komiyam(urine of the cow) & ghee is called "pancha kavyam", &  used anointing Sivalingam.This is also a medicine & can be used in agriculture which in turn helps to give better yields.Cow dung can be converted into gas form which can be used to produce electricity,for cooking purposes ,lighting & even can be used to operate pumpset .Chinese are using gobar gas very well in their villages there by saving importing of petroleum which involves  foreign exchange.Now let us come to our "Gomatha"(Khamadenu).How  Krishna was brought up in a cow herd village & How he managed "cow herds" as  a cow boy in his Krishnav…

Easy Apartment Kolam( 5 dots & 5 lines)

Draw the bird after watching the dots.Try this one.Kindly give us your comments.

Importance of Pradosham - Nandhiheswarar & God Siva .

Every month   Hindu Almanac(calender) is divided into two fortnights .Days coming after new moon days( 15 days) is  called Sukla paksa(வளர் பிறை நாட்கள்) & days coming after full  moon day is called Krsna paksa(தேய்பிறை நாட்கள்).Let us call it brighter fortnight & darker fortnight respectively for easy understanding.This , i have given in detail   in  my previous post how each day is called  like"prathama, dwidya  "(Ugadi , The New Year Day for India). The 13 th day in each fortnight is called"trayodasi".This particular day is called "Pradosham" which is an auspicious day for worshipping God  Siva & his aide called "Nandhi Devar " who is  in the form of a bull always facing God  Siva in the Entrance of the temple of God  Siva.The legend is that  Deavas(angels) & Asuras(devil forces ) churned the ocean of milk(பாற்கடல் கடைதல்) as directed by God Vishnu.Saraswathi (Goddess of  Vidya or Education) & Goddess of wealth Mahalaxmi a…

Free hand Padi Kolam & Apartment kolam.

Free hand padi kolam & free hand apaartment kolam.Try these.

Ugadi,the new year day for India          name of thithi                day

1.               prathama                      first day

2.               divitya                           2nd day

3.               tritya                              3rd  day       

4.               chaturti                          4th  day                     

5.                panchami                      5th  day

6.                 sashti                            6th  day

7.                 sapthami                       7th day                

8.                  ashtami                        8th  day

9.n                navami                           9th  day

10.                 dasami                          10th day                   

1 1.                eka dasi                        11th day                   

12.                  dvadasi                         12th day                

13.                 trayodasi                        13th day��������������������������������������������������������������������������…

Padi kolam (free hand)

Friday kolam (free hand design).

Puja , worship in temple & home 8.

Kandha kottamMurugan temple began to expand more & more due to people worshipping there.So they felt the need of bigger urchava moorthy so that decorate Murugan with bigger size dresses & jewels & of course to his consorts also.They made a  panchaloka (made out of five precious metals)idol by casting  .This is very  similar to that of Moolavar(Original stone idol brought as s head load by the two founders).It is learnt that when  a sculptor tried to remove some small unwanted material in the casting with his chisel.he got swooned as  if shocked due to lightning.Nobody dared to clean after that incident.After some period a brahmin sanyasi who returned from Kasi,bathed our Murugan by chanting holy hymns(வேத மந்திரங்களினால்) for many days continuously,Murugan Idol became brighter & brighter & totally purified.On  Tuesdays special Abisheham (bathing God  with  milk,honey sandal paste, & other Abisshega materials)is performed .After that  during   dressing & dec…

Easy apartment kolam

These are three types of easy dot kolam. Its an everyday rangoli that can be drawn in apartments.Hope these are easy to understand and like it too :)����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������…

Puja , worship in temple & home 7.

Sri.Mari chettiar & his friend Kandhappa Pandaram used to go  to Thiruporur Murugan Temple for "Krithigai"(an auspicious day for the devotees of God Muruga) from Chennai. regularly.The present day distance from  Muthialpet to Thiruporur is 45 kms.There is not much transport facilities during those days. They had to take a cart drive or walking to cover around 70 kms.They were returning from Thiruporur after worshipping God  Muruga.See whether we would walk such a distance to  go to a temple.They took rest on the midway in the shade of a neem tree.Soon they were asleep due to tiredness. They had a dream.God Muruga appeared in their dream & told them,why are you traveling long distance,while i am available here in this "Putru"(  a raised living place made out of earth mud with lot of air holes in which snakes & ants used to live).They woke up  & surprised to find a putru near by there.They immediately dug out &  found an idol of God Muruga(sculptu…