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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

Friday padikolam free hand

This is free hand padi kolam.This  can be also drawn all days.Try this one.

Flower kolam with dots (step by step)

This is 15 to 8 dots interlaced type flower kolam composed in a single posting.

Easy apartment kolam

Bird kolam with dots . 5 dots  & 5 straight lines.Try this one as shown in the sketch.

Worshiping Goddess on a full moon day

In Full moon  days people residing at Chennai area  used to visit Three Goddesses temple .In the morning they go to  Melur Thiruvudai amman sameda Thirumanangeeswarar temple near by Minjur in Chennai - Ponneri railway route.This is called Itcha Sakthi who gives the will power to start a work desired by an individual.Worshipping in a full moon day that falls on fridays is very auspicious.It is said that people found one cow showering it's milk in a shrub.When they cleared  the shrub,they found a Siva Linga(Swayambu). A temple was built around it.As the place was surrounded by  a forest & felt pleasant smell always,Siva is called Thirumanangeeswarar & his consort as Thiruvudai amman.In  the afternoon  they visit Vadivudai amman temple at Thiruvotriyur.Goddess here  is worshipped as Gnana Sakthi.God is called Thiagarajar.Sundara moorthy nayanar,Saint  Adi Shankara,Vallalar,Pattinathar & Great music composer Sri.Thiagaraja have visited  this temple & praised God &…

Flower kolam with dots.

This is ten dots ten straight lines step by step kolam.Try this one.You can also draw this as an apartment kolam with 5 dots 5 straight lines with single flower.Try this kolams & give us the feed back so as to make it  still more easier to draw.

Easy apartment kolam with dots

Follow the dots & draw the doll kolam as shown in the sketch.

Easy apartment kolam

This is 6 dot 6 straight line lamp kolam.Try this one.

Kolam interlaced type with dots

This is 9 to 5 dots interlaced kolam design.Try this one.

Go vandanam 2015

Above photo displays "The emperor of discourses"(உபன்யாச சக்ரவர்த்தி )Sengalipuram Anantharama Dheekishithar who has toured all over India & given lot of discourses about Hindu Puranas & divine Vedhas.He has authored two books.Jaya mangala stotram part -1 & Part -2 .These two stotras are taken from  them.Thanks to Sengalipuram Sri.Rama Dheekishathar.

Free hand kolam

Try this free hand kolam.

Easy apartment kolam.

There are two types.4 dots 4 straight lines.Try this two.

Bird kolam with dots

9 dots 5 straight lines (top 7 & 5).Try this one.

Festival kolam


Atchya thrutheeyai 21st April 2015.

Atchaya thrutheeyai is celebrated on coming 21.4.2015,Tuesday."Atchaya"means increasing in Sanskrit.Thrutheeyai means third day after new moon or full moon day.This is  celebrated in "sukla paksha" or increasing moon period.This is the day when Lord Krishna saved Draupathi, in Dhuryodhana's palace when Duchadana tried to remove her sari.This is also the day ,when Krishna gave" atchaya patra" a special vessel( which would offer food  to any number of persons)  to Panadavas  during their hiding life period in the forest.If we donate dress,money or things to people that they do not  have, or food to  very poor people,that good deed would fetch you  a lot of  good things(thousand times) in your life.Donating to elderly vedic scholars,offering curd rice in silver vessel to temples & elders including offering of  lighted silver ghee  lamps would also bring lot of good things.Helping poor girls at this day would also bring good fortune.When Pandavas were…

Easy apartment kolam

Try this kolam watching & connecting the dots.

Friday padi kolam

This is free hand kolam.Try this one on Fridays and other auspicious days :)

Agneeswara swamy kanjanur

Once Parasara rishi wanted to cross yamuna river & reach river  Ganga.He found  a young girl in place of oar man.She agreed to ferry him other side  & took him in the boat.On the way  Parasarar saw  a small island like sand dune with trees around.He took rest for sometime.He was attracted towards her beauty & both of them enjoyed.Later that girl  was smelling like  flower’s scent instead of the smell of fish.She was  worried about her status now & looked towards Parasarar.He too realised his mistake & comforted her saying that a son with black complexion would be born to her & he would bring her name & fame.That child is none other than Veda Vyasa.Now Parasarar was wandering in the banks of Holy river Ganga as  a mad person.He heard  a voice in the sky,asking him to reach Kanjanur & to worship Karpagambigai & Agneewarar after taking a holy dip at Cauvery .After sometime he reached Kanjanur,bathed in river Cauvery.He worshipped God Shiva & Goddes…

Easy apartment kolam

Straight dots type kolam.Follow the sketch  & try this one.

Kanjanur Agneeswara Swamy Temple ( Sukra sthala )

Kanjanur karpagambigai – Agneeswara swamy temple is 18 kms  away from kumbakonam(Kallanai  - poombugar road) in East & 20  kms  west of Mayiladuthurai. It is one of the navagraha sthala.If planet Sukra(venus) is in a weak position in one’s horoscope , they & have to worship here.Sukra is called “kalasthra karagan”  denoting wife & married life in  male’s horoscope.He is the ruling planet of taurus,Libra(rishaba & thula) in the 12 zodiac signs.He is with full power  in pisces (Meena) & becomes weak in virgo( kanni).He is giving  a comfortable  wealthy life, all the things required in married life,own house,vehicles & good servants.In certain horoscopes,minor short comings called  “dosha” can be rectified in worshipping in the concerned temple built by our saints & kings.This is true.You can see the most celebrated leaders both in politics as well as cine field visiting this temples.While churning the milk of ocean under the guidance of Lord Vishnu,Devas did …

Easy apartment kolam

This is 7 to 3 dots interlaced type kolam.Follow the dots & try this one.

Festival Kolam-Tamil New Year Celebration

அனைவருக்கும் எங்கள் இனிய தமிழ் மன்மத வருட புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்
Our Tamil New Year Celebration pictures

In the above pictures,u can find our Main entrance kolam - free hand, Pooja room entrance kolam,wet rice flour kolam in the portico(maakkolam) then maakkolam in pooja room. Technorati Tags: ,,,,,

Arumugan Ettukudi temple

Mutharaian,a king ruling Thiruvarur,Nagapattinam area was a devotee of lord Muruga.He wanted to construct   a temple for Arumugar at Poravacheri just one km from Famous Sikkal Singaravelan temple & 5kms from Nagapattinam.பொருள்  வைத்த சேரி (  a tiny village with rich people) became as Poravacheri.The king ordered the sculptor who made the idol of Arumugar,that it should not be an ordinary idol,it should be unique & should be the best in all Arumuga idols  that is worshipped.The sculptor replied to the king that he would sculpt a truly unique one.There is separate design calculation for each idol.For  a particular height,how much size of feet,waist,chest & head in a proportionate manner.Like Archakas(who studies veda & aagama sastras)   they  study temple architecture thoroughly & they are also highly respected.Before making the idol,they observe fasting & do meditation on that God for long period & visualise idol in their mind.Then only they start sculpting…