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Easy apartment kolam

Bird kolam with dots . 5 dots  & 5 straight lines.Try this one as shown in the sketch.

Worshiping Goddess on a full moon day

In Full moon  days people residing at Chennai area  used to visit Three Goddesses temple .In the morning they go to  Melur Thiruvudai amman sameda Thirumanangeeswarar temple near by Minjur in Chennai - Ponneri railway route.This is called Itcha Sakthi who gives the will power to start a work desired by an individual.Worshipping in a full moon day that falls on fridays is very auspicious.It is said that people found one cow showering it's milk in a shrub.When they cleared  the shrub,they found a Siva Linga(Swayambu). A temple was built around it.As the place was surrounded by  a forest & felt pleasant smell always,Siva is called Thirumanangeeswarar & his consort as Thiruvudai amman.In  the afternoon  they visit Vadivudai amman temple at Thiruvotriyur.Goddess here  is worshipped as Gnana Sakthi.God is called Thiagarajar.Sundara moorthy nayanar,Saint  Adi Shankara,Vallalar,Pattinathar & Great music composer Sri.Thiagaraja have visited  this temple & praised God & Goddess here.kalia nayanar was born in this  place & attained salvation here.Worshipping  on Fridays here is considered very auspicious.You can always find long que during fridays (Sukravara  sevai).Shiva is called Aadhipureeswarar Swambu linga with bana only & without peeta.It is enclosed in a metallic cover & Opened only during third  monday(somavaram) on  Karthigai Tamil month.Only "punugu" is anointed over Sivalinga.This is kept opened for three days continuously.It is  very tall & huge  in size.You can feel the divine atmosphere when you enter the sanctum.After worshipping here devotees  reach Thirumullaivayil Masisilamani Nadhar temple in the evening.Here Goddess is called "kodiyidai Amman,Kriya Sakthi.Goddess helps  to  obtain   the desired thing  of the devotee.Here it is said that  two demons used to torture saints & people.This was informed to the King Thondaman who ruled then.He came with his army & tried to  capture the demons but in vain.While returning,his  elephant 's leg caught in the bush.The king tried to remove the bush by cutting with his sword.He found  ,blood pouring near the bush which he had cut.He got  down & lifted some plants in the bush,he found  siva linga with  a cut  & bleeding.He immediately tried to cut his neck with his sword as he has committed a great sin by wounding Lord Siva.Immediately he heard a sound form the sky asking the king not to worry & he will shine as a bright gem called Masila mani.Shiva immediately called Nadhiheswarar to help the king to destroy the demons.Nandhigeswarar went with the king & destroyed the demons.So here Nandhigeswarar is looking in the opposite direction.Here special poojas are performed to Nandhigeswarar during Krithigai,full moon day ,new moon day & pradosham.Devotees after worshiping Nandhigeswarar ,wore the garland offered to Him except those  4  special days.This would remove  putra dosham & also solve the delayed marriage problem.

 Above photos shows Vadivudai amman temple Thiruvotriyur.Middle photos shows Kodiyidai amman temple Thirumullai vayil near Avadi-ambattur.Bottom  photo shows Thiruvudai amman near Minjur.Top & middle photos from bottom one from  Indian heritage.Thanks to both of them.You  can worship any Amman temple  on full moon days.If possible  select  a temple with Sri Chakra prathishta.After the full moon day, in the next day Chandi homam is conducted.Attend this one.All your obstacles will  be removed by the divine grace of Goddess.

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Flower kolam with dots.

This is ten dots ten straight lines step by step kolam.Try this one.You can also draw this as an apartment kolam with 5 dots 5 straight lines with single flower.Try this kolams & give us the feed back so as to make it  still more easier to draw.

Easy apartment kolam with dots

Follow the dots & draw the doll kolam as shown in the sketch. 

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Kolam interlaced type with dots

This is 9 to 5 dots interlaced kolam design.Try this one.

Go vandanam 2015

Above photo displays "The emperor of discourses"(உபன்யாச சக்ரவர்த்தி )Sengalipuram Anantharama Dheekishithar who has toured all over India & given lot of discourses about Hindu Puranas & divine Vedhas.He has authored two books.Jaya mangala stotram part -1 & Part -2 .These two stotras are taken from  them.Thanks to Sengalipuram Sri.Rama Dheekishathar.

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Bird kolam with dots

9 dots 5 straight lines (top 7 & 5).Try this one.

Festival kolam


Atchya thrutheeyai 21st April 2015.

Atchaya thrutheeyai is celebrated on coming 21.4.2015,Tuesday."Atchaya"means increasing in Sanskrit.Thrutheeyai means third day after new moon or full moon day.This is  celebrated in "sukla paksha" or increasing moon period.This is the day when Lord Krishna saved Draupathi, in Dhuryodhana's palace when Duchadana tried to remove her sari.This is also the day ,when Krishna gave" atchaya patra" a special vessel( which would offer food  to any number of persons)  to Panadavas  during their hiding life period in the forest.If we donate dress,money or things to people that they do not  have, or food to  very poor people,that good deed would fetch you  a lot of  good things(thousand times) in your life.Donating to elderly vedic scholars,offering curd rice in silver vessel to temples & elders including offering of  lighted silver ghee  lamps would also bring lot of good things.Helping poor girls at this day would also bring good fortune.When Pandavas were in exile,they were staying in the forest.This is the final phase of their exile period.Duryodana wanted to put them in an awkward situation .He requested Sage Durwasa & his 100 disciples to go to the forest to meet Panadavas & enquire about their well being.He was only pretending.Without knowing this Durwasa & his disciples went in a midday & met Pandavas.They told them  that they are hungry & would like to have lunch there after bathing in the river near by.Now Draupathi & Pandavas prayed  to Krishna to help in this difficult situation.Krishna appeared before them & came to  know that they have to provide lunch for 100 persons all of a sudden.This not  the palace where  earlier they lived.If they do not provide lunch,then they have to incur the curse of Durwasa(If any thing goes wrong,Durwasa used to curse ).Duryodana's thinking was that unable to feed them,  Pandavas would  be certainly cursed.Now Krishna asked to bring the Atchaya  Patra ,he gave earlier to them.But Draupathi, cleaned it & kept it upside down.Once  it is cleaned, it is  possible to  get food from the vessel in the  next day only.So Pandavas were very much worried.Draupathi brought  the atchaya patra & gave it to Krishna.Krishna noticed a small food particle sticking in the vessel.He took it & put it in his mouth.By this time,Durvasa & his men finished bathing & when they got up,they had a strange feeling as if they had a stomach full of  lunch.So they decided  not to go to Pandava's place  as they could not eat now.They just wanted to skip & left the forest.This is all because of Krishna.He laughed & told Pandavas that Durvasa would not come there.So Duryodana's bad intention was defeated by God.dear viewers , you can view our postings from "Thatha",Kolam  &other articles hereafter.Please give us your feed back.

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Friday padi kolam

This is free hand kolam.Try this one on Fridays and other auspicious days :)

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Agneeswara swamy kanjanur

Once Parasara rishi wanted to cross yamuna river & reach river  Ganga.He found  a young girl in place of oar man.She agreed to ferry him other side  & took him in the boat.On the way  Parasarar saw  a small island like sand dune with trees around.He took rest for sometime.He was attracted towards her beauty & both of them enjoyed.Later that girl  was smelling like  flower’s scent instead of the smell of fish.She was  worried about her status now & looked towards Parasarar.He too realised his mistake & comforted her saying that a son with black complexion would be born to her & he would bring her name & fame.That child is none other than Veda Vyasa.Now Parasarar was wandering in the banks of Holy river Ganga as  a mad person.He heard  a voice in the sky,asking him to reach Kanjanur & to worship Karpagambigai & Agneewarar after taking a holy dip at Cauvery .After sometime he reached Kanjanur,bathed in river Cauvery.He worshipped God Shiva & Goddess Uma.He stayed there done penance,.In theTamil month of Masi with star magam,Goddess & God appeared befor e him & taught all the veda sastras to him. Parasara requested for the dancing pose of Shiva.God obliged him in Nataraja pose. Now his confusion in the mind got cleared & became a normal person.He requested to give darshan in  Thanadava pose &Daily Abishegam  to be performed to him.Here only daily abishegam is performed to Lord Nataraja in granite idol form.In other Shiva temples He is in metalic idol form & yearly some six times only abishegam performed to him.                Mandavya, a brahmin was leading a   disciplined    life with his wife near Godavari river bank.They had 6 sons.After Mandavya’s death,his sons neglected  their mother.She died because of hunger.Now  mathru hathi dosham caught them & the children born to them died soon.They became very sad & approached Gowthama rishi.He advised them to go to Kanjanur .They reached there,took a holy dip in cauvery ,staying there ,daily worshipped Goddess & Shiva.They have darshan on masi magam.They request God Siva to bless them children with normal life & relieved  of their dosha.                                                                                                                                
Agni, the Deva of fire took the ghee offered  in the Homam instead of [Gal1]handing over them to the respective Gods (Homam conducted by Brahma Deva).Then he lost the power of keeping energy of fire & affected by disease which the  doctors in  heaven could not cure.He approached sage Vyasa.He advised him to go to Kanjanur.As per his advice,he went to Kanjanur,dig  a holy tank & done penance for a long time.Finally God Siva appeared before him &  granted his earlier power to him.Then onwards Lord in this place is called Agneeswara.Kalakandan a hunter,who lived in Kanjanur  used to take rest during  lunch our near Agneewarar  temple .While chewing pawn,he used to rub the left out  calcium paste in his  finger  in the Siva temple bricks.He never went inside the temple & worshipped Siva.When he died,he attained moksha & went to Kailasam in a decorated plane.Devas were confused,how the hunter got  moksha without worshipping Lord Siva.Lord Siva told them,he daily applied calcium paste in my temple which is similar to whitewashing the temple compound.What he unknowingly done has fetched him moksha.source of  photo  Dinamalar .com ( thanks ).Top photo:Goddess Karpagambigai .& bottom one:Sivakami Ambigai & Nataraja carved in stone form very rare.                                                                        

Easy apartment kolam

Straight dots type kolam.Follow the sketch  & try this one.

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Kanjanur Agneeswara Swamy Temple ( Sukra sthala )


Kanjanur karpagambigai – Agneeswara swamy temple is 18 kms  away from kumbakonam(Kallanai  - poombugar road) in East & 20  kms  west of Mayiladuthurai. It is one of the navagraha sthala.If planet Sukra(venus) is in a weak position in one’s horoscope , they & have to worship here.Sukra is called “kalasthra karagan”  denoting wife & married life in  male’s horoscope.He is the ruling planet of taurus,Libra(rishaba & thula) in the 12 zodiac signs.He is with full power  in pisces (Meena) & becomes weak in virgo( kanni).He is giving  a comfortable  wealthy life, all the things required in married life,own house,vehicles & good servants.In certain horoscopes,minor short comings called  “dosha” can be rectified in worshipping in the concerned temple built by our saints & kings.This is true.You can see the most celebrated leaders both in politics as well as cine field visiting this temples.While churning the milk of ocean under the guidance of Lord Vishnu,Devas did n’t keep the promise of sharing the medicine of thwarting away the death (Amrudham) with Asuras.This  i have explained in my previous posting “importance of pradosham,posted on march 18th 2015.Now asuras seek the help of their Guru Sukrachariar ,shortly called as Sukra.He has done penance & got boons from Lord Shiva & is said to be son of Brahma Devar(God of creation) & is occupying important place  in nine planets.He knows the Amrudha  Sanjeevi” manthra which restores  the life of dead ones.Bruhaspathi ,Guru of devas is not  aware of this manthra.Sukra then curses devas including God Vishnu,they lose their power.Devas now approach Veda Vyasa who in turn took them to asura Guru Sukra.He directs them to reach Kanjanur in the earth & asked to do penance in that holy place seeking the blessing of Lord Shiva & Goddess Karpagambigai.Here holy river Cauvery is flowing from  south towards north “uthharavahini” as in Kasi. Duing that period some vaishnavites began to hate Lord Shiva worship & degrading “Saiva path”.Lord Vishnu does not like this as there is no difference between Saiva &Vaishnava philosophy as both are helping to realise ultimately God.So He is taking birth  in vaishnava agrahara in kanjanur.He is named as Sudharsanar by his father Vasudeva.When Sudharsana began to speak ,he first spelt “Siva-Siva” & began to worship Goddess Karpagambigai & God Agneeswara.In due course “upanayanam’'was done  & he was instructed to   recite Gayatri manthra &  go to only Vishnu temple & as per their Vaishnava practice.Sudharsana in the afternoon itself started to visit Shiva temple.Angered by this his father drove the boy away from his house.Sudharsana went to Shiva temple,witnessed Siva pooja,hearing Siva Namas,slept there in the temple.Now God Dakshinamoorthy appeared before him ,taught him all Veda sastras & Dharma paths & called him as “Haradatta”.Next day,Haradatta took a holy dip in Cauvery,worshipped at Shiva temple & returned back to his home.He wore “vibuthi” in his fore head & garland of Rudratcha  looking like  a perfect devotee of Siva.He told his father that Shiva is the ultimate God quoting  from  Veda sastras .Unable to tolerate this his father challenged him that could he  say this standing in  a red hot iron plate in Lord Varadharaja temple at Kanjanur.The son accepted his father’s challenge.Next day standing in  in  a hot iron plate as directed by his father in the presence of elderly brahmins,priests, he again quoted Veda sastras & told them about the importance of Lord Shiva.He was not affected by the hot iron plate instead God Agneeswara appeared before them in  the Vishnu temple ,blessed  Haradattar.Because of Haradatta  all got the dharshan of Uma Maheswara.There after every one began to respect Haradatta.He cleared all doubts in sastras & Vedas as Dakshinamoorthy himself taught him all  Vedas. Let us see further history of this temple in coming posts.Sukra is giving dharshan with his consort.In the top  Karpagambigai & Agnneeswara.Madurai Adheena kartha is in  the sitting pose.Thanks to Madurai Adheenam.

Easy apartment kolam

This is 7 to 3 dots interlaced type kolam.Follow the dots & try this one.

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Festival Kolam-Tamil New Year Celebration

அனைவருக்கும் எங்கள் இனிய தமிழ் மன்மத வருட புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள் Happy

Our Tamil New Year Celebration pictures Smile

In the above pictures,u can find our Main entrance kolam - free hand, Pooja room entrance kolam,wet rice flour kolam in the portico(maakkolam) then maakkolam in pooja room.

Arumugan Ettukudi temple

Mutharaian,a king ruling Thiruvarur,Nagapattinam area was a devotee of lord Muruga.He wanted to construct   a temple for Arumugar at Poravacheri just one km from Famous Sikkal Singaravelan temple & 5kms from Nagapattinam.பொருள்  வைத்த சேரி (  a tiny village with rich people) became as Poravacheri.The king ordered the sculptor who made the idol of Arumugar,that it should not be an ordinary idol,it should be unique & should be the best in all Arumuga idols  that is worshipped.The sculptor replied to the king that he would sculpt a truly unique one.There is separate design calculation for each idol.For  a particular height,how much size of feet,waist,chest & head in a proportionate manner.Like Archakas(who studies veda & aagama sastras)   they  study temple architecture thoroughly & they are also highly respected.Before making the idol,they observe fasting & do meditation on that God for long period & visualise idol in their mind.Then only they start sculpting work.Similarly our sculptor started  making lord Arumuga idol .Thiruvasi(circular shaped arch behind idol),six heads(three in the front & three in the back)Murugan mounted on a peacock with two feet standing apart holding the whole weight of Arumugar idol  with Thiruvasi.It is really wonderful as if Arumugar coming alive & does not look like sculpture.The king was so much pleased to seeArumugar idol & he called the sculptor to his palace & when the sculptor returned from palace,his thumb was cut & removed as per the king's instruction.The logic behind doing so is that the sculptor should not again make such a beautiful work.But the sculptor did n't bother about it.He again  made  a similar Arumugar idol for Ettukudi temple.When the sculptor opened the eyes of Peacock it started flying carrying Murugan,then immediately the sculptor hit the foot of the peacock,it landed in the ground.The sculptors  open the eyes of  the idol finally after finishing all the work.It is like giving life to the idol.When the news of this incident reached the king,the sculptor's eyes were removed.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Later the same sculptor makes  an identical   Arumugan idol near Tiruvarurur, where he got back both the eyes by the divine grace of Lord Muruga.That place is called Enkan(  எண்கண் ). Krithigai, panguni uthiram & Chitra Powrnami(full moon day coming in the Tamil month of Chittirai) Kandarsashti are the main festivals  celebrated at Ettukudi.Kavadi  is taken by the devotees  on their shoulders from  distant villages.Lord Muruga is in between Lord Shiva & Goddess Anandavalli & said to be  Somaskander.Sri.Valmiki Sidhhar is  facing Goddess Anandavalli.During Chitra Pournami & panguni uthiram festival time thousands of litres of milk is poured over Lord Muruga,Arumugar faces become white in colour & you can see his smiling faces clearly than in ordinary days.Ettuukkudi is around 20 kms away from Nagapattinam & also  near to Mother Mary Church at Velankanni.Sapta vidangar Thiagaraja temples at Tiruvaymoor & Tirukkuvalai are near by.It is  a small beautiful village surrounded by paddy fields , rivers & tanks.Saint Arunagirinadhar has sung  Thiruppugazh songs here.(ஓங்கும்  ஐம்புல).Wish you all viewers happy  Tamil New year( அனைவருக்கும் எனது இனிய ,மன்மத  வருட  தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்).Top 2 photos & bottom one from "Arunanagiriarin Adichuvattil" authored by Sri.Ramasheshan &R.Krishnan with thanks)

 Ettukkudi Velavan(source of photo from Kalki Magazine authored by Sri.Rahavan  A.S With Thanks)
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